A lot of people thought I was crazy for starting the Healing Codes.

At the time, I had a thriving business in counseling and therapy that I basically had to abandon in order to start this new thing. But more to the point, there was really no evidence behind them except for my own beliefs and convictions, and the testimonials that quickly started to build up. That was good enough for me, because I could see the difference in the people I worked with, but for much of my career I’ve had no concrete, scientific basis for what I teach because what I teach has been an area in which very little research had been conducted.

So it’s been enormously validating for me that many of the things that people once called me crazy for teaching are gradually being confirmed by the modern science. For instance, I’ve been teaching for a long time that traumatic memories are passed down from one generation to the next and have been heavily criticized for doing so. But only a couple years ago, new research came out finding that memories—especially trauma memories—are passed down in the sperm. They’ll eventually find them in the egg too, I’m sure.

My point here is not that I’m smart or ahead of my time, but that there are plenty of things in the world that aren’t yet scientifically understood but are no less effective for it. Even so, it’s a wonderful thing to have confirmation of something you’ve known all along, and I know that some of you probably have friends that remain skeptical of my tools because of that lack of understanding—which brings me to today…

Now, The Healing Codes have 20 independent university double-blind controlled randomized studies published in peer-reviewed journals. These were studies applying them to people in many different situations and examined a wide range of issues such as:

  1. Hypertension
  2. Self efficacy
  3. Psychological hardiness
  4. Self-healing 
  5. Substance use disorder
  6. Distress tolerance
  7. Psychological hardiness #2
  8. Self-healing #2
  9. Psychological hardiness #3
  10. Depression #2
  11. Chronic headache
  12. Pain-related anxiety
  13. Self-healing #3
  14. Hypertension #2
  15. Self-healing #4
  16. Self-healing #5
  17. Stress
  18. Death anxiety
  19. Depression #3
  20. Breast cancer
  21. Self-healing #6
  22. Self-caring
  23. Psychosocial intervention
  24. Sense of cohesion
  25. Addiction
  26. Self-healing #7
  27. Sense of cohesion #2
  28. Addiction #2
  29. Self- healing #8
  30. Sleep quality
  31. Death anxiety #2
  32. Self-care  
  33. Self-Esteem  
  34. Forgiveness  
  35. Anxiety
  36. self-healing  #9
  37. psychological distress  
  38. forgiveness  #2
  39. cognitive distortions
  40. Self-healing #10
  41. Marital satisfaction
  42. Psychological well-being 
  43. Domestic violence
  44. Self-healing #11
  45. Self efficacy #2
  46. Substance-related beliefs
  47. Substance quitting
  48. Self-Healing #12
  49. Self-Worth
  50. Psychological Distress #2
  51. Specific Learning Disorder
  52. Self-healing #13
  53. Emotional well-being 
  54. Psychological hardiness #4
  55. Type 2 diabetes
  56. Body image #2
  57. Isolation
  58. Over-identification
  59. Self-compassion
  60. Self-kindness
  61. Self-judgment
  62. Body Appreciation
  63. Self-Healing #14
  64. Food Cravings 
  65. Weight Control Self-Efficacy
  66. Self-healing #15
  67. Self-compassion 
  68. Self-esteem #2
  69. Aggression
  70. Poorly supervised
  71. Self-healing #16
  72. Pain-related anxiety #2
  73. Pain severity
  74. Migraine
  75. Self-healing #17
  76. Quality of life
  77. Body image #3
  78. Bulimia nervosa
  79. Distress tolerance
  80. Mental healing
  81. Marital Conflicts
  82. Emotions
  83. Perfectionism
  84. Frustration Tolerance
  85. Self-healing #18
  86. Multiple Sclerosis
  87. Self-Healing #19
  88. Spiritual Well-being

The conclusion was that the Healing Code do, in fact, have a big impact on a person’s psychological health and should be offered as an aid to women in the situations studied. I should note that the study on women with skin cancer did not confirm the Healing Code’s efficiency in actually healing the cancer, though the study notes that more prolonged use might produce different results, and concludes with a note that the researchers are continuing to test this. In the long run, I’m sure there will be a difference because psychological health has such a big influence on physical health.

If you want to learn more about research done on energy medicine and it's positive effects on health, you can check out this article here. If you'd like to learn more about the science in our field, check our this article here.

Although there’s nothing in these studies that I haven’t known for a long time, it means a lot to me because I know there are many people out there who need research like this in order to accept or feel comfortable with these methods. So check out the studies for yourself if you’re skeptical of my methods or just curious, or if you’ve tried to tell a friend or family member about the Codes, Trilogy, or Memory Engineering, now you have two studies published in reputable scientific journals to show them.

