Oh my gosh, everything is changing!


I have slept great for 4 days this week. Last night for 10 hours -



I have actually felt GOOD (at peace) after an argument with my spouse

- NEVER HAPPENS, but is now!


Somehow, "magically", I have gone from like 90% negative to 90%

positive - everyone I know is asking what has happened to me? Belief

Mapping has happened to me!


Everyone needs to know, when you start to feel this working it's like

nothing else. The Belief Mapping is like a magic wand to me!




Beverly Eames





The Belief Mapping is INCREDIBLE, just incredible! In one week I have had HUGE emotional experiences of release, laughter, and calmness. I am PROGRESSING at "light speed". This week I felt my heart open after decades of having a closed heart due to a terrible trauma. The pain has been replaced with a deep peace I never could have even imagined when I started this (only 2 weeks ago).


This has been LIFECHANGING in every way I can think of, physically, emotionally, and spiritually!


Thank You from the bottom of my heart!


Dr. Cameron Parker





It's been a few weeks since our last contact with the

Identity/Self-Worth LT3 class. I trust you are doing very well.


The LT3 process has been amazing. I'm diagramming clusters of events

with Belief Mapping, and then doing the four codes: Who, Where, Why,

and What to Do About It in consecutive sessions, in 1-3 days. I've

felt a lot of inner freedom and I'm more relaxed in my relationships

with myself and others. Life is NOW graced and so amazing. Just 1-3

days for each issue - INCREDIBLE!


Danny Parsons





I came out of the womb a perfectionist. My whole life there has been no grey area - I like you or am angry with you - depending on "your" behavior toward me. Believe me, it's a rotten way to live, and I had tried everything to change it for 40 years. 1 week (yes you read that

right - 1 week) of Belief Mapping and all my unforgiveness is gone - and this probably involves like 50 people. It's like I had a magic soul shower - that's the only way I can think of to describe it. If you have something holding you back in your life, DO BELIEF MAPPING OR QUIT COMPLAINING, and I told myself this before telling you.


Anna McDonald





In 3 weeks an issue I had been working on intensely for a year and a half has "fallen over a cliff" - GONE! 11 out of 12 issues I have crossed out, as they no longer bother me AT ALL! I have no idea how this works like a "EMOTIONAL MAGIC ERASER", but I can attest that IT

DOES! (don't wait a week, a day, or an hour - DO BELIEF MAPPING NOW, and push your problem over the cliff).


Bill Anderson





Done it all for 30 years. Trying to survive alcoholism, OCD, rejection, horrible self-worth (no worth), and a few other little things. And confession: I have worked on this for 3 years with Alex, and while things have gotten better, in the last 7 days Belief Mapping has blown through these issues like a HEALING TIDAL WAVE - I can literally feel these problems going away hour by hour. All are way better now - after 7 days. I always knew Alex was smart and cared, but NOW I believe he may have discovered a true "Cure All" (if such a thing exists). Have never felt anything like this ever!


YIPEEEEEEEEEEE! My life just went from "struggle to get through every day", to "feeling like I'm flying".


Donald Breakman




I have felt like I'm about to die for around 15 years. It's many things: my husband, my new poverty financially, my nagging health issues (mainly emotional but Depression that has physical components like no sleep, extreme anxiety etc.) which all caused me to feel alone

in a pit. After hundreds of attempts to crawl out, I was on the verge of giving up. Dr. Alex was my last chance. I really don't have the words. In the last 7 days Belief Mapping has COMPLETELY 180'D my entire life. EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED! How is that even possible when so many things had virtually no effect at all, and some made it worse. I don't know but I will forever be grateful!


Beatrice Eames





2 weeks ago: Feeling like I'm wandering around in a cornfield lately. Can't find my way out and everything I'm supposed to be doing to heal is just a massive wad of words, and this is now entering my 4th year of this "who in the world am I, what do I need to change, and how"?


Today after belief Mapping for 2 weeks: I'm doing VERY well! So much to tell you. So many things are so much more clear to me. I no longer say I have a long way to go. Rather, I'm on the journey to my best life TODAY!


