Just look at what some of the previous participants have said...




“I've had great tension in my body and mind for decades. After three days of LT3, the tension dissipated tremendously. Positive energy has increased greatly after LT3 was over.” -Steve Wilson.


"Two weeks ago, I was in a deep depression without hope or faith. Now, 3 to 4 weeks later, my depression is gone and has been replaced by love. A love that I've never experienced until now. I've been diagnosed with attachment disorder, anxiety, and depression, among others. Over the years, they have all disappeared after LT3. This is the most incredible work. I've never seen or even imagined something like this. I bought heart rate variability equipment so I could track my progress. Being a little skeptical of all the testimonials I read in advance, my heart rate variability has improved dramatically from out-of-balance stress to in-balance peace!!! Thank you, Dr. Alex." -Michelle Waller


"In the six weeks of LT3, I have healed a major past trauma. I was formally diagnosed with Crohn's disease, which I've had for 15 years, and a broken shoulder. What else do I need to say? If you're on the fence, try this. You'll thank me." -Andrea Vanderbilt


"For the first time in my adult life, I not only know what has been stressing me and holding me back, but I have also healed it in the six weeks of LT3, I promise, Dr. Alex never laid a finger on me. I did it all myself (and you can too) with his wonderful testing and guidance. Thank you, Dr. Alex." -Ellen Tollner


"I took LT3 approximately one year ago. What I can tell you is that in that year, my life changed 180 degrees. Before, living a healthy, happy life was a dream. Today, it's a reality. This program saved my life!!!" -Melissa Sams


"I have had great results from LT3. In the first two weeks alone, the tension that I've experienced in my body and mind over the last two years is completely gone. What I feel now is the absence of stress and love." -Rhonda Sinclair


"I can truthfully say that I am now doing great. Immediately after completing the LT3 class, where I was doing poorly before the LT3 class started, my nervous system is calm now. I am more balanced and grounded, and my sleep is significantly better. If I had known these results in advance, I would have paid double the price. Hope this helps one person decide to try this." -Elizabeth Senate


"Panic is now gone from my morning routine. It has been replaced by peace and calm. The anxiety is history. This program has made such a big difference in my life. The brain oxygen-infused infuser calms me, unlike anything I have ever felt. It's available on-demand anytime, anywhere in just a minute or two." -Christa Sands




"I am a walking miracle!!! I was given six weeks to live and was in bed on a feeding tube. After two days of the codes, I was out of bed. Months later, I was 100% ALS-free, which my doctor says is impossible. I felt like a kite that was all tangled up in the trees, and to heal, somehow I needed to get untangled. LT3 untangled me, and I believe it can untangle you." -Jeanine Sandler


"I had been feeling bad for years and went in and did a test with my medical doctor. They found microscopic blood in my urine, although they could not find the source. They said if it did not improve, I would need surgery. Now, after LT3, I have gone back to my doctor and been retested, and there is no longer any microscopic blood in my urine. It's 100% clean. I don't even know how but this saved my life. A decade of pain, surgery, and what would have been the expense of all that? Anyway, words cannot express my gratitude." -Jamie Radcliffe


"LT3 makes me feel so wonderful. I can't even put it into words. It has changed my life so much. If I tried to explain, you could not understand. You have to experience it. It's beyond belief, like being reborn or graduating to a way better life." -Parker


"LT3 has been such a godsend for me. I have tears while doing it, release, and smile when I'm finished." -Dave Peters


"It has been amazing. It has opened my heart, and I now understand for the first time who I am!!!" -Katy Omar


"I am so excited about the brain oxygen infuser. My main health issues are much better, including my self-worth, shame, guilt, feeling inadequate, and the belief that I am bad. Without the oxygen infuser, I think my health would continue to deteriorate. Now, it's getting better and better." -Ted Neighbors


"Let me show others what LT3 is like. My word for 2023 is empowerment. After completing LT3, my previous words were shame, guilt, inadequate, frustrated." -Cindy Man


"My big issues when I started LT3 were weight, unforgiveness, and a pain I've had for years in the right side of my mouth. Now, after LT3, I've lost 6 pounds without trying. The pain in my mouth is gone, and the love switch has helped me forgive. My anger is gone. This has changed my life. If you're looking for a changed life, try it." -Raquel Moore


"When I started LT3, I had an autoimmune disorder. My AIC was high, there was blood in my urine, eczema, food sensitivity, and an eating disorder. I also faced rejection, shame, and guilt from my childhood. After three weeks of LT3, I have increased energy, much better clarity, and my eating disorder is gone. A few days ago, a switch flipped inside me. I could feel it as sure as night and day. My anxiety is now almost gone. My eczema and everything else that I started this program with are getting better and better. Amazing." -Teresa Manco


"I am a different person because of LT3. I am really happy now and feel better every day. My neck is better, and on the True You test, I've gone from a minus eight to a plus nine. I believe that's more than a 180-degree difference. My life is so much better. I can't put it into words. It's over the top. Better. It's better than I imagined." -Anita Marks


"My wife and I have done dozens of tests to try to ascertain the source of our illnesses and life difficulties. The True You is way more exciting, accurate, and practically helpful than any we are aware of. Thank you, Alex, for the gift of the truth. You test and then make a note. The True You test is included at no additional charge with the LT3." -Gary Myers


"The Healing Codes book saved my life at a time when I was very ill and hopeless, and I am very grateful. However, LT3 is much better!" -Abby Holt


"I'm a doctor myself and have experienced really good things during the last LT3 class that ended recently, things that normally would set me off now don't. Additionally, I now have a deep sense of peace that I can never remember having before. Thanks, Alex." -Nate


"My negative emotions that seem to get worse and worse year after year are now gone. Last week, my son came to see me and spontaneously hugged me, started crying, and said he forgives me - something I've prayed for years but doubted would ever happen. The only thing I've done differently is LT3. I guess I have to say that in a way, LT3 gave me my son back. What's worth more than that?" -Christina Easley


"I have felt constantly overwhelmed and stressed related to my work for years. After completing LT3, I am now feeling better in several ways. This is wonderful, and I look forward to continued healing." -Christy Campbell


"After LT3, I feel much more peaceful and less stressed. It's interesting - things come up and shift, come up and shift, come up and shift. It's almost like magic." -Kathleen Connors


"What I can tell you is that for me, things have changed. I was in the hospital when I first did LT3, and I almost fainted it was so powerful. Now, all sorts of things are coming up and then going away." -Dario Como


"I'm about to complete the LT3 program. My circulation and sadness are significantly better in four weeks. In 20 years, I have tried dozens of things to improve my circulation and sadness. Some help for a while, but never long-term. This feels different." -Bob Black


"I starte


d LT3 with pain in C4 and C5, depression, and brain fog. Three weeks into LT3, all of those are either significantly better or gone. I love LT3, but my medical doctor loves it more. He's the one who told me about it and made me promise that I would do it. I suggest you try it as well. I think you'll be glad you did." - Jennifer James.


"I had a lot of emotional abuse growing up and in my early years of adulthood, as well as severe back pain for years. LT3 is going great for me. I have had big shifts in the areas of rejection, identity, and worth, which is probably what I struggled with the most my entire life. This was a bargain at twice the price." - Brian Aires.


Dr. Alex:

Thank you for your heart and deep desire to share the truth. Your passion and heart yearning for everyone to "get this" was tangible. I know you were on your knees as a missionary prays for wherever, whomever they are serving.


In 2009 when the things of my life began being "lost", I was about to begin a bodywork session with someone. I prayed to God, "You have got to help me Now, I need you to help me let go of this anxiety to focus on my client." I heard God say, "WHAT do you need Right Now, that You do not have??"


I got it. I knew in my core, that inner peace is moment by moment living; knowing that God provides and will provide what I need when I need it. And it may not come one moment too soon.


During counseling over 22 years ago, the counselor kept saying, "what do you want?" And back then I knew I wanted the inner peace and trust to live in the joy I believed we were meant to experience. So, my answer has been correct, but YOUR work is helping to clear the blocks, the depression and despair that FEAR has been producing. I am ready to reach that goal 100%. I know I am about to receive what I have wanted my entire life.


With extreme gratitude and love, (and that doesn't even express it) ~Ruth Ann


Dear Dr. Alex,

I am so grateful for your personal help with the LT3 process, it has a been a pleasure working with you. I was

initially somewhat daunted by the cost of participating in this program but am completely happy that I decided to join in. On day two I realized I had forgotten to take my medication for my high blood pressure and checked it fearing it would be through the roof. Much to my surprise it was completely normal for the first time in nearly two years. I have kept a close watch in it throughout the program and as we wrap it up, my Doctor is scratching his head and taking me off of the medication completely. This one benefit alone will put $120 a month in my pocket, but that's not all, he has also taken me off of my anti-depressant which adds another $130 a month. This program will have paid for itself in less than a year, I'm feeling better right now and the benefits just keep on keeping on. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ~Serina in Dallas


I am 62 and I feel like a new person. Gone is the depression! I have more energy, my brain is clearer and my memory has improved. I feel a deep peace I used to get glimpses of when I was in my twenties.


