"Forgiveness of Father and Joy Experience"

I remember my Dad spanking me in front of the neighbor when I was about four. He never really told me why he spanked me even though I knew I had been playing with matches. I was so hurt that I went upstairs and threw myself on the bed and told God I did not want to live anymore.

When I was six, I had to have an appendectomy for acute appendicitis. Years later, my ileocecal valve began to give me discomfort so I would talk to my body and ask it what I did to create this discomfort. My sense was that I created the appendicitis by holding the stress of that experience since I was four. My father was killed when I was 15 — I could not cry but about three tears and that was a week or so after the funeral.

Even though I used forgiveness affirmations to forgive my Dad and this situation for 38 years, that love feeling was not there. Finally, after doing the Healing Codes for four weeks, I was able to allow myself to go back into that experience enough to release the trauma, and, for the first time in my life, I felt a sense of love and respect for my Dad. Finally, I would admit to myself that my best interest was the basis for his action.

The Healing Codes seemed to dislodge the stress that I had been holding all these years so that transformation could occur. “When I was on just my fourth day of the 12 days, I was allowing my truth statements about Love to flow and one of my statements was “On Valentines Day, I choose to receive a dozen purple roses but red will do. However, I’d be very happy with just one red rose and some Valentines.

The next day, after some processing and the prayer, I was again letting my truth statements about Joy flow while doing the exercises. They went something like this: “I feel the joy of the doves that they found food to eat on my balcony right now. I choose to feel joy when I’m driving to the dentist today. I allow myself to feel joy when I’m at the dentist. I choose that the dentist be gentle and respect me, etc.”* (I’ve had at least three traumatic dental experiences.)

When I got to the dentist’s, I have never had such a pleasant experience in a dental office in my life. Yes, I actually felt JOY when he so gently took his time with the injection. Tears were rolling down my face with JOY—there was NO pain whatsoever. When he finished, he told me about the five crowns he would need to replace and the cost of five gold crowns. It didn’t phase me. I even went so far as to tell him that I wanted to do something that he probably never had happen before in his life and I said, “I want to tip you, not much, but I just want to take this opportunity to share and let myself really feel the joy inside.”

As I was scheduling my next appointment, I noticed that it was on Valentines Day and mentioned that to his assistant. She said, “Oh yes, that’s a good day to come in because the Dr. has asked me to pick up enough red roses on Sunday so everyone can have one on Monday.

“I wish to express my appreciation to Mrs. Loyd for going into the pits of Hell so that these Codes could eventually be received from the Universe via Dr. Loyd. The Healing Codes allows those of us who choose it to move stagnant energy out of our bodies and ultimately experience Transformation. ‘Ye are Gods; and all of you are children of the Most High.’ (Psalms 82:6)”

- Anna Marie

"Improved Sleep"

My personal experience with the healing codes in 5 months:
anxiety down
irritable bowel syndrome down
pain and Fibromyalgia symptoms down
energy up
improved sleep
better outlook



- D. Bailey, M.D.

"Slow Income"

“I have had a slowdown in income, and it still, as of this moment, hasn’t begun to show up. However, I am delighted to report I am not in a panic, with heart palpitations and all that. In fact, I feel quite relaxed, peaceful and expectant, which is very, very different from the past. If it weren’t for The Healing Codes and the other spiritual studies I’m doing, I’m sure I would be most depressed at this point. There’s something inside of me saying all is well regardless of what I SEE—it’s what I FEEL!!! I’ve been spending a lot of time on the Joy category, and now I’ve moved into Peace: ‘I am learning to take in life without effort.’ Wow! Not beating myself up!!”

- Donna

"Unforgiveness and Guilt"

I have just completed my first 12 days using The Healing Codes. I had been so excited about receiving them and starting to work, that of course for the first day, Unforgiveness, I did the complete method as outlined in the manual. I had MANY unresolved unforgiveness issues, some about me forgiving others, but mostly about me forgiving myself. This was a huge area for me — I listed things and cried, listed more things and cried more, listed more things and sobbed … you get the picture.

After I completed both exercises for Unforgiveness and went back to review my notes, I could not even “find” the emotions which had been so strong as I made my list and found my picture. It was as if those things had almost happened to another person. I was amazed and grateful. Many of those issues had surrounded feelings of guilt I had over unresolved areas in our life at the time of my husband’s sudden death in 2003. I had become extremely upset any time I thought about them and felt I never could forgive myself for certain things. After doing the Healing Codes I felt such peace and now, 12 days later, still have total peace when I go back to those memories — no emotion at all, really.