Alex Parks







My homeopath said that my lymes when he tested it was at 25 after your help and my doing codes with Belief Mapping, and first time testing it. He said normaily its at 60 starting out a few days after bite when he checked me. He said that means its already on its way out. Usually, each time bite gets worse harder to get rid of. Thank you so much I am no longer scared of lymes. It will be gone with in the week.









So you guys I went to the Dr to get tested for my cholesterol. It had gotten high last year and was high a few years before that too. I was scared as the Dr. was trying to talk me into a drug with I am sure has side effects. The results came in. Now I did take some cholesterol cure from web last year for 6 months, But I have been eating a lot of red meat lately. They must have switched me with another because it's back to average - right in the middle and I have done nothing to help it.

Somehow (as I tested myself after the cholesterol pills it was still high by a home test kit ) I think it's the

codes. Anyhow I am just doing my codes and Belief Mapping now focusing on the positive. I am hoping God will guide me.

Elaina N.














Hi Dr. Alex,


I wanted to tell you, since starting the Belief Mapping LT3, I've started to make a new friend, his name is me 😁 I've noticed that as my mind slows down and I can view my thoughts and feelings with a little more distance and objectivity, I find myself more compassionate toward myself and others. I've also noticed changes at work, where the supervisors I'm used to them being short tempered and inconsiderate, in a week's time, from having unpleasant conversations on the phone with them, to them being much more attentive to the things I need and even doing things for me without being asked. It seems to me that as the issues from the 1st 1 on 1 clear up, the less I believe "I am dishonored or disrespected" the less I attract those actions and attitudes in others!


It sure is nice to be getting off the runway🤣🤣🤩🤩


Thank you!

Alex West






“Dr Alex I just wanted to share that we successfully secured a new place to live. It truly is a miracle!!


The Belief Mapping is stronger and more powerful than my circumstances. I do feel healing in my body. As my mind is calming down I am hearing more clearly from the Lord. Praise God! God’s continued blessings on you and your family Alex!!  I pray that God would continue to establish the works of your hands. Psalm 90:17” -Billie Sparks







Thank you! I wanted to let you know that Belief Mapping and turning everything into a prayer has been very effective in removing the negative thoughts. You were right the first day I was doing it constantly. But it tapered off really quickly and now I hardly have the negative thoughts after only a week. -Anita Howe




Dear Alex,


After 2 weeks of Belief Mapping I found an opportunity yesterday to express complete forgiveness to my brother (former abuser).  I touched him, repeated myself slowly, and looked him in the eyes. He was very quiet for a bit, and I added that I loved him. On the car ride that immediately followed, he had, for a time, much more fluid communication and near-perfect sentences vs his recent, stroke-induced repetitive phrases and search for missing vocabulary. Perhaps some adrenaline was flowing.  Perhaps this is the beginning of some great healing in his life, just as you suggested.


“God …” in His mercy has orchestrated the timing of this training, your advice on Wednesday, and my brother’s stroke.  To God be the glory!  ‘Thought you and Hope would enjoy hearing about this.


God bless you both,

Bertha Jackson







I took your advice to do a multi-session Belief Mapping code intervention and track the numbers afterward. The first issue I was dealing with is the anxiety/reluctance to meet with others. So far,

I've done three of four planned code sessions. I went from a -7 to +1. It's amazing - I've had more meetings in the last few days than I've had for several weeks.


All the meetings went very well. I prepared agendas, felt very free to discuss and share ideas, and made deeper friendships. Now, my growing belief is "I got this!" and I look forward to the positive interaction in other meetings that come up. It is amazing!


I'm looking forward to using this approach to more life and memory issues.


Thanks again for all your good work,


- John Winters





​​“Since 2011 my life has been HELL! My husband is a top MD. He and 15 other MD’s at the Cleveland Clinic could not figure out what was wrong. I was in constant fear, couldn’t walk for over a year, and couldn’t eat or drink for several months. I was put on morphine and told that 99% of patients in my condition died. After 2 weeks of Belief Mapping I am a MILLION TIMES BETTER! No one has any explanation, including me really. But it has happened. That I know, feel, and can share in truth. Can’t imagine anyone being worse than me, and Belief Mapping worked like a miracle for me.”

