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For many people, books and online training provide the information they need to get started on their journey of healing. But for those looking for a more personal, hands-on approach, we offer one-on-one coaching with highly-skilled coaches, trained in a variety of Coding methods. Our coaches will help you identify the roots of the issues that bother you most, develop custom truth statements and Codes specifically for you, and help you create a plan and a path for healing. Working with a coach is the most effective way to identify areas of your heart where you need healing and see unbelievable results.

All of our coaches have gone through extensive training and are certified and approved by Dr. Alex. Some coaches specialize specifically in an area such as relationships, healing or success. While four sessions are purchased at a time, you can work with a coach for as long as you would like and on any issues that bother you.

Get started with a coach today! Browse our list of coaches to find who will be the best fit for you and book your first four sessions for just $200.

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Has your life been changed by The Healing Codes, and would you like to help others transform their lives as well? Do you:

  • A very strong interest in this type of work?
  • Have coaching experience or training in coaching?
  • Possess people skills geared to helping people maximize their potential?
  • Demonstrate genuine compassion for others?
  • Have the ability to acquire your own clients or have an existing client base?
  • Have general knowledge about energy psychology, energy medicine, etc., and the motivation to renew that knowledge regularly?

If so, becoming a certified Healing Codes Coach could be the perfect opportunity for you! Healing Codes coaches are private practitioners who help guide others in custom guided coding and whole life healing. This opportunity allows you to build your own practice while being affiliated with and having access to resources from one of the world’s trusted therapeutic methods.

The Healing Codes Practitioner’s Training, which takes about three to nine months to complete, consists of a self-study program, telephone interaction and support, and a formalized mentoring program. We require our coaches to have their own experiences with The Healing Codes and be coached by a Practitioner first before becoming a Practitioner. All coaches are vetted and approved by Dr. Alex and The Healing Codes program.

To learn more about this opportunity or to apply, email us at

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