All these changes happened in the past 5 weeks of the LT3 program.


There are two health issues that I am continuing to work on: an ulcer in the mucus lining of my nose and eczema on the tops of both ankles. The former I have been trying to heal for 26 years; the latter for 2 years. I have spent thousands of dollars out of pocket trying different therapeutic methods to treat these ailments as well as the depression which has lifted.


My nose is almost healed. Before the program it bothered me 10/10. Now I would rate it 3/10. a BIG

improvement. Each day I continue to notice changes. I have full faith that this will heal completely.


My skin has greatly improved. It no longer itches like it used to. Certain foods that used to trigger the itching do not any more. The rash is still red and raised; however, with the changes I am seeing I know this will become an issue of the past.


If you come across this program, please consider yourself very fortunate. LT3 is the most productive, self-empowering healing modality I have experienced in the past 15 years. I have tried many many treatments. traditional & alternative. and nothing has come close to the results I am experiencing after 5 weeks. I have reached a whole new level of wellness and well-being in the comfort of my own home.


You will be forever grateful, as I am. ~Heather



I miss our Thursday morning calls! LT4 is quite phenomenal. It creates a powerful, meditative state and I know healing is happening. I feel that LT4 with the Power Source and Hidden Virus codes will heal everything I am challenged with; the long standing depression, anxiety and health. I consciously have been praying that all my cells move out of protection into growth. it's working!

This healing work is my top priority My job has changed and is physically fatiguing. I know the LT work is helping me be able to sustain it. When is your next LT3 class? I will be strongly encouraging some of my friends and clients to join in. Love and Gratitude ~Ruth Ann


I had my first visible MIRACLE the VERY FIRST WEEK of the LT3! ~Ellin M


I just did the LT3 for emotional issues, and to my surprise, I have INSTANT RESULTS!

I feel calm and peaceful!!! AMAZING! Thanks Alex for your heartfelt support. ~Warmest Regards, Luc



~Sherry P.


The LT3 is GREAT! I have had sleep issues for decades.

Sleep specialist doctors have not been able to figure it out. MY SLEEP HAS GREATLY IMPROVED IN THE FIRST 2 WEEKS OF THE LT3! My other health issues have also greatly improved.

~Ruth Ann M.



ALL OF MY BLOCKS ARE GONE and I am ready to get out into the world. I am NO LONGER AFRAID - just wanting to stay cooped up by myself. THIS IS WONDERFUL! I CANNOT PUT INTO WORDS HOW HAPPY I AM. I NEVER THOUGHT I COULD BE THIS HAPPY AGAIN - BUT I AM!!!!! ~Ursula W.




The first 2 weeks, I went from being stuck to NOT being stuck!! ~Oscar M.


I HAVE SEEN AMAZING CHANGES IN MY FIRST WEEK OF THE LT3! I have had the deepest sleep, my eczema almost completely cleared, I have been much less reactive, not constipated, I have wonderful new energy and self-worth - ALL IN 1 WEEK! I am so grateful! I HAVE TRIED SO MANY THINGS AND NOTHING GETS TO THE DEEP LEVEL ISSUES! THIS DOES - IT'S LIKE A

MIRACLE! ~Heather P.


After 2 weeks of the LT3, I feel like the clouds have passed - physically, emotionally, and mentally! IT'S


HEALING! ~Christiaan D.


After 2 weeks, testing showed dramatic healing!

~Timothy B.


During the success process, I HAD AN ABSOLUTE FINANCIAL MIRACLE! It's amazing and wonderful - I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!

~Ursula W.


After 2 weeks of doing the LT3, my temperature is normal



THIS WORKS! THIS DOES IT ALL! I have tried everything - EFT, etc., etc., etc. NOTHING DOES WHAT LT3 DOES! IT'S WONDERFUL - I CAN'T BELIEVE IT - I am so grateful!

~Jo T.


After 1 week of the LT3, I have more peace, calm, happiness, and am sleeping better. THIS IS VERY GOOD! These are ALL TOP ISSUES FOR ME! I am more joyful - people are commenting about how happy I am now - and all after only 1 week! ~Bettye C.


This has been MORE THAN I EXPECTED! MAJOR HEALTH BREAKTHROUGHS are happening in a very short period of time! Alex is a wonderful, gifted teacher!






I have found this stuff to be SO WONDERFUL - I CAN'T EVEN TELL YOU! ~Karen B.


Every Psychiatrist, Psychologist, and therapist SHOULD USE THE HEART TEST - IT'S LIKE READING A MAP OF YOUR LIFE!

~Michael T.


I am a classically trained soprano, and had lost the upper end of my range. It did not come back with The Healing Codes, but has come back in the VERY FIRST WEEK OF THE LT3. IT IS WONDERFUL - THANK YOU SO MUCH!


I am telling anyone and everyone about the LT3.



In the very first week, my BLOOD PRESSURE, that I had been on meds for, was NORMAL - WITHOUT ANY MEDS!

~Serina S.



LT3! As a professional athlete, I have been on TV, Magazine covers, newspaper headlines, etc. I left home at an early age to train to be a world class professional athlete - and became just that. I have experienced ALL OF THE PEAK PERFORMANCE TRAININGS AVAILABLE! THE LT3 DOES WHAT NOTHING ELSE DOES - IT FIXES THE SOURCE OF WHAT IS HOLDING YOU


CAPABILITIES! Everything else tries to teach you to "COPE" with what is limiting you, or just ignore it - but THIS DOESN'T WORK MOST OF THE TIME! Best of all, the LT3 does this quickly and simply - in a way that is almost effortless. IT LITERALLY REPROGRAMS YOU FOR SUCCESS!

~Michael T.


My spine and hips have turned and straightened to their proper place, after 2 weeks of the LT3. And it's not just my spine, EVERYTHING IS HEALING! My spine is a LIFELONG ISSUE - MY CHIROPRACTOR HAS CONFIRMED THIS HEALING! I knew the self-help, positive thinking wouldn't work, but I didn't have any way to heal the real issues - NOW I DO! THIS IS THE ANSWER TO A PRAYER I PRAYED 40 YEARS AGO! I have TRIED IT ALL - THIS IS IT!!! ~Carol E.



tremendously with an issue I have been working on for 18 months. ~Nicky Q.


I have heard the Hidden Power Source a dozen times in all different ways - but IT NEVER WORKED! They were all still focused on the externals - there was something missing.



~Robert M.


MY PARKINSON'S SYMPTOMS have dramatically improved! ~Ann S.


I was a PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE, and have had my 15 minutes of fame. I HAVE BEEN TO THE TOP NEW YORK AND LA THERAPISTS. THEY DID NOT HELP! I have tried all of the self-help - just name one, and I have done it. THE LT3 AND DR. ALEX'S TEACHINGS ARE THE REAL DEAL - THEY HELP! THIS IS IT!

~Michael T.


(Renowned Mayo Clinic Neurosurgeon - Peak Performance) THE LT3 IS GREAT AND POWERFUL! I AM AMAZED!


I am doing long difficult surgeries every day and am not getting tired. My mind is stable and peaceful -IT'S INCREDIBLE!


I have done many natural and energy therapies over the years but I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED THIS BEFORE! I HAVE FOUND A NEW DIMENSION OF HEALING!


Hiro Nakatomi M.D., Neurosurgeon, and Professor of Neurosurgery (Studied at Mayo Clinic, developed new neurosurgical technique for removing tumors related to hearing)


(Best Selling Author)

Dr. Alex Loyd may very well be the Albert Schweitzer of our time!

Mark Victor Hansen (Co-Author Chicken Soup for the Soul Books)


(ALS Healing)


NOTICABLE NOW! I was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease several years ago. My symptoms had worsened to the point that I was having difficulty doing some normal daily activities. Since starting the LT3 my symptoms have steadily improved - I NOW HAVE DIFFICULTIY FEELING ANY OF THEM! As crazy as this sounds, I NOW SEE MY ALS AS A BLESSING! Without the ALS I would have never done the LT3 program. Because of the LT3 I NOW FEEL A LOVE AND PEACE THAT I DON'T THINK I EVER WOULD HAVE EXPERIENCED!

Bo B.



HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED THIS BEFORE with all the other modalities I have tried!

Denes K.


(R.N.) The very first time I did the LT3, I felt

all of the acupuncture meridians and chakras all over my body opening up at the same time. It was really quite amazing! I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED THIS BEFORE! The next day I still felt powerful energy going up my spine to the back of my head. I felt I was releasing blocks I had in my spine.


Maryanna T. RN, RM CHT,EFT, Emotrance practitioner, Sedona, BSFF


(Breast Cancer)

For years I have had Health issues, three years ago I was treated for a breast cancer and this year in April a TP Scan showed I had a vertebra spot of cancer. Fortunately, I opened by chance an email where I had an article about the Healing codes..