-Pam Tunney



“Belief Mapping really helps a lot, and fast. After one week almost everything is now crossed out as not being a problem in my life anymore. This seems impossible, and every day I wake up I expect it to all be back, but every day it’s still gone. It’s been 3 months now and I’m starting to believe that it is permanent. How could lifelong problems that crippled my happiness be healed in 4 weeks? Belief Mapping is how!”

-Billy Adcox







“After 2 weeks I am physically and emotionally different person than when the class started. Yesterday after Belief Mapping I spontaneously wept for about 15 minutes, which is unusual for me. After that my paralyzing fear was turned to love, and I have a deep peace that I don’t remember feeling before. I live in India and have been to over 25 highly regarded healers in the last 10 years with no noticeable effect. The real healing, through Belief Mapping, was almost instant, and with no one treating or laying hands on me – I did it myself, and so can anyone.”

-Mica Balak







“It’s only been 3 weeks. I can’t believe I’m saying this but all of my body and neurological problems are GONE. My Depression, Energy, and Stamina are all 70% - 80% better already. My stress is way down, and I’m having really good days almost every day (seldom before). How? Belief Mapping!

-Jane Canter







“After one week of Belief Mapping I had an amazing experience with Jesus that I have no words to describe. Not saying this will happen to anyone else. My 7’s, 8’s, and 9’s are all big fat 0’s now. Worth twice the price.”

-Nick Cane







“I’ve been a successful therapist for years but I would not be alive on the planet without Dr. Alex and Belief Mapping. I think lots of people probably can’t believe how well this works when they experience it, and this is true of me as well. However, no one that knows me can believe it either and they have all commented on the dramatic change in such a short time period. The most unbelievable change has been the anger that has ruled my life – now my anger is virtually gone and my patience is so good it is freaking me out a little. It feels so good for my hope to finally be realized.”

-Elizabeth Campbell









“I’m 18 years old and have struggled with a behavioral problem that has dogged me for……….MY WHOLE LIFE!!! After 3 weeks of Belief Mapping with LT3 it is at a ZERO – GONE!!! You can decide what you think that’s worth.”

-Nate Collins







“TOTAL TRANSFORMATION – that’s honestly what I have experienced in the last 4 weeks with Belief Mapping! What other words can I use to convey this – it’s head spinning to me? Wonderful, I feel great, phenomenal, etc.”

-Kelly Grand






“My first week of Belief Mapping saw my horrible/terrible crippling unforgiveness went from a -9 to +3. WOW! Never would have guessed or even hoped that, in 1 week?? After 3 weeks my “irreversible” brain damage went from -10 (as bad as it could be) to -1 – gamechanger. I now have control over my body and everyone around me remarks about the change.”

-Babe Jones






“I am doing so much better with the Belief Mapping process. It has been the most helpful thing I have ever done for my health and wellbeing. An aside, I shared the Memory Code process with my ladies group, we all did it at the same time, and every persons issue rated 8 or 9/10 went to 1 to 2/10 in about 10 minutes. It totally freaked everyone out – one lady said it was the most memorable meeting we have ever had.”

-Rachel Mills






“The 4 weeks of LT3 with Belief Mapping completely changed my life, for the better.”

-Sandy Mack







“In the 3rd week of Belief Mapping I felt the love of God pour over me – I knew I was loved SO MUCH! I have never felt this before, ever. Everything physically is getting better and better. I feel fantastic, so much better, and super excited about the rest of my life.”

-Tamara Nixon






“Bottom line, this program is fantastic. I am now processing grief a whole lot faster, am much more balanced in only 2 days – in the past it would take months, or longer. A very difficult co-worker doesn’t bother me anymore – just slides off. Honestly, it’s hard to believe this is real – I can’t believe it. I’m just tickled pink.”

-Mark Norton










“Belief Mapping was like the best rollercoaster for me (ok I really like roller coasters). My hormones are now balanced – from not regular to regular – amazing. I’m feeling a lot better in every way. I can’t explain it but am grateful.”