For days 2 through 12, I actually did the “short version” of the codes, partly because I did not want to face such strong emotions again, and partly because of time. Starting about day 6, I suddenly realized I had slept the previous couple of nights straight through for a solid 8 hours, something I had not done for literally years! I have continued to sleep well, instead of tossing and turning and waking up numerous times as I had for so long. Now I will be contacting my coach to work on specific issues and will definitely be reporting back, as I know God –through Dr. Loyd and The Healing Codes — will bring healing to all areas my life and the lives of my family.

I thank God for Dr. Loyd and for all of you at The Healing Codes who have persisted and persevered to bring this great gift to all of us. The future looks bright now as it has not for a long time.

God Bless You!

- Gwen

"Anxiety, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Sexual Abuse, PMS, Irritability, Low Self-Esteem"

Right after I learned how to do The Healing Codes exercises, I made a list of 20 or more issues I wanted to heal, because as practitioners, we had been charged to heal ourselves. This list included seasonal affective disorder, anxiety, childhood sexual abuse, PMS, irritability, low self-esteem, etc, etc, etc!! They have all healed!

And some of those unhealed pictures healed in a day or less when they had not done so in well over 10 years of therapy. I didn’t think there WAS healing for some of that stuff! But I’m happier than I’ve ever been! And I’m thrilled whenever I can share this with someone else.

- Jeanine

"12 Days"

“From the moment I arrived at the Maui Tropical Plantation presentation of the work, I knew the Holy Spirit had led me to this moment. What I did not expect to find was a refinement, a fine-tuning, and scientific documentation of energy healing.

“I have been praying for several years for the Holy Spirit to fill me with the fruits of the Spirit as listed in the bible. Imagine my delight when I saw all nine of them listed as the virtues. My intention was to take my time and go through the book slowly, a little at a time, not at all convinced that 12 days would be enough. I was invited to join a group of people who were doing the 12 Days and i know the power of a group coming together with a common focus.

“So began my 12-day journey deeper and higher than I’ve ever gone. It took only the first three days for me to know why I still had not been fully filled with the virtues. I had not done the work on the inhibitors. Unforgiveness, Harmful Actions, and Wrong Beliefs.

“Every cell of my body sings today and it is only Day 10. I look forward to working through Humility and my really big one, Self-Control. Thank you, Dr. Alex and Dr. Ben, for giving us this work that will revolutionize the world.”

- Kathryn L

"Thursday Night Call"

After listening to your Thursday night phone call, these thoughts rose out of my 10 years of working with energy healing processes and wonderful, dedicated, hurting people.

The way our society looks at disease is to lump all those people with the same diagnosis together. All diabetes patients, all stroke victims, all cancer patients, etc., and then we treat them the same way…. And yet, that is not how the diseases started, it’s just where we ended up. Each individual person got there via a different route connected not to our health, but to our life experiences and the decisions we made about ourselves and our world, based on what we learned from those experiences.

Its as if we began writing a personal journal, starting at conception, WAY before the conscious mind clicked in, recording sequentially, in our very own Time Line Filing System, every tiny detail of those experiences, our responses to them, and how they made us feel, and what they led us to believe about ourselves, positive as well as negative. Lots of people know them as Core Beliefs. So then, driven by those decisions, we have gone through our lives making ourselves right by attracting more experiences that wrap like onion layers around the Core Belief, constantly storing both positive and negative memories. It’s the negative memories stored with their companion emotions or feelings that build and stress us, beyond motivation, to the stage of Toxic Stress that creates dis-ease, and then disease.

What we DON’T have for our own personal Time Line Filing System, is the A, B, C, or numbers, or pattern combination. We also have not had any ongoing process of getting rid of the toxic negative memories and emotions, and throwing them out like garbage. Instead we fear letting go, consequently living our lives carrying our garbage with us…. And we wonder why we get sick???

Its exciting that NOW, when you apply the energy through The Healing Codes, you are working BACKWARDS, page by page, deleting, or sweeping out, or dissolving that stress along the time line, until, like a heat-seeking missile, the energy clears you out, through your Core Beliefs, popping them out, right to your cellular memory. I believe this explains why some things can take longer to heal than others, and why the sequence can be different from what we are expecting or wanting or feeling.

- Susan

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