I started working with the Healing on April 21st and decided to attend the seminar starting on May 25th. After one week with the LT3 I had a blood test and the result is amazing. The tumor marker dropped from 80 to 18 - the normal level is 10.


My oncologist said to me he never saw such thing. He thinks I respond well to his treatment. He also asks about what I was eating and doing. He told me to continue eating healthy food and exercising. I think this will help other patients like me to recover.


I do thank you so much for discovering the Healing codes and LT3.




My name is Cecilia and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I am 43 years old, married to a wonderful man and have a 3 year old son. I am a full time Mum caring for our active toddler at home and working on completing a Life Coaching Course. I was using the Healing Codes for 3 weeks when the email came for the August LT3 coaching. It was then I decided that I needed much more of an energy boost and so I signed up.


The Healing Codes were helping me heaps at the time as I was incredibly stressed and not coping with anything as I one of my sister's is very unwell. At the time it triggered some MS symptoms where I was feeling exhausted, numbness in my legs and it felt like I was walking on blunt nails in my feet. These were just some of the symptoms that I was feeling.


Then when I started doing the LT3 I noticed the energy difference between it and the Healing Codes right away. There was a buzz of energy that I felt down my legs and into my feet. Within the 5 weeks of doing the coaching with Dr Alex, 99% of the MS symptoms had gone.


I also have a challenging relationship with my mother and have found that doing the LT3 on "Relationship with Others" helps me after speaking with her on the phone. It has also helped me to accept my sister's choices for her own approach to healing.


I am truly grateful for purchasing the Healing Codes and doing the LT3 course as I feel that I have finally found a true healing tool. Over the years I have searched for something that would work on those areas within me that were blocking my ability to move forward with ease. I am tired of all those courses that say just change your beliefs and you will make a huge difference in your life.

The thing is though how do you do that when there are beliefs you are not even aware of that are in your way.


I feel much better mentally and emotionally now that I am doing the LT3s. I manage to do 7 LT3s a day working round my son's day and with the support of my husband.

Regards, Cecilia


(M.D. "Miracles" Relationship)) Aloha Dr. Alex,


I wanted to be sure I had my testimonial worded just right, but the drafts always fell short. So, here is my best attempt to describe my miracles.


I am a skeptic by nature (low score in the Trust category) but I do try to keep an open mind. Trained as an allopathic MD along with all the tools for picking out flaws in research reports, I was quite impressed by your thorough compilation of studies, theory, and presentation of the Healing Codes along with the remarkable flood of testimonials and stories of medical miracles. I must admit that I glossed over the methods at first read 2 years ago, but was drawn back to study them more carefully after my sessions with wonderful coach JoHanna.


The Healing Codes opened up my heart to what I can only describe as a turning point in my life, my practice, and my relationships with everyone around me. The how and why was not clearly understood at the time, but I sensed a definite shift in my life's direction for the better. During the last week of my recent intensive LT3 course, we uncovered a childhood memory that had been subconsciously suppressed for over 50 years! I gained key insights into how and why I became who I am, and a profound appreciation for my healing in this time and place. The remote healing of my wife's anxiety has returned to me the woman of my dreams (overnight!) My heart now resonates harmony for your  mission of compassion. Thank you Dr. Alex for your leadership in this remarkable field of energy medicine whose time has come. Mahalo!

Randolph W., MD, FACS


(ALS Healing) My ALS tremors have almost completely healed! Randy M.


(Cancer Healing) I found the LT3 by accident. I checked my junk e-mail (which I never do) and found the LT3 letter. I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL! I started the LT3 with a


Louise K.


(Hepatitis-C Healing) I have spinal stenosis in

my neck and back, severely degenerated discs from neck to lumbar, two back surgeries and immunology peripheral neuropathy. I have been using the health code a lot on my health issues, several I have yet to mention. Two months ago my blood was taken to re-check the viral count for my Hepatitis-C and a week later the nurse called back and said my viral count had doubled since my last count 6 months previous to over 8,600,000 and that my liver was inflamed.

Having many health issues I worked on all of them including my hypertension diagnosed 12 yrs.ago. As you know my BP is now normal and no longer take the hypertension medications. Just as I was falling asleep this morning the nurse called.


My first thought was they never call unless there's bad new's. Being in touch with my intuition I said to myself everything is ok and she calling me to give me some good news. My cbc panel if perfect and my liver count is normal. I haven't heard those words since I went through chemo in 1999 for 6 months and swore I would never put myself through that again. Stress brought the Hep-C back and a stronger more potent drug was offered to me for 6 to 18 months. I said no and don't ask me to go through that again. Can't believe the Hep-C is gone after doing the codes for it only four or five times. It's great how the

energy knows where it's needed the most. Thank you Dr. Alex



(Financial Success/Breakthrough) Dear Alex,


I just want to express my gratitude for the LT3 codes, calls and ongoing support. The program exceeds any expectation I could possibly have had. In a period of

what?--five weeks?--I've broken through some really ancient personal blocks to being, feeling, thinking and behaving

the way I truly always wanted, and knew I "should" be able, to do.


The first thing I noticed was that my mood and my interactions with people improved. (I work in a prison, by the way.) People are telling me that I smile too much, but really, they don't seem to mind. Situations that used to

create a great deal of stress (sometimes experienced as

mind-numbing boredom and pessimism) are suddenly just what they are--situations. I am in control of the way I react

to other people and their behaviors. I'm noticing an increase in compassion and a decrease in my personal attachment to the outcomes of other people's actions and also to the outcomes of my own.


This is true at work and at home, because it's true in me. I am more in love. I'm more optimistic.


Also, while the world economy is going down the tubes (the word of the day is "panic"), I just enjoyed my first truly successful week as a day-trader in the foreign exchange market. Why? What's different? I'm using the same trading strategies and techniques as before, but I'm

calmer, clearer, more rational in my decision-making. That's it. My internal state of peace, freedom, ecstasy and stability allows me the detachment to know at a deep level that my success doesn't depend on, well, my "success". What seems to be happening, paradoxically or not, is that I have more "success". Don't get me wrong, I still experience financial setbacks. They're part of the game. But they don't shake me. They don't create a state of fear and the need to reevaluate my decision to trade in the first place. The LT3 codes haven't given me the power to predict future price moves, but they have begun to clear my vision so that I can see the present situation for what

it is.


These are only the most immediate and visible improvements. I just wanted to send you a kind of verbal "snapshot" of right now, because I'm experiencing growth every single day. I continue to do the codes because I can't wait to see what happens next!


Thanks for doing what you do, Alex! Vin J.


(Biologist) - I have found the LT3 to be SO

POWERFUL! I am a biologist and practitioner of multiple modalities. I have been trained at the practitioner level

in EFT, and have studied and been trained in many other things as well: Heart Math, Greg Braden's work, etc. THE LT3 IS WAY BEYOND THEM ALL!

Sharron M., UK


(Psychotherapist - Profound Inner Healing of

Beliefs - Fast) I am a licensed psychotherapist and have been in practice over 20 years. Why I write is that I found lesson #4 of LT3 on the Hidden Power Source and Virus particularly profound because of the way you taught it over the phone. Though I knew the idea conceptually, the notion of healing inside out in practical terms caused an immediate healing shift inside me as soon as I heard it from you. This felt like a missing key for me.


Instead of chasing symptoms and the idea of getting well it was profound to feel that changing my inner self and beliefs would lead to everything I need. A lot of healing occurred afterward for many hours (I could feel it in my body and do even as i write) without even having to do the LT3 exercise!! Love and Best wishes.

Sam L.

(High Blood Pressure - Healing) I use the

doctor's words, serious medical problems. I have been on two and three hypertension drug at the same time and they still could not control my b.p.One doctor said I'll be

happy to just get the diastolic in the 90's. For the last

two years I have been on two drugs and at high doses. I am not overweight. 6'2" and 175 lbs. I did the LT3 just twice

for hypertension. Followed my intuition and stopped taking the b.p.meds.one week before I saw him. My blood pressure is normal. Pretty good hey. Love and good health to your family, Greg


My lifelong allergies were COMPLETELY HEALED! I took allegra-d every day. NO MORE!


As a Christian, I am so glad to have something to heal my issues that could not be resolved by counseling and therapy.


Sherry P.




were UNBELIEVABLE - that alone will CHANGE EVERYTHING! The way you have structured the LT3 is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! It

is SO WONDERFUL, BUT SO SIMPLE! There is NO WAY you can miss it! Everything you need is right there.

Jeanne C.


(Breast Cancer Healing) God allowed the LT3 to

help heal a breast cancer diagnoses. First, a lump almost the size of 2 cm shrunk (in 30 days later) to a size of two small green peas, by the time I had the surgery.