-Vera Noma






“Belief Mapping is a huge emotional experience and release, and is incredible, just incredible. This week I felt my heart open after decades having a closed heart from major trauma. This has been lifechanging in every way. I feel extreme calmness and lighter. Everything is progressing.”

-Carl Parton






“Belief Mapping  is really good. In 2010 I had deep heartbreak – that’s where it started. I’m not doing very well. This was an answer to prayer for me.”

-Jamie Peck






“I now have hope. Everything is better. Peace has replaced stress. Money well spent. “

-Theresa Penny





 “I’m a Chiropractor. It’s been 1 day – “1” day. I can feel the change happening right now. Shift after shift, especially more peace. I wish my corrections worked as well as Belief Mapping.”

-Dan Perry






“From -8/10 to +3/10 to +7/10. 3 weeks on my biggest issue.”

-Dave Peters







“I’m doing good man! My life crashed in 2014, and is now WAAAAAAAY better! “

-Edward Richer, MD








“Belief Mapping is working for me. My bad feelings have turned to good. My knee pain is 100% better – big wow. My destructive behavior went from -10 to -5 to gone.”

-Mary Sinclair







“I’m doing good, and haven’t said that in a long time, my husband tells me – that’s embarrassing. My brain fog is better, migraines better, more positive, more rested, more relaxed, SOMETHING BIG IS HAPPENING! “

-Steven Saw








“My life has basically been a living hell thanks to Satanic Ritual Abuse. I have been highly dissociative (think Multiple personality) for as long as I can remember. It’s exhausting and feels like there is no hope. BUT, IT’S ALL GONE!” There are no other words – IT”S GONE!

-Mindy Smith








“I’m the guy who has done it all for over 30 years. NOTHING WORKS. That’s what I said when people asked me. It’s now been 21 days of Belief Mapping and I am a different person than I was 3 weeks ago. So now I have to change my stock answer. LT3 and Belief Mapping works. Everything is dramatically better. I am now able to slow down and experience life. I can step away if I need to and recover quickly. Before it was like my leg was tied to my car (problem). No MORE! Longstanding physical and nonphysical problems are just gone.”

-Eric Willard






“This is the only thing I have ever done to improve my life that has actually worked. I love you Alex!”

-Maria Walker






“OK believe it or not, my depression since 2011 has gone from -10 to +10 in 4 weeks. I had a hard time believing Alex’s wife healed from depression in 3 weeks, and  I never thought that would happen to me. I doubted that it would help at all. It has completely changed my life.”

-Merlene Worth






I work in finance in Moscow. It is a high pressure job and I have continual health problems over the last 20 years. Tried it all doesn’t come close to conveying my frustration in spending over 6 figures to try and live a day without out of control stress. After two weeks of Belief Mapping my stress is almost gone, and my health problems are getting steadily better, with the biggest one being healed completely. This isn’t even the best part. My beautiful wife, who I love with all my heart has been crippled with anxiety and depression since covid. I NOW HAVE MY WIFE BACK – I will tell everyone I know about Belief Mapping.


Yuli B.






I’ve done Belief Mapping for 1 month and my most important relationship has gone from terrible to wonderful! IT CAN’T BE BELIEF MAPPING!!!! IT CAN’T BE!!! BUT IT IS!


Linda Bandler






The biggest issue and pain of my life is decades of being manipulated by my ex. Belief Mapping is working well as this issue is hardly bothering me at all now, and I even feel forgiveness, which I never would have even imagined.


Alex Brown





I am feeling better and better. My sleep is greatly improved. I am much more self aware.


  Katherine Cobb






My anger has done a 180 to patience and peace after doing 4 Belief Mapping sessions.


  Billy Engel






It’s very interesting, this Belief Mapping thing. It’s like constant gentle little bubbles of a changed attitude and feelings. I’ve never felt anything like this before. It feels really good!


  Sally Kellerhorn






When doing Belief Mapping, Issues float up like my mind is trying to help me resolve past problems. It literally feels like a person is taking me by the hand and leading me to safety.


    Elizabeth Lloyd






I am so glad I tried Belief Mapping. I wanted to quit work but now my depression is almost gone and I feel wonderful. Ready to work again now.


