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Dr. Alex Loyd, best-selling author of The Healing Code and The Love Code, helps people live their happiest, healthiest and most successful lives through unique practices and methods that are proven to reduce stress, heal the mind and body, and remove barriers that hold people back in all areas of life.

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Core Methods

The Healing Codes

Discovered by Dr. Alex in 2001, The Healing Codes are a
powerful self-healing method that helps your body
consistently and predictably remove the primary
cause of illness and disease: stress.

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Healing Codes II

Discovered 15 years to the day from the revelation of the original Healing Codes, The Healing Codes II is a deeper, holistic series of codes designed to extract pain by its roots and release your mind, body, and spirit once and for all.

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Exclusive mass marketing site for HALO Systems. HALO harnesses the power of light and botanicals to deliver holistic, all natural physical healing. “I’ve been looking for this for 45 years and was losing hope that I would find it in my lifetime.” - Dr. Alex

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The Love Code

Discover the greatest principle in the world that almost nobody knows. The Love Code is a unique philosophy that guides the way you approach nearly every aspect of life, and it is the only way to find true happiness, health and success.

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Stories of healing

“I have had a slowdown in income, and it still, as of this moment, hasn’t begun to show up. However, I am delighted to report I am not in a panic, with heart palpitations and all that. In fact, I feel quite relaxed, peaceful and expectant, which is very, very different from the past. If it weren’t for The Healing Codes and the other spiritual studies I’m doing, I’m sure I would be most depressed at this point. There’s something inside of me saying all is well regardless of what I SEE—it’s what I FEEL!!! I’ve been spending a lot of time on the Joy category, and now I’ve... Read More
- Donna
I have just completed my first 12 days using The Healing Codes. I had been so excited about receiving them and starting to work, that of course for the first day, Unforgiveness, I did the complete method as outlined in the manual. I had MANY unresolved unforgiveness issues, some about me forgiving others, but mostly about me forgiving myself. This was a huge area for me — I listed things and cried, listed more things and cried more, listed more things and sobbed … you get the picture. ... Read More
- Gwen
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The Healing Code

The Healing Code

Your kit for life! Dr. Alex reveals how to activate a physical function built into the body that removes the source of up to 95% of all illness and disease.

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