In addition, I declined the doctor's recommendations for radiation and hormone therapy treatments, but I kept doing the codes. Resulting in 3 quarterly medical appointments follow-up (the 4th follow-up is scheduled December 17th), with the surgeon, oncologist and the primary care physicians', all saying (under their breath) that I am in excellent health, and now believe that the cancer has been healed.


Alex I am grateful for your natural healing energy

methods, and God's grace for giving me the courage to truth Him and the codes for a better health, and a higher quality of lifestyle and relationships!



(Health Professional - Trauma) Dear Dr. Alex,

I have found my experience with the Healing Codes LT3 program to be powerful & profound. Being a health professional, I have been amazed by the healing I have received from an emotional trauma that has lingered on for so long. After only 3 weeks of doing the healing codes, this emotional stronghold has completely dissipated. For years, I have been doing many other types of healing work with some success. It was finally with this work, I have experienced complete closure and clearing of this issue. I have also experienced complete healing with a physical ailment. It's as if my body is feeling embraced with a

genuine peace & lightness every day.

I would highly recommend this program to anybody who is willing to make an investment in themselves. Having tools that are effective & life-giving is priceless!


Dr. Alex has a heart of wisdom, sensitivity, & passion for people that is truly authentic. I am so grateful for his

love & perseverance to share his gift of healing to so many!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Georgia


(Exhaustion, PTSD) I am studying to become a psychotherapist in Sweden and are also trained in methods that heal on a cellular level: The Journey by Brandon Bays and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) by Gary Craig. The results from the LT3 codes are way over my expectations. So great results in such a short period of time! The biggest change for me is that a lot of tiredness is gone. I had a

major burnout eight years ago and I had not quite recovered from it. I have just been able to work 2-4 hours/week for several years. After six weeks with LT3 I work at least 10 hours a week without getting tired. This change came suddenly, more or less over a night. I also feel much more at peace. I now spontaneously feel joy, love and thankfulness when I think of my mother. That is a huge

shift. Before she has figured in many traumatic memories which caused PTSD within me. The codes are easy to learn and use and if you need any help or clarity, you get it

from Dr Alex and his team. Thank you for the opportunity to heal!


In love and light Marija S. Sweden




Alanna A.



Elizabeth R.





I knew I couldn't afford to NOT do this, so I put it on a


Angela R.




Ruth C.




Judy H.





The LT3 creates a change that you CAN'T UNDERSTAND UNTIL YOU ACTUALLY GO THROUGH IT! It's wonderful!


Melissa M.



Rich E.




VIRUS IS GENIUS! You have simplified everything in a brilliant way!


Wow - you should all be honored in the Kingdom of Heaven.


I will be sending through my thoughts & words re the whole program shortly but I wanted to express my complete pleasure and privilege to have touched base with you guys.


Dr Alex - you are a Genius. I agree with the person who said it is like meeting Einstein before he knew he was

Einstein. You have managed to keep this simple but wow the effects are life changing & miraculous.


You have transformed my life. Thank you so SO MUCH Loads of Love, Light & Peace



(M.D. Beyond Medications) I was attracted to the

healing codes through the testimonial of Dr Ben Johnson in the secret. It took me 2 months to order because I thought the price was high! I had a long standing issue of tension and migraine headaches and had been taking medication almost every day for months. The only drug that worked a little bit was tramadol, a low-potency opiate. As a

physician I was well read on headaches and there treatment, or so I thought.. I had tried all the evidence based

medicine stuff to no avail. Before the healing codes I

tried EFT and Faster EFT with books, audios, dvd's and etio- medicine and Grinberg's method with a practitioner and these worked a little but not enough to get me off medication.


I was extremely shy in my youth and have been a self-help junkie since I was 13 years old. I have read books, listened to audio programs, done famous electronic

meditations.. And have progressed slowly through the years.

I am now 42. My life is good. I am happily married, have four beautiful and healthy children, have very good work conditions. But something was missing, I was stressed,

anxious for the future. I was searching for peace of mind,
and more money.


I am now on the third week of the LT3 program and I am in awe. This is so much faster and powerful than anything else I have ever done!

The benefits are wonderful. The main benefit is a sense of deep peace that has been prevailing for the last week.


My relationship with my eldest daughter used to be tense often, not bad at all but not as it should have been. For the last 10 days we just get along beautifully. This is such a blessing.


My relationship with my eldest boy has also improved a

lot. He tells me more about himself and we laugh much more.


My wife also noticed changes in me and is pleased. At work my colleagues, whom I used to get on well with, seem much warmer and friendly, and tell me more about themselves than before.


My head has been perfectly clear for the last 2 weeks.

Even after the healing codes I still had slight headaches that had needed medication only twice in 9 months. But now my head is perfectly clear.


I had a backache for 2 months before the beginning of the program at about 7/10 it is now down to a 1/10.. Like a little voice telling me: "remember you used to hurt".


I haven't any visible progress in my success issues but

can think about my life, my career or career change without getting all hot and sweaty.


The program is not finished and there is still progress ahead. Even if things didn't get better, I can say that my life has been transformed in unexpected ways.


I am so grateful to Alex and his LT3 program. Lorenz M.D. Italy







UNBELIEVABLE - that alone will CHANGE EVERYTHING! The way you have structured the LT3 is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! It is SO WONDERFUL, BUT SO SIMPLE! There is NO WAY you can miss it! Everything you need is right there. Jeanne C.



have TOUCHED MY HEART! Marija S. (Sweden)



JUST MARVELOUS! From day 1 of doing the LT3, REMARKABLE

things have happened! It is producing results that I didn't



IT'S LIKE A HAPPY PILL without having to take a pill - I FEEL IT IMMEDIATELY! Dr. Susan C.



MY LIFE OPENED UP! The only words I have for it is that it





I found the LT3 by accident. I checked my junk e-mail (which I never do) and found the LT3 letter. I AM FOREVER

GRATEFUL! I started the LT3 with a TUMOR IN MY BLADDER - I


Louise K.





appreciate so much the great care and concern you have taken with every detail and aspect of the program. IT IS LIFECHANGING! Alex M.



NOTICABLE NOW! I was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease several years ago. My symptoms had worsened to the point that I was having difficulty doing some normal daily

activities. Since starting the LT3 my symptoms have

steadily improved - I NOW HAVE DIFFICULTIY FEELING ANY OF THEM! As crazy as this sounds, I NOW SEE MY ALS AS A BLESSING! Without the ALS I would have never done the LT3 program. Because of the LT3 I NOW FEEL A LOVE AND PEACE THAT I DON'T THINK I EVER WOULD HAVE EXPERIENCED! Bo B.


Hi Dr. Alex,


I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for the

Healing Codes and the LT3 class! The class is almost over and I've seen some very positive changes. When the class began, one of my issues was this lingering sadness that I always had. Right before the class started, I had finished reading a book that is very popular right now where the main character experienced a great tragedy and had since developed what he called "The Great Sadness". I remember identifying so much with his sadness. Well, about 2 or 3

weeks into the program, I realized my sadness was gone. Not a glimmer of it is left. Yeah! Another one of my issues was

a growing inability to function at home. I would just become overwhelmed and paralyzed with all the things I

needed or wanted to do. You know how a computer begins to run slower and slower when it has too much information on it? That's how I felt. It's like all of my heart junk was

just dragging me down. I am happy to report that I am seeing improvement. While I am not accomplishing all that I would like (yet), I don't feel the anxiety like I used to.

I have more peace about what I do and don't accomplish. I would also like to report a significant improvement in my Heart Issues Finder score. When I took the test last June before beginning the healing codes, my scores were all in the negative. This past week, I took the Heart Test again, and this time all of my scores were positive. I feel more positive; things don't bother me as much as they did.

Stress seems to be rolling off a little more easily. When I began the healing codes, I was desperate and hopeless, because I had lived with the same problems for many years. I had been through lots of counseling with little success.

Oh, it helped me cope, but the counseling never changed the underlying conditions and what was driving me to make the same mistakes over and over. I had even had two counselors tell me there was nothing more they could do for me. So when I heard about the LT3 class, I knew I could not afford

to pass it up, even though I didn't have the money. (I put it on a credit card). I now have incredible hope and know that with the tools that you have given me, I can find healing. I also want to thank you for your love and compassion. You have been such a blessing to me.


God bless you, Diane M.


Dr. Loyd,


You asked for healing stories, so I am sending this to you. I do not know if you will accept it, as it has to do with an emotional wound that I was still carrying from another lifetime. I do not know if you believe in reincarnation or not. I do, and although I absolutely understand that the present moment in this lifetime is the focal point for this life, this focal point is also the

center of reality from which all else can be healed.


Several years ago, I was given a vision during meditation of a different lifetime in which I was executed. Even though the viewing of it caused no discomfort whatsoever, as I was viewing it as a witness, and was not there for the re-enactment of it or any such thing, I had the feeling I needed to know this for some reason. It was one of those things that was a moment of great communion with Spirit.