  Sue Loveman






Fantastic Healing! I have more joy and happiness. This is a BIG improvement!


  Dalton Myles






The very first time I did Belief Mapping everything was way better. I can’t say that about most things.

    Rachel Mann






This has been the biggest breakthrough of my life. I have had total success on the biggest issue of my life. The feeling of pressure is greatly diminished. I am so grateful, this is truly amazing!


  Terri Mitchell






Belief Mapping is like dynamite! It’s truly incredible! It is so powerful I can’t believe it! I’ve never felt anything like this in my life! I don’t have words to describe it!


   Argyrios Perdikaris






I have had many subtle changes with Belief Mapping and one huge change. My grief has turned to joy! This was the biggest problem I had. In 3 weeks it’s gone.


    Hilda Parton






For the last 10 years I have had a 13 cm tumor in my liver. In 3 months of Belief Mapping and LT3 it has shrunk to almost nothing. They have no explanation. I do.


  Ellie Parker







I am a Psychologist in Europe and have felt like a fraud for a number of years. I am here to help others but can’t help myself.


After 3 weeks of Belief Mapping everything is SO MUCH BETTER! I have more energy, natural kindness, much more happiness, more compassion for myself and others, and best of all more loving and understanding.




I did not think something like this was even possible!


  Johnathan Roper






I am a Psychiatrist who has struggled for years with breast cancer. With Belief Mapping I am making very good progress and feeling better and better. My MD just told me I will not need chemo, even though before Belief Mapping he said I would have to have chemo. This is so interesting how it grabs all aspects of the problem and it just starts to heal, and keeps healing. I’m very grateful.


Susan Smart






Belief Mapping is really enlightening. I am shocked at all the stuff coming up and seemingly resolving on it’s own. This has never happened before.


    Ricki Shakes






I love Dr. Alex

I love Belief Mapping

I love Life

I Love………




When I started Belief Mapping I bullet listed all my problems in an email to Dr. Alex. In 3 days they are ALL GONE!!!! Physical and non-physical all gone in 3 days. It’s the truth!


      Amanda White






In 2 days my beloved son experienced a major life healing through Belief Mapping! I had never heard of Dr. Alex and honestly thought this was either a scam or hype. Now I am doing it too. I would be dead right now if it weren’t for Dr. Alex and Belief Mapping and LT3 – dead from cancer. But I’m not dead – this has been totally lifechanging for my entire family. Some scam! Best one I have seen. Haha


    Matty Watson





 “I would not have made it without Belief Mapping”! I do it on an issue and shortly there is no issue. This has been the answer for me, after searching for the last 10 years. And this answer is not at all subtle - IT’S LIKE A MIRACLE! If this works on me it will work on anything. I’m the guy that NOTHING WORKS FOR, but no more. 


The best thing I can say is that I AM A CHANGED PERSON, and not by my “stress effort” - by BELIEF MAPPING! 


Mark Williams






 Been meaning to let you know that Byron finally started a new job and when he met his boss his wife at dinner one night they were talking about all the crazy things I had done healthwise and you came up. She said she could’ve never survived the last 10 or so years of teaching without your book – how crazy is that🙃


Hope everybody is well and as always we would love to see you if you ever have a moment!


-Pam Benson




“Hello Dr Alex, I AM AMAZED!


Going through the events yesterday gave me an opportunity to see the progress of the transformation that God is doing in my heart.  As I had said, I asked Roy for some space, which he honored.  Later that evening I was able to reach out to him and speak my heart in love.  I felt no anger.  It was so easy.  It felt so natural.  My night was a little rough but today I feel so peaceful.  As I have been doing my codes and finding word pictures they were not the same.  They were not the heightened word pictures like anxiety but they were more of a calm and releasing nature-like tension.  As I did Belief Mapping with my

code I could feel my body starting to relax and release.  I feel a deep joy deep down within me and sincerely know that God has got this. I am in awe that in spite of my circumstances, I feel this beautiful peace.  THANK YOU for ALL that you are DOING FOR US!  I know you are incredibly busy right now.  I am praying for you and your family!!”


