A lot of people thought I was crazy for starting the Healing Codes.

At the time, I had a thriving business in counseling and therapy that I basically had to abandon in order to start this new thing. But more to the point, there was really no evidence behind them except for my own beliefs and convictions, and the testimonials that quickly started to build up. That was good enough for me, because I could see the difference in the people I worked with, but for much of my career I’ve had no concrete, scientific basis for what I teach because what I teach has been an area in which very little research had been conducted.

So it’s been enormously validating for me that many of the things that people once called me crazy for teaching are gradually being confirmed by the modern science. For instance, I’ve been teaching for a long time that traumatic memories are passed down from one generation to the next and have been heavily criticized for doing so. But only a couple years ago, new research came out finding that memories—especially trauma memories—are passed down in the sperm. They’ll eventually find them in the egg too, I’m sure.

My point here is not that I’m smart or ahead of my time, but that there are plenty of things in the world that aren’t yet scientifically understood but are no less effective for it. Even so, it’s a wonderful thing to have confirmation of something you’ve known all along, and I know that some of you probably have friends that remain skeptical of my tools because of that lack of understanding—which brings me to today…

Now, The Healing Codes have 5 independent university double-blind controlled randomized studies published in peer-reviewed journals. These were studies applying them to people in many different situations and examined a wide range of issues such as:

Psychological Stress

Substance Abuse

Skin Cancer

Single Parent Stresses


Severe Pain



Body Image

Mother-Daughter Relationships

Emotional Flexibility


Lifestyle Improvement

In both cases, the conclusion was that the Healing Code do, in fact, have a big impact on a person’s psychological health and should be offered as an aid to women in the situations studied. I should note that the study on women with skin cancer did not confirm the Healing Code’s efficiency in actually healing the cancer, though the study notes that more prolonged use might produce different results, and concludes with a note that the researchers are continuing to test this. In the long run, I’m sure there will be a difference because psychological health has such a big influence on physical health.

Although there’s nothing in these studies that I haven’t known for a long time, it means a lot to me because I know there are many people out there who need research like this in order to accept or feel comfortable with these methods. So check out the studies for yourself if you’re skeptical of my methods or just curious, or if you’ve tried to tell a friend or family member about the Codes, Trilogy, or Memory Engineering, now you have two studies published in reputable scientific journals to show them.

We can now confidently say that the Healing Codes are the most validated energy medicine psychology in the world. There are also 2 University studies being done on Trilogy which are expected to show similar, yet even stronger results.

Read more about these studies, articles and abstract below.

1. Healing psychological stress in women with husbands who had substance abuse.

2. The healing and recovery process in patients with skin cancer. 

3. Improving the quality of life in women who are single parents.

4. Lifestyle improvement and healing of women with hypertension. 

5. A path to peace.

6. Abstract - Pain Severity and Headaches

7. Abstract - Burnout and quality of life in emergency personnel 



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Have a blessed, wonderful day!

Alex Loyd


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