It was somewhere in central or South America. The people were small in stature and wore white clothing and sombreros. I never got the reason why they were executing me.


In essence it was a very different kind of crucifixion.

Unlike Christ who was nailed through his hands to a cross- beam and at the feet, I had a single stake driven through

my throat that pinned me to a pole. The hands and feet were purposely left free. The idea being that part of the fun

for the crowd was to watch the victim thrash about with their hand and feet to try and pull the stake out. The weight of the body would soon tear the body from the head and both would fall to the ground. I didn't do that.

Instead, there was a fellow standing within arm's length of me, and I reached out and grabbed his sombrero off his head and placed it over my face. The crowd was bit surprised at that, but they let me die in peace and did not take it away.


When I got The Healing Codes over three years ago, this scene has come up several time for review to clear it for forgiveness, kindness, feeling helpless etc. and I have

cleared many layers off of it. I really thought I was through with it.


I was very surprised when it came up this week in the "Relationship with Self" section. I had to ask myself a few questions to find out what this was about. My inner Self agreed that I had forgiven the people and had cleared all the things I thought I had cleared, so I had to dig for more info. It turned out that I knew I had survived it, I

had the courage to come back, I had forgiven it etc., but the TRUTH was that they had succeeded in so thoroughly

beating me down, that PART of me, was not sure I could get up again. They had succeeded in separating this part of me from the rest of me that went on. Part of me had not healed the being torn asunder.


In all Healing Code releases, I get super-deep hysterical crying for a minute or two. That does not bother me in the least, as I know that it is moving the energy out and healing the wound and I feel tremendous relief and release after it, so I do not mind the healing symptoms at all. I welcome them and when I trigger tears, I know that I am right on the button and healing it.


But, this one went on for 10-15 minutes in wave after wave of sobbing. So, it was a deep one, and I felt like Humpty- Dumpty putting the pieces of myself back together again. I am still getting acquainted with this part of me as it integrates with the rest of me. To my surprise she is not the weakest part at all. She is strength resurrected.


When this round of sobs subsided, my inner voice "Reminded Me" that I had not done the 2nd position for this exercise

yet. I am thinking to myself what more could there be after all of this, but I went forward and did it.


The second position was LH Bridge, RH Adam's Apple. OK. Part of the kindness position. I asked myself what was the greatest kindness I could do now. The answer was, "Give the healing you just received to all the other martyrs." OMG!

Out it went! All of the millions of Christian martyrs, the Jews from WWII, the persecuted tribe in Darfur etc. All the martyrs got to share in this healing. Another 10 minutes of gut-wrenching sobs. But so much release, relief and gratitude.


I have always used The Healing Codes as a prayer treatment, but this was the biggest and deepest one I have had to date. When I first got the Codes, I went through the 12 steps the first time just for myself, and for this

lifetime to see what it would do and how it felt. The second time through the 12 steps, I included "All aspects of my being," which means all other lifetimes (Past,

Parallel, and future) and encompasses the parts of me that I know about on a soul level, and the parts of me that I do not know about. I got to see what that felt like. The third

time through the 12 Steps and ever since, I have also included all souls either incarnate or discarnate who want to participate to heal similar issue that they have.


I got to differentiate how it feels to heal my own stuff,

and what it feels like to accommodate a healing for others when it is NOT my own stuff. Glad to be of service :-)


Oddly enough, it has been just since this LT3 class began, that I am seeing that another category of stuff is present

in the inherited cellular memory, and that too feels different than my own stuff. That is what I am stuck with from my ancestors and likewise what I am passing to my offspring, so I can't completely heal myself without healing them too. Ahh!


You have always said from the first that we are healing cellular memory, but my understanding of how things get programmed into the cells is from the soul level from other lifetimes as well as this one, and that it was all "My

stuff." I can recognize it as mine when it comes up. For the first time, I am taking into consideration that I am also programmed with other people's stuff from my ancestors, and now I include it in the mix. I am sure that

you are wondering how someone could be using the Codes for 3 years and not know that they are carrying the family

woes. I do know it, but I was thinking it got into me a different way than just being inherited through DNA. I thought/think that it comes through the soul.


No matter. The good news is that it can all be healed from this focal point of time and space. The energy to heal can be sent to any place and any time and any life. All of creation is connected. That is why it still makes sense to me that the healing system in our bodies is based on the "Flower of Life" which is the pattern depicted in DaVinci's Devine Man drawing. The pattern of creation unites all of creation.


For me, this whopper of a healing this week has lifted a haunting sense of being "Downtrodden" that I have had all of my life. Indeed, I thought I could not get back up, and

I DID. So, once again more blessing is heaped upon all previous blessings that I have gotten from The Healing Codes, and I thank you so much for brining this forth to the world. With much gratitude, Renee T.


All my life, I've been working on learning to forgive and let go of the hurtful feelings that came with very unpleasant memories. I knew that this was tied to my

healing, and as much as I was making progress each year, I just couldn't seem to totally succeed; and besides, the progress I had made took a lot of energy and effort to maintain.


Now, using TL3, in less than a week, I'm finally free! I

have totally forgiven all the people who had abused me, and have dropped any resentment towards them. For the first time in my life, I know what peace feels like.


So what happens immediately? A test! This same week, one of those close relatives caused a lot of turmoil,

escalating it more and more every day. Boy was I surprised

to observe myself remaining peaceful while trying to resolve the matter with absolutely no animosity. As a matter of fact, I'm doing all I can to help her improve her situation.


I finally feel like I am my authentic, loving self, now

that the entire burden has been thrown off. And I know that this is how I'll relate to people for the rest of my life. Thank God! And I thank God for giving Dr. Alex the tools to help hurting people heal their lives.





Hello Dr. Alex


It is with gratitude that I'm sending this feedback. As I followed and practiced the lt3 exercises for the past few weeks, I experienced some great improvement in my health. It was my biggest goal. I was diagnosed with bladder cancer 9 years ago, and went through all the regular treatments, but it keeps coming back. At the time, it was stage 4, after the first surgery, it spread to the lymph

nodes in the groin. I had a second surgery; all it did was

is make things worse. It came back again 2months later and I nearly died. I received chemo for 6 months, then

radiation for 4 months.


Three years later the CT scan showed something, I refused any more tests and went searching for other treatments. I used many different modalities. I thought I was free, all subsequent CT scan showed no further growth until last winter. The oncologist told me all was fine until I saw my family physician in May 08. She discovered the CT scan report showed a small tumor growing again. I agreed to have a follow-up scan, but wasn't concerned with it. I

went home and started my herbal supplements again, nothing happened, so I thought there was nothing there.


However, when I came across Dr. Alex's e-mail about LT3, which was by accident, it was in my junk mail which I don't normally look at. When I saw it, I decided immediately to check it, and decided then to take it. Strange it felt

like urgent within me to take it. I'm grateful I listened to this inner message. After a week of LT3 practice, I

noted some blood in my urine, just a little. The next day I flushed a large looking clot in the toilet. Ok I say to myself, I'll see if it continues. Next time I go to the bathroom, urine is clear and stayed clear for 2 more days. Then again another one, but this one looked like some tissue with little clots. Then all is clear. This went on

for about a week and a half. Now for the good part. It's been completely clear for over a week. I also had some kind of burning pain and that is gone also. Clear of any symptoms. This I call my miracle healing because whatever was there is gone. I truly believe it.


I have a repeat CT scan later at the end of December; I know it will confirm this.


I also noticed I can smell now which my allergies prevented before, and my back is much improved. I haven't had back pain when I get up in the morning.


I'm sure I'll see more improvement as the weeks go by. A great big thank you will never be enough for these benefits, but for now all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you multiplied by any big number. LOL.


With GRATITUDE and LOVE Louise


Hi Dr. Alex,


Can I share with you a little about what is going on?


I feel I am hitting layer after layer, sometimes a little confusing, but getting around it rather quick. I don't

think I mentioned that my whiplash healed completely and very quick. I still go to see the chiropractor, she is

working on my shoulder joints right now. The symptoms are symmetric, like I was kept in a kind of harness, which is a sign that it really is an emotional issue according to her.

Yesterday I had a very interesting experience, while laying on the treatment table, undergoing a deep tissue massage

around my shoulders. A childhood memory was coming into my mind's eye (about my father having Parkinson, and being in

a real bad shape). Then, when the massage was done on the other shoulder, another teenage memory came up (about my mother having one of her "depressed" Sundays. ) The two

memories, while on the surface different, were about the exact same feeling, about me being powerless to witness my parents each in their own way being non functional, immobile, locked up, and nothing that I could do about it.

A deep feeling of powerlessness and resistance, spiced up with fear, worry and confusion.


At home I decided to do the health codes, since this is directly related to my health issue. I got an emotional healing response, so much sadness -started crying, but just kept going on.