  • Bonnie






“Thank you to Alex and Cindy for an honest answer about doing Belief Mapping on my son. I decided to buy the program and has done it quite faithfully on him, I actually feel quite comfortable doing it on him now. So if I am the first to try this fully on another person, without

his participation I will let you know how it goes!  A desperate situation is a good reason to go for it.  My son - life long issues with fatigue and depression, and tremendous stress - in a vicious circle that doctors gave up at an early age. He has also gave up himself : You don't understand what it is like for me. No-one can help me. I am too tired to live. I don't want to live. At 34 he is still here but does not want to try any more new tricks. There is also

Reflux - Sleep apnea - anxiety - frequent infections - allergies - cold eczeme on hands mouse arms ++- My first map was packed with issues! One I didn't even put in there: Every time he is a little bit constipated, his stool flushes with blood. Has been for years. A few

days ago he came rushing happily to tell me: I was constipated bad time  and expected a huge amount of blood! And there was not a drop! None!  It was not even on the map I made!  Possibly was some milk acid bacteria he started taking in June helpful? Or simply BM?  Wonderful it is! Sleep apnea  seems better as well. And the general mood is good, and he has some careful hopes for himself. How big is that! The other day I tried to talk a little about the future, and he steamed out! Thereafter I read the blog!  Thinking about the future

said Alex, created anxiety. Think of the good things in the present, I rushed in to him and told him I was wrong, Appreciate things here and now! And he replied: "Exactly. That's what I trying to do now!" Thank you Alex! I really enjoyed the session with Alex in the 17th. Powerful! Thank you for that too!” - Trevor 








 “I started doing Belief Mapping  before Christmas with the three you recommended , Relationship with self, others and God.  As well as unconscious relationship issues.   These are all now at +3 but I never felt like I knew what I was doing even though I had hand transcribe the Belief Mapping Video to give me an easy reference.


Before Christmas however the All Access newsletter came in with the Peace 1 and 2 Trilogy and after Christmas Peace 3.  I felt very strongly I needed to do these. I have done the trilogies in other All Access Newsletters but never done them till there were in the pluses, but I stuck with them until all three peace issues were at +3.  ( I am now doing the same with the All You need is love trilogies from the All Access newsletter)


Once I achieved this I did a True You Test and had a +5 overall score and only two areas where I was in the minus.  I have never had this result before.  I also feel it.  I feel more stable energetically and things don't stress me or stress me as long.


I have now gone back to Belief Mapping but when I saw that there was to be a Belief Mapping Community, I wanted to be a part of it which is why I asked could I join the way I did. I didn't really realize  all the benefits of being a part of this community until I listened to the Belief Mapping Launch a couple of days ago and so I am even more appreciative to being allowed to be a part of this community.


Thank you again Alex , I don't words are adequate to say how much this means to me.

with gratitude” - Melanie Williams





“After doing Belief Mapping a few times each day, some of my beliefs began to change (for the better). But I feel like (a few times) I have to convince myself that the new way of thinking about a certain issue is first of all real, and  better/healthier than the old way of thinking (which was negative). How can this happen? I have tried to change these things a million times, and now they are changing in hours and days with little effort.” -Tina Thompson





Hello Alex, you can add me to your successes with belief mapping, but first of all, thank you for allowing me to be a part of the belief mapping community. It has been very helpful for me.


I had just started doing the love belief map when my sinuses started to play up and they were being painful. Usually, when they get like this, it's like just leave me alone, let me just get through this till they settle down, but I could see on the love bm that one of the spikes was is not easily angered and righteous anger but also the anger family.


Growing up getting angry, throwing a tantrum was a sin, and you got punished for it, and I believe I learned to deal with this by getting irritated, frustrated, and annoyed, as these I could do " quietly " and so did not get into as much trouble.


I could see that over the past few days I had been getting frustrated and irritated about things, and I can see that this is the source of my sinus problems. I added that into my bm, and my sinuses subsided, and I was able to do the things I needed to do. I have never been able to do this before. I just have to deal with it till it goes away.


I had my younger brother Noah coming to stay with me for a few days, so it was a double bonus to be up and active rather in bed with a pillow over my head wanting the world to go away.