We can now confidently say that the Healing Codes are the most validated energy medicine psychology in the world. There are also 2 University studies being done on Trilogy which are expected to show similar, yet even stronger results.

We have several articles that have included our studies that you can read below.

A study out of China that references and supports one of our studies on pages 4 and 5. You can see that here.

There was a study done in India based on self-healing and therapy. You can read more here.

In the American Journal of Qualitative Research, there was this article titled ‘Food Was My Medicine, My Medicine to Recovery And Healing’ which included one of our studies.

In the Journal of Universal Community Empowerment Provision, there was this article written on self healing with COVID.

There was an article written by a doctor called "a path to peace" outlining the effectiveness of the healing codes.

We also have three comparison studies titled Comparison of the Effectiveness of Cognitive-Behavioral Group Therapy and Self-healing Therapy on the Quality of Life of Women with Bulimia NervosaComparison of the Effect of Self-Healing with Mindfulness-Integrated Cognitive Behavior Therapy on Health-Promoting Lifestyle Profile in Type 2 Diabetes Patients: A Clinical Trial and Comparison of the Effectiveness of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Self- Healing Therapy on the Distress Tolerance of Women with Bulimia Nervosa. (PDF coming soon)

These are comparative studies that compares the Healing Codes to the world's most popular type of therapy. The conclusion was that the Healing Code was more effective

Check out the full list of studies and their references here.

Read more about these studies, articles and abstracts below.


  1. The Effectiveness of Self-healing Training on Psychological Well-being in Women with Hypertension 
  2. The effectiveness of self-healing (the healing codes) training on psychological capital and distress tolerance in women with addicted husbands.

  3. Effectiveness of Training of Self-Healing(Healing codes) on Depression, Severity of Pain Perception & Pain-related anxiety in Chronic Headache Patients.

  4. The Effectiveness of Self-Healing Training on Lifestyle and Symptom Management in Women with Hypertension.

  5. Effects of Self-Healing Intervention on Quality of Life and Mother-Child Interaction among Female Breadwinners.

  6. The effectiveness of self-healing training on job burnout, quality of life, and emotional flexibility in Isfahan's social emergency personnel.

  7. The Effect of self- Healing Training on Stress, Death Anxiety and Depression in Breast Cancer Patients.

  8. The Effectiveness of Self-Healing Training (the Healing Codes) on Psychological Capital and a Sense of Cohesion in Drug Addicts.

  9. The Effectiveness of Self-Healing Training (the Healing Codes) on the Sense of Cohesion in Substance-Dependent Males.

  10. The Effectiveness of Self-healing Training on Death Anxiety and Sleep Quality of Elderly Women Living in Sadeghiye Nursing Homes in Isfahan City.

  11. The Effect of Self-Healing Training on Anxiety, Self-Esteem, and Forgiveness in Betrayed Women.

  12. The Effectiveness of Self-Healing Approach on Cognitive Distortions and Interpersonal Forgiveness of Women with Psychological Distress.

  13. Effect of Self-Healing Intervention Program on Psychological Well-Being and Marital Satisfaction of Women Victimized by Domestic Violence.

  14. The Effectiveness of Self-Healing Approach-Based Therapy on Self-Efficacy and Substance-Related Beliefs in Substance-Dependent Individuals Undergoing Quitting

  15. Effectiveness of Self-Healing Training on Family Self-Worth and Psychological Distress Among Children with Specific Learning Disorder 

  16. Effectiveness of Self-Healing (the Healing Codes) Training on Emotional Well-Being, Psychological Hardiness, and Recovery in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes.

  17. Evaluation of the effectiveness of self-healing training on self-compassion, body image concern, and recovery process in patients with skin cancer.

  18. Comparing the Effectiveness of Body Appreciation Training and Self-Healing Training for Food Cravings and Weight Control Self-Efficacy among Overweight Women

  19. Effects of Self-healing on Self-compassion, Self-esteem and Aggression of Poorly Supervised Teen Girls

  20. The effectiveness of self-healing intervention program on pain-related anxiety and the severity of perceived pain in patients with migraine.

  21. Effectiveness Of Self-Healing Therapy On Well, Being-Satisfaction, Body Image And Anxiety Tolerance Of Women With Bulimia Nervosa

  22. Effect of Self-healing Training on Marital Conflicts of Women Visiting Counseling Centers

  23. Effects of self-healing training on perfectionism and frustration tolerance in mothers of single-parent students

  24. The effect of self-healing training on spiritual well-being and positive and negative emotions in patients with multiple sclerosis



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Have a blessed, wonderful day!

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