What I love about this process is that it is so soft and loving. I don't need to do anything. I am learning to be patient and trusting and just to relax into the healing process. It is reassuring to have this tool.


And I was just recovering of an encounter with unworthiness...It is coming out of nowhere all the time. I do miss your guidance, feedback and presence. With

great love and appreciation, Thea B.



Dear Dr Alex & Mary Ann


Please accept my testimonial. Love and thanks. For all those hurting like I was...


The Healing Codes and now the LT3 have transformed my life. In the beginning, before I did the codes, I thought

it all sounded like hocus pocus - the idea of pointing my hands towards my head in different positions. I certainly didn't want anyone to see me doing it! After a week or two I was doing it on the bus! I was amazed how quickly I started to react and felt better.


For 20 or more years, I have been fighting a difficulty

with alcohol and drugs, but after only a few weeks of the codes, abstinence seemed a possibility. Today is my Birthday! I am 10 months sober today. Huge thanks to Dr Alex and all at the Healing Codes.


In the last six weeks I have been doing LT3 -WOW. World Of Wonder..!!


Again, if I hadn't have been doing the healing codes, I think I would have definitely thought Hocus Pocus to the idea of rubbing my chest, powerbreathing etc (I don't do this one on the bus!!). However, LT3 is transforming my life beyond my wildest dreams. Having released/healed myself of so many past issues built up over my childhood and rest of my life, now at 44, I can say with complete

belief I AM FREE.


Because my anxiety and blocks to success have been removed the floodgates of endless opportunity are open. Boy does it

feel good. Since starting the LT3 six weeks ago, I have agreed a major Global Partnership for my business which has unleashed our New Media Platform to the world. Before the LT3 my blocks to success are so apparent when I look back, as I seemed to be so nearly there, so many times with this same business. Now with my faith in Love & Truth and my coming Freedom from the enslavery of issues, I feel FANTASTIC.


One of my most beautiful prayers that compliments the LT3 is the serenity prayer: God - Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.


I HIGHLY recommend LT3 to everyone.


Dr Alex is a genius, and a very nice one at that!! Seriously, Dr Alex is a miracle man. The pleasure of having one to one exposure with Dr Alex is priceless. I feel forever privileged that Dr Alex has focussed on my stuff - and wow how he has helped me/God/Spirit of the Universe/Source energy... whoever/whatever sort out my stuff. Whatever the cost of LT3, if you have the money - PAY IT. You will not be disappointed.


I will never be able to express my thanks properly. I hope

to help as many others find and experience LT3 All the best Guy M



When I first signed up for LT3, I had high expectations.

I'm happy to say that this wonderful course surpassed each and every one. The program was so much more than simply

learning a technique. The program taught me a variety of tools that I can use throughout my life. I admit that when

I first saw the fee for the program, I balked. Yet

something inside of me knew that this program was going to be amazing and that the investment would be a worthwhile one. How true! I've noticed so many positive shifts in my

life since starting the program. I feel better in every way and I look forward to the time I take out of my day to perform LT3. The process is easy to do and I always feel amazing after completing it. I know that I have a valuable tool for life. Yet the program was so much more than the

LT3 protocol. The coaching sessions with Alex were fabulous. This was my first experience with Alex and I was so impressed by his warmth, caring, and expertise.

Throughout the course Alex provided us with a number of exercises that can be used in addition to LT3 to enhance our life. I know that unlike other things that I've learned these tools will continue to be a part of my daily routine. Thank you Alex and the wonderful staff who offered us support throughout the course! I'm looking forward to the transformation that I know will continue to take place as I work with LT3 daily.


D.C., New York


I have had success with the LT3 program in an area that has bothered me for almost 30 years. I have had continually

all day long, excessive lower intestinal gas which has been annoying and embarrassing. All of a sudden one day after doing the LT3 program for a couple of weeks, I realized that I no longer had that problem. I have tried several

other processes, formulas or supplements, but none of these worked. Now for at least 3 weeks, I have not had this problem. Thank you, LT3 and The Healing Codes.


I would recommend the LT3 program for almost anything as I have mild improvements in an upper gastrointestinal problems as well and some improvement in my fibromyalgia, and in my arthritis.I will continue with this program for

the rest of my life. ~ Sue W.



WITH ZERO RESULTS! I have hope now and have the TOOLS TO ADDRESS WHATEVER COMES UP IN MY LIFE. I have thanked the gentleman that told me about the LT3. I WILL CONTINUE TO



Aloha Dr. Alex, So, here is my best attempt to describe my miracles.


I am a skeptic by nature (low score in the Trust category) but I do try to keep an open mind. Trained as an allopathic MD along with all the tools for picking out flaws in research reports, I was quite impressed by your thorough compilation of studies, theory, and presentation of the Healing Codes along with the remarkable flood of testimonials and stories of medical miracles


During the last week of my recent intensive LT3 course, we
uncovered a childhood memory that had been subconsciously suppressed for over 50 years! I gained key insights into

how and why I became who I am, and a profound appreciation for my healing in this time and place. The remote healing

of my wife's anxiety has returned to me the woman of my dreams (overnight!) My heart now resonates harmony for your mission of compassion. Thank you Dr. Alex for your leadership in this remarkable field of energy medicine whose time has come. Mahalo! ~Randolph W., MD, FACS


I am sleeping every night for the FIRST TIME IN OVER A DECADE! I know that I have all the tools I need to address

anything and everything that comes up for THE REST OF MY LIFE! ~Christopher P.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for

your generous, compassionate heart. You do "WALK THE TALK".


For years I was practicing many, many forms of healing. I found LT3 to be much more helpful, much more powerful, and in some cases concerning my health issues, it had immediate result. ~Elizabeth


As a past pastor, and a Theophostic therapist, it's been

my personal passion to understand the connection between body, soul, and spirit for the last 3 decades. You are a breath of fresh air and a great gift from God to bring

further understanding. What you're doing is quite profound as well as very crucial. May God Bless you and Prosper you

in what He has called you to do. ~ Mike F.




Dr. Alex, since I started working with you (LT3), I've


found a job that I like. MONEY HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY ISSUE! I have been out of work since 1999 (9 years). I could never

before get excited or in the RIGHT FRAME OF MIND before.





I knew I couldn't afford to NOT do this, so I put it on a





DAY! ~ Ruth C.



God everyday for Dr. Loyd and the LT3! ~ Vida G.


I had Lymes disease and during the LT3 it went away in 4 days.

Specifically during the relationship codes. Dr. Loyd said many infectious diseases go during the relationship code and sure enough it was when mine went. ~E


I am so much better! I feel wonderful! The LT3 is FANTASTIC! ~ Paige W.



Barbara G.


There are NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE the impact the LT3 has made in my life! ~ Wanda R.







I feel great,,,, I am in love again,,,! ~ Love Carol


I've had a great week. This LT3 process is so powerful! I had no idea that some of my main issues are tied to my skewed relationship with myself. This reflective,

prayerful, meditative process is healing me from the inside out. This tool is enabling me to become the person I've always known I'm meant to be. I feel more confident,

content and centered. Friends have mentioned differences in my demeanor. My friend and writing mentor told me that that she believes I can obtain whatever I desire. My creative writing is flourishing. I'm delighted that this version of

the Healing Codes came along for me at the perfect time.


Feel free to use any of the above paragraph as a testimonial.


I look forward to our Monday call and especially Tuesday's! In peace and prosperity, Alanna A.



Dear Dr. Alex


Thank you for the past four and a half weeks. The LT3 process is an amazing and powerful tool and I am so grateful to you for teaching this. I have experienced many different feelings and emotions. Most significantly I feel love and acceptance of myself, which I have not experienced. I almost gave up at the start because of a feeling of complete dread that I wasn't physically able to do it. I have found new strength and faith through

continuing doing the processes each day and praying, even when I thought I couldn't do anymore. I am excited about the future and what this will now bring to my life. Thank

you for your invaluable teachings and insights, and vigilance in seeking the Truth. Many blessings to you. Ruth


Hi Alex,


Thank you so much for the opportunity of having your guidance through the amazing inner awareness and healing experiences of the LT-3 program. I was very impressed with your genuine concern and dedication to helping each of us gain huge rewards; not only as individuals but as a group

as well. You gently and firmly instructed and guided us to some wonderful healing results. I personally achieved a wonderful breakthrough in my Critical Identity memory when I least expected it. Thoughts and feelings that had unknowingly burdened me for years released me from their bondage. I cried and laughed at the same time-there was such a feeling of pure JOY-a feeling I didn't even know was possible for me.


I am excited about a whole new world of possibilities that has opened up for me and I now look forward to each day with a renewed anticipation of good instead of dread. I continue almost daily to discover my true self and I want to share this wonderful experience with others. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you; from the bottom of my

heart. It is my goal to become a Healing Code Practitioner and teach this life changing material to as many people as I can while I remain on this earth. God Bless all that you

do for so many.

