Would you believe me if I said you weren’t really in control of your life, but rather that your memories control you?

Memories are the primary factor in determining our thoughts, actions, emotions, and even beliefs; and our beliefs shape our experience in the world, including our health, relationships and success. In a very real sense, we are our memories.

The problem is that most of us accept our memories as fact, based on experiences outside of our control. But what if you could actually travel back in time and change your memories – ultimately, changing your beliefs, your health, your relationships and just about everything about your life?

My new course, Memory Engineering, will show you how YOU can finally take control of your memories and change your life for the better. In this exclusive course, which contains hours of video and a home study manual, I explain how memories define our experiences, and how they’ve become corrupted over thousands of years to the point where nearly all of us are held back by them. Even more importantly, I teach you how to break free of this cycle – in the comfort of your home, with no negative side effects.

And this New Year, I’m giving you the opportunity to get this course at 25% off the normal price – just $147 (retails: $197)! When you purchase it by January 1, you’ll get an immediate download of the course and access to a group coaching call with me to help you kick start your practice.

Memory Engineering will help you:

  • Reengineer memories from your life, imagination, and ancestry.
  • Break habits and addictions cause by unconscious wrong beliefs in your memories.
  • Eliminate your unconscious roadblocks to health, success, and happiness.
  • Learn step-by-step how to use the new Memory Engineering technique.
  • Change your memories in just 10 minutes a day.

All of us have memories that have been wrongly interpreted by our unconscious minds, but now, you can effectively travel back in time to redefine your memories in truth and love.

Purchase your Memory Engineering home study course now to save $50 and gain access to a special bonus conference to help you get started with your new practice. But hurry – this offer expires January 1!

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