What do you want most in life? Loving relationships? A health issue resolved? Achievement in an area where you’ve struggled to succeed? Fulfillment? Peace?

No matter what it is we strive for, each of us has a “success/failure switch” in our brains that determines the course of every aspect of our lives – from our health to our relationships to our success. That switch is not conscious, it is not something we can control, and almost all of us have our minds programmed to “failure”. This switch is directly related to stress and lies we believe about ourselves and others, and it’s not really a switch at all: it’s a hormonal response driven by either fight-or-flight stress hormones such as cortisol or positive “love” hormones such as oxytocin. In other words, living in fear rather than living in love can be underlying cause of nearly any issue you face.

We believe that the body, mind and spirit are connected, and that through holistic healing of stress and heart issues, an array of life issues can be healed as well. At the core of all of our practices is the concept of cellular memory. Scientists have proven that our memories our stored not just in our brains, but throughout our bodies in the form of cellular energy. That means that the pain, the trauma, the failure and the hurt you’ve experienced can exist in your unconscious mind and memories for years, even if you do not live with daily awareness of them. These unhealed memories cause stress that holds us back in all areas of life. It drains our energy, keeps us in destructive relationships and suppresses our immune systems, leading to all kinds of illness and disease.

We apply a combination of psychology, medical science, energy medicine, and spiritual principles to heal these issues and flip your “failure” switch to “success”. These principles and practices will revolutionize your life, your health, your relationships, and your dreams.

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