I am continuing to use the love bm and can see why, although I have come a long way with the healing codes/trilogies, I haven't gone to that next level I would like to go to. It has shown me areas where there is stress that I wasn't aware of, and some of my biggest ones are, love is not quick to anger, also doesn't boast even in your mind I discovered I did boast in the mind. That is now a +2. Does not envy, but I also found I was stressed by other people's successes. At the moment, I have a mix of -1, or they are in the +1 or 2.


The other reason why I would say I was one of your successes is that I feel this difference. I feel yes that I will get to that next level, and it is a very strong feeling. I have confidence that I can help my family now.


When I first started doing the hc1, and I would get my family to do them, they would say they didn't feel anything and so weren't interested in doing them unless they were very stressed or not well. And even though for the last couple of years, my son Owen has been doing them regularly on his way to work each morning with me (I do the coding, but we discuss the issue before I do), I never really felt I could find a way to find a win-win solution to his marriage. Now I do.


I started doing the love belief map with Owen last week, and this morning I drew up the anxiety/worry one. We only have a half an hour before he arrives at work, so I just did some of the issues on the spokes.


One of the ones I asked him was traumas, is there something he experienced that he would never want to go through again. He was very quick to respond and said yes, breaking his ankle. He broke his ankle playing tennis at the start of the year.


Then he said no, change that to I never want to be incapacitated again. He said he hated every moment of it till they took the cast off, and he could get around freely.


I said this is interesting Noah; you ride a bike, and you race a super-kart, both of which raise the level of your being injured and this happening. Not surprisingly, this one rated at -10 where all the others were mid to low minuses. I retested it about half an hour after doing the codes, and it had already gone to a -5.


We are now going to alternate between the love bm and the anxiety/worry bm.


My husband Benjamin has had a knee problem for several years. He has played sports all his life and still plays tennis and squash. When the hc ii came out, you did a series which I think was 5 or 6 parts, and one was relationships, and there was a separate code for each of the family.


At the time, his right knee was giving him a lot of problems, and so using the code for the relationship with his father, we used it to heal a memory he had when he was 6. His neighbor threw metholated spirits at a barbeque to try and get it started, and his dad was badly burnt by this when it blew back.


He was at Sunday school at the time and came home to no mom or dad and a neighbor telling him to come and stay with her. He has no memory of being told why his father wasn't there, apparently, they weren't sure he was going to live and waited (6 weeks) until they were sure he would before his mom took him and his brother and sister up to see him.


Benjamin remembers being terrified at the sight of him; he felt a monster was looking at him because he was so puffed up and with the burns. He wanted to run away, but his mom was holding his hand, and he couldn't.


Healing on the memory appeared to heal his knee, but it started to bother him again a couple of years ago. At the time, you had introduced us to x39, and this helped it for a while, but it was bothering him again.


I did a belief map for him, and we put that same memory in the middle of his circle. It was very hard to get him to put things on his map, and he struggles to articulate, but he managed to put a few in, and I decided to start with that, but in the prayer, I put that anything that we needed to put in this map be shown to us.


In the early hours of the next morning, thoughts started coming in to me, and so I wrote them down and gave them to him to write on his map, from them, he also added in one of his own.


Then listening to one of the videos in response to a question, you said rate the feeling in the center of the circle. We had only put the memory in the center of the circle, so I asked Benjamin, "What did you feel when you came home, and both your parents had disappeared, and nobody told you anything?"


He replied I was only 6, I don't remember. So I asked okay as an adult now, how do you think you would have felt?


He thought about it and said. "Anxiety, what is going to happen moving forward."


This blew me away. Benjamin doesn't express himself this way, and I put his ability to articulate this was from the bm and our asking in the prayer to be shown what he needed to add to his map. I can relate this so much to his life.


This has gone from -10 to -1, but all the other issues are +1 to +3. He told me his knee was better, and if it stayed like that, he would be happy, but I believe we could improve his knee even more.


We have only been using the basic belief map and the hc 1 at this point.


I am going to put this memory into an anxiety/worry belief map today as well as anything else that comes up for him.


My apologies for this being so long, but I have one more to share.