Jeanne T.


Aloha, Dr. Alex!



something I have worked on for decades. THAT ONE THING IS WORTH THE PRICE OF ADMISSION!


In our last session, I told you that I've enjoyed a good deal of inner peace no matter what life brings--BUT that

something had thrown me off that week. A gnawing sadness had sneaked in and tied itself around my heart. It backed away when I treated it with a Code, but like a little

vulture, it would lurk in my periphery and swoop in when it saw a chance. I used the Codes and prayer you gave me as

soon as we hung up, and I HADN'T EVEN FINISHED when all the shadowy feelings disappeared, leaving me feeling light and

clear. It was so magical--it truly felt like the sun

spilling light in a shadowy area. The feelings disappeared

with no struggle and left no residue, no lingering memory. I've had a great week, with no return of the feelings even though I've still been dealing with the same very sad situation.


I believe I'll have better perspective on other areas of my process a little later, but I wanted to write you about

this wonderful gift and thank you so much--not only because it helped me this time, but also because I know I can use

the Codes should anything bring me down in the future! Many hugs, many blessings and mahalo nui loa!




Hi Dr. Alex,


I want to thank you so much for your kindness and generosity, and for making it possible for me to participate in the LT3 program. It is a huge blessing for

me, my wife and our 3 daughters; and I know that as I

continue to move forward with the program, the process and the codes, that I continue to heal in even greater and greater measures. Indeed, we will celebrate together as the breakthroughs occur.


Finally, thank you so much for praying for me - I appreciate that more than you know. Blessings to you ... my friend ...




Hi Alex, Many Blessings! I am a licensed psychotherapist and have been in practice over 20 years. I became ill from old traumas and harmful actions that eventually led me to the Healing Codes. I have learned a great deal over the time I have been ill and certainly feel the healing codes are a top-notch energy healing modality. Why I write is that I found lesson #4 of LT3 on Heart Identity

particularly profound because of the way you taught it over the phone. Though I knew the idea conceptually, the notion of healing inside out in practical terms caused an immediate healing shift inside me as soon as I heard it

from you. This felt like a missing key for me. Instead of chasing symptoms and the idea of getting well it was

profound to feel that changing my inner self and beliefs would lead to everything I need. A lot of healing occurred afterward for many hours (I could feel it in my body and do even as i write) without even having to do the LT3 exercise!! It's been a great experience and a photo I can take with me as I proceed on my journey Love and Best wishes Sam L. Hello Dr. Alex,


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for

your generous, compassionate heart. You do "WALK THE TALK".


For years I was practicing many, many forms of healing. I found LT3 to be much more helpful, much more powerful, and in some cases concerning my health issues, it had immediate result. I feel blessed to have LT3 in my life. It gives me

the tool to address any issues.


One-on-one sessions were also God's sent. For the first time in my life, with you Dr. Alex, with your compassion and no judgment, you created a safety zone for me to connect with my past, and work with it using LT3. Having LT3 as a tool that works, is a truly a fabulous Gift from God. With gratitude and love,




To-date with my LT3 process, I have seen steady progress made toward my goals and desired outcomes. While there haven't yet been any huge releases, etc., I feel that I am now steadily and unalterably healing my issues and moving to a much better mental and emotional state than previously. Of course, I am also open to the larger releases, but feel happy and comfortable with the progress I'm making, and the way with which the LT3 process is unfolding for me.


Alex, I thank you for being and value you as being a "True Pioneer" in the area of Godly Energy Healing that's Real and All Inclusive.


As a past pastor, and a Theophostic therapist, it's been

my personal passion to understand the connection between body, soul, and spirit for the last 3 decades.


About the very time you started with the Healing Codes (2001), the Lord told me that body, soul, and spirit are connected by "energy". I didn't know how to respond to that idea, or where to turn for further understanding (NOT a popular subject with evangelical Christians). But, you are a breath of fresh air and a great gift from God to bring further understanding.


What you're doing is quite profound as well as very

crucial. May God Bless you and Prosper you in what He has called you to do.


Mike F.


Dr. Loyd, I thank God so much for the gift of you and this WONDERFUL PROGRAM. Thank you for putting this puzzle piece into place!


Alanna A.





(the healing) will go away, but IT IS REAL AND STAYING! Vida G.




believe I will continue to get more and more! I thought it



Carolyn T.





I have hope now and have the TOOLS TO ADDRESS WHATEVER COMES UP IN MY LIFE. I have thanked the gentleman that



Marylyn S.




Hope P.




Rosemary D'A.




Grethe S.



NEEDED! I have so much more CONTROL OVER MY LIFE NOW! Elizabeth R.



Dr. Alex, since I started working with you (LT3), I've

found a job that I like. MONEY HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY ISSUE! I have been out of work since 1999 (9 years). I could never

before get excited or in the RIGHT FRAME OF MIND before.



Heather H.



Monika E.


I am SO GRATEFUL for the LT3! I have EXPERIENCED WONDERFUL SHIFTS in my life and am confident they will continue!


Dominique B.




Ruth C.


THIS (LT3) HAS BEEN EXCELLENT! I can't imagine what it's going to feel like as I KEEP GETTING BETTER! I AM WALKING



Robert B.




Rich E.


If I won a lot of money, I would open up a place where anyone and everyone could have access to this -IT'S TERRIFIC!


Robert McW.




HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED THIS BEFORE with all the other modalities I have tried!


Denes K.



I WOULD HAVE PAID anything FOR THIS! In fact, before I knew how much it cost, I had already decided that I would be

willing to pay anything. I GOT MY LIFE-FORCE ENERGY BACK! The special Heart Test calculations were like an








God everyday for Dr. Loyd and the LT3! Vida G.

Dr. Loyd,


I just wanted to thank you for the LT3 Program. Getting the Lifetime Codes, plus the Special Bonus of the Heart Test Evaluation Calculations, feels like winning the Healing Codes Lottery!




Dear Dr. Alex,


I have a few words for you regarding this program.


Dr. Alex Loyd is a wonderful healer and coach. He is very

approachable on the phone, both during the full class as well as the individual sessions. He listens and is wonderfully kind. I felt very safe with him and trust his wisdom and knowledge. While I am not aware of instantly amazing results, I am confident that I will experience more definite results soon. My belief in Dr. Alex is the main reason for my confidence in this healing opportunity. I

know that my commitment to doing the codes is essential so this belief in the power of the codes is absolutely

necessary and I thank Dr. Alex for that belief. I thank him after every code session. I am considering taking the practitioner program in the future. I am grateful for having been a part of this experience.


Vida G.


I've been a self-help and energy medicine junkie for over

5 years now and have tried more programs and techniques than I can count. In fact, my poor bookshelf is sagging under the weight of all the books, CDs, and DVDs! Now as long as I consciously knew what the problem was that I was addressing, I could usually use these programs to great benefit. The problem I've had in the last few years is a

lot of my blocks to success, health, and happiness are completely unconscious. It's equivalent to a mechanic trying to fix an engine without being able to open the hood. It's possible, but very, very difficult.


The thing that stood out the most for me about the LT3 program was that I didn't have to have a darn clue what the heck the issues were that were causing me to feel tired, sad, or whatever. Sure it helped, but there are times I

had some fairly strong emotional clearings and I never figured out what exactly was the source issue behind the symptoms. All I knew was that I felt lighter and was able

to move on from some of those problems instead of having to constantly revisit them when using the other methods.


Don't get me wrong. I still love and use many of the other techniques I've learned from other places... but only

as symptom smashers. The LT3 program is what I use now to proactively go through and weed out all the crap in the background so I can feel my very best at all times. That

in itself was worth the price of admission and I'd pay it

again if Alex would let me into the next class :) But in actuality, I have all the tools necessary to go it on my

own and continue to see things improve as they have in the last 5 weeks. I plan on using this as my primary energy

medicine technique from now on... daily, for the rest of my life.


Rick R.


Dr. Alex,


You are a truly authentic individual. I don't meet that many people who walk their talk. Thank you for that. I will continue to let you know what I experience as I walk this path with you and all of the other amazing folks.


Blessings, Vida


Dr. Alex Loyd is a wonderful healer and coach. He is very approachable on the phone, both during the full class as well as the individual sessions. He listens and is wonderfully kind. I felt very safe with him and trust his wisdom and knowledge. While I am not aware of instantly amazing results, I am confident that I will experience more definite results soon. My belief in Dr. Alex is the main reason for my confidence in this healing opportunity. I

know that my commitment to doing the codes is essential so this belief in the power of the codes is absolutely

necessary and I thank Dr. Alex for that belief. I thank him after every code session. I am considering taking the practitioner program in the future. I am grateful for

having been a part of this experience.


Vida G.


Dear Dr. Loyd:


The LT3 Program is awesome! I feel so blessed to have taken it, now knowing I have these tools to use the rest of my life.


