However, science also shows that certain words, phrases, images, and sound waves can reprogram our memories, reduce chaotic energy in our bodies, and heal our subconscious minds. These positive frequencies help counter negative energy and bring our bodies back to a place of peace and balance.

The Master Key is a series of recordings that are proven to facilitate relaxation, reduce stress, and boost your immune system. The Master Key can be used alone as part of your personal meditations or in combination with The Healing Codes, The Love Code, The Relationship Codes or The Success Codes for a powerful way of removing stress from your body and setting yourself up for happiness, health, and success.

The Master Key Products & Training


The Master Key Package

The Master Key package gives you a combination of audio recordings, imagery, and video that you can use anytime, anywhere to reset your vibrational frequencies. The sound waves, words, images, and phrases are meticulously designed and scientifically proven to facilitate relaxation and eliminate stress from the body. This package includes:

  • 12 Custom-Engineered Digital Wave Frequency Recordings, audio recordings designed fully optimize your vibrational frequencies to tune into perfect health, relaxation, peace, and joy
  • 7 Custom-Engineered Trifecta Visual & Sound Wave Frequency Combo, subtle, custom designed imagery that gives you the perfect alignment of imagery, power words, and sound waves (video format)
  • Recorded Audio Coaching Sessions, a step-by-step blueprint showing you exactly how to use and fully benefit from The Master Key
  • The Master Key Action Guide, a fully comprehensive manual that takes you step-by-step through all the definitions, components, scientific research and complete process of The Master Key system    
  • The Master Key Starter Set, a set of immediately accessible online videos to help you get started fast
  • Full, one-year money back guarantee

Use The Master Key on its own or pair with any of our Coding systems for the ultimate way to remove negative cellular memories and set your body on a path of peace and health. Cost: $197-$275.   

Looking for a more personal, hands-on approach? We offer one-on-one coaching with highly-skilled practioners, trained in a variety of Coding methods, to help guide you along the way.

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