My daughter Abigail works, so when either of her boys is not well, they come to me. On Tuesday, Sammy, her second son, aged 15 months, hadn't been well the day before, and daycare won't let them back for 24 hours if they have a fever, so he came to me. He was fine, just a bit grizzly.


He went for sleep at 10 am and slept for about an hour and a half, but it was a really restless sleep, and I was worried he was going to roll off the bed.


In the afternoon, he was sitting at my computer, watching paw patrol, and playing with some Russian bedding dolls I had. Seeing as he was sitting there happily amusing himself, I decided to do a little belief mapping on him.


When I listen to the calls, I jot down notes on the descriptions as well as the code.


I didn't actually draw up a map, but read my descriptions and talked to him as though he was a client. I then truth tested his rating on all of them and wrote them beside each description. He ranged between -6 to -3. I then did the code, but only the HC 1 part of it, and asked for it to heal kindly and gently.


Within about a half an hour, he started to get grizzly. Abigail said he might go for another nap, so I picked him up, and he dropped his head on my shoulder. He may have gone straight to sleep, but I couldn't see his face. However, he was not making any sound.


After a few minutes of his not moving, I carefully lay down on the bed, and he slept on my chest for about 2 hours. His breathing was very deep, and he felt like he was in a deep sleep.


When Benjamin came home from work, he tried to wake up, but it took him a while to do it. I tested his numbers the next day, and they had all gone down to -1.


In the early hours of the next morning, I woke up with cramp in both my lower legs. Fortunately, this happened rarely as it is quite painful, and to stretch it out only makes it worse, and it has always only ever been one leg, never two.


I usually get Benjamin to get me a hot water bottle or mix me a drink of Endura, which is for muscles, but this time, I found myself stretching both legs out. It felt like they were just stretching and stretching, and something was going, and then they were fine again, and I went back to sleep.


I can't explain it, but I believe this came from doing belief mapping.


Externally, nothing has really changed at this point, but I can feel the internal change, and I believe that external changes will come with time.


Emily, I am very happy to be counted amongst the successes with belief mapping. You are welcome to share my experience and my family's, but I appreciate leaving our names out.


Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of the BM community. It is helping me in so many ways.


With much gratitude,

Marrion Worth


shorter version: Hi Alex, thanks for allowing me to be a part of the belief mapping community. It has been very helpful for me. I started doing the love belief map and noticed that my sinus problems were related to frustrations and irritations. By adding this to my belief map, my sinuses improved and I was able to be active instead of being stuck in bed. I can also see areas of stress that I wasn't aware of before. I now have the confidence to help my family and find solutions to their issues. Additionally, my husband's knee problem improved after adding a specific memory to his belief map. My daughter's son also had a positive experience with belief mapping, as his negative ratings decreased after doing the codes. I personally experienced some internal changes as well. Thank you for letting me share these experiences. I am grateful to be a part of the belief mapping community.



Marrion Worth





Dear Dr. Alex,


I deeply appreciate the opportunity to share with others how LT3/Belief Mapping changed

me, for the better. It is my sincere hope that there will be more and more people signing up for this incredible program. My life was affected in the most profound way by it, and it has only been a few weeks. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Alex.


With deepest gratitude and appreciation,


Tamara S.






Imagine yourself standing in a pool of polluted water, so that you cannot see what is under the water. You feel tingles and blows from wild fish, but you do not see them. Therefore, you will not be able to deal with these attacks! Belief Mapping is like a filter that purifies the water and makes it completely pure. So that you can see what is under the water! This is what I felt. So I was surprised by the amount of wild fish that were lurking inside me. But I didn't know it existed! Before that, I was like the one standing in the middle of that polluted water, holding the stick. And shoot randomly! Belief Mapping clears the fog and shows you things you didn't know existed inside you! Thank you D. Alex 🙌


-Basel Alsafadi





I just want to say thank you so so very much for the life changing impact you and your work has had on me over the last 2 years of my life. I have just started the belief mapping along with the enology program that I already do and it has been incredibly eye opening. 

Thank you for allowing God to reach the world through your skill and dedication. 

I’m grateful to be one who has been reached.


Jane Parker


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