After having 3 cancer surgeries, I've been feeling negative and insecure; with other stresses in my life feeling overwhelming. For over a year I've tried to put on the weight I need to be healthy once again. Since starting

the LT3 Program, I have hope, am more energetic, and am finally putting on weight!


I am now able to feel calm and peaceful, even when helping others who are under stress, without becoming stressed out myself. It's become easier to "let go and let God."


May God bless you and allow you to continue to reach others with this wonderful program.


With love and gratitude.... Marilyn



I have had success with the LT3 program in an area that has bothered me for almost 30 years. I have had continually all day long, excessive lower intestinal gas which has been annoying and embarrassing. All of a sudden one day after doing the LT3 program for a couple of weeks, I realized

that I no longer had that problem. I have tried several

other processes, formulas or supplements, but none of these

worked. Now for at least 3 weeks, I have not had this problem. Thank you, LT3 and The Healing Codes.


I would recommend the LT3 program for almost anything as I have mild improvements in an upper gastrointestinal problems as well and some improvement in my fibromyalgia, and in my arthritis.I will continue with this program for

the rest of my life.


I am grateful to Dr. Alex Loyd for the person that he is and that he has brought The Healing Codes to us. He is a man that you can trust to help you in solving many, if not most, of the problems in your life.


I am also grateful to Dr. Loyd's wife for endearing her problems and in the long run being the person responsible

for the creation of The Healing Codes even though they came through Dr. Loyd.


I am also grateful to Mary Ann Costello for her assistance in all areas and her patience in dealing with people who lose their information and/or other problems. She is very patient, kind and thoughtful in her dealings with us struggling people.


I am also grateful to Tom Costello for his Thursday night FAQ calls giving information about The Healing Codes

especially for new participants. His wisdom, knowlege and caring is very helpful to all who participate.


I also want to say that in the handout of pictures and instructions for the LT3 program, I assume these are pictures of Lorrie Rivers. Tell her she looks beautiful in these pictures.


Oh yes, and while I am at it. Cindy Pierre (I think her surname is something like this) has always been very helpful, thoughtful and considerate in her assistance with whatever questions being asked of her. Thank you, Cindy.


And Johanna Chan, my personal coach, is a truly wonderful, delightfully caring person who is always available to help whenever she is needed. I am grateful to Johanna for my current prosperity in my husband's new job.


Thank you all, very much. Sue W.



The first time I used the LT3 process, I felt a glowing warmth in my hands and in my throat and I felt flooded with energy during and after the process. As I have continued to practice LT3, these feelings have intensified. I now

feel that sensation of glowing warmth in the center of my

chest, throat, forehead, ears, eyes, the top of my head and hands during the proces. The feelings are always strongest when I say a prayer of gratitude at the end.

Although my mind will sometimes lead me to doubt the process, the physical sensation of healing energy flowing through me is so strong that it erases all doubt.


The changes that I have experienced began in the first week. I felt a significant decrease in anxiety and worry within the first few days. I have felt a great deal of anxiety and fear since childhood. I also noticed that my

tendency to have a head full of negative thoughts diminished during the first week. This has been a tremendous relief.


The section that addressed relationship issues was very powerful for me. This is an area of my life that I had almost given up hope of healing. While working on my relationship with God, I realized that the deep loneliness that I have felt much of my life came from feeling separate from God. The LT3 process gives me access to healing

spiritual energy and has opened a connection to God for me that feels solid and strong. That haunting loneliness has

left me. There are many other changes that I have noticed; increased happiness and joy, greater ease in social situations, feeling peaceful in situations that normally stress me, and increased energy. I am excited to see what will unfold as I continue with this process.


I remember the first email that I read about the class. I

was immediately excited but also frightened by the cost and time commitment. I am very grateful that I listened to that little voice inside of me that told me to take the class. I

have enjoyed the group classes and coaching with Dr. Alex.

He is sincere, loving, extraordinarily helpful, and a

wealth of knowledge and ideas that promote healing on all

levels. I have tried many things over the years in my search for physical and emotional healing: therapy, reiki, energy work, healers, hypnosis, acupuncture, meditation, chanting, countless self help books. What this class has given me is a method for healing that feels far more powerful, grounded, and strong, has tangible results and is mine for the rest of my life. I feel tremendous gratitude

for this.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Lesley H.


Dear Dr. Loyd,


We wanted to reconnect with you and received your wonderful video email. We are looking forward to your conference call on Tuesday!


We completed 40 days of the LT3 from mid-June through the end of November. We did 4 days of the last section of LT3 during the 40 days and this week we will complete the final

3 days. During those 40 days we did each section of LT3 7 times a day. Even when we had visitors this summer we would do the LT3 when the visitors slept and started the LT3 at 1

A.M. or 2 A.M.!


There have been powerful shifts which were very intense and many wonderful beautiful miracles some of which I will document below:


1.) During the first 2 weeks of the LT3, many deep emotions surfaced (sadness, depression, anger) 2.) As the emotions released we noticed many divine synchroniticies occurring: a.) 4 people flew to Asheville from San Diego for appointments in November. One of the patients was a woman

who we had last seen in our Center in San Diego 9 years ago!! b.) A couple of patients from several c.) We have been at exactly the right place at the right time and met

wonderful new friends this way. d.) Rare seminars have been occuring in Asheville with profound healers with updated

healing software for incorporating into our technologies

e.) We saw someone we knew in Asheville 3 times in one day at three very different locations at 3 random times several hours apart (this was very unusual) f.) An opportunity

came up for us to give a weekend seminar in Mexico this Fall (my greatest heart's passion is public speaking) g.) We are for the first time in years giving back to ourselves by making sure we are taking care of ourselves by treating ourselves with our own technologies at our Center h.) We received a new technological healing device which arrived literally the day before our clients flew in from San Diego which significantly benefitted our clients i.) A renowned dentist and his wife in Asheville who are both impressed with the work we are doing at our Center are doing a small write up in their newsletter introducing us to their client

database of 600 people in this surrounding area at the end of August.


My mother and Deepak join me in conveying our very best loving wishes and regards to you and your wonderful family.


Thank you very much, Roopa


Hi Dr. Alex,


Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in the LT3 program.


I just wanted to say once again that I am especially grateful for the input and ideas that you provided regarding various aspects of success, as well as the concepts and insights related to the area of relationships.


As I continue to move forward and work with this process, I know that I am healing and that my life is improving in new and wonderful ways. I truly appreciate this powerful program and all of your help.


Sincerely, T.


Dr. Loyd,


I wanted to take the time to give you a testimonial with my first name on it. I have struggled with 2 outwardly

imposed obstacles that became major issues for me since 1986, and Alex Loyd gave me a LT3 code to stand up for

myself and what I believe in, and to purge the negative judgments on me as the imposed obstacles. I think this might constitute a miracle. I am freed to more fully follow my heart now and have my dreams.




The first time I did the LT3 I felt the joy I felt as a

child. It was sheer love of life and spontaneity I had not felt with such intensity since a child but once or twice.




I had Lymes disease and during the LT3 it went away'. Specifically during the relationship codes. Dr. Loyd said

many infectious diseases go during the relationship code and sure enough it was when mine went. E


I have found the LT3 to be SO POWERFUL! I am a biologist and practitioner of multiple modalities. I have been

trained at the practitioner level in EFT, and have studied and been trained in many other things as well: Heart Math,

Greg Braden's work, etc. THE LT3 IS WAY BEYOND THEM ALL! Sharron M., UK



Barbara G.


My dear Dr. Loyd, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this training available to me. It has been a

life changing event. I've tried several different modes of healing the issues that were churning around underneath the surface of my life, but this LT3 training has helped me

more than anything else. When I began doing certain codes

related to the success issues, I had a tremendous emotional release. The tears flowed as I suddenly felt wrapped in genuine love. I can feel something important happening within me, something changing. I am looking forward to experiencing more as I journey toward healing not just the physical, but the whole enchilada! As you said, this is

just the beginning. With gratitude and love, Barbara


The LT3 program has been ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! Judy A.


There are NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE the impact the LT3 has made in my life! Wanda R.


Wow! ---have had a major breakthrough with the confusion and disorder that I have experienced for years many,

many years I realized today that I am no longer trying

to MAKE myself live in an orderly way I just desire to

have order and I'm noticing little things here and there

that I can do differently to bring a sense of order to my

daily life---this feels so good!!! Also no longer

panic when I think something is wrong and I definitely

have a better relationship with myself the "peace"

is consistent and wonderful!!! Thanks so much Jackie




Hi Alex, I wanted to let you know this week was a very successful week regarding relationships. My feelings toward my ex-husband were of anxiety, fearful and resentful.

However I just saw him this past weekend at a family gathering and was surprised by my reaction. There was none of these feeling!! I didn't feel the hurt, resentfulness

and anxiety that I usually feel when I'm around him. This I thought was a huge success for me, since I have had years of the kind of feeling I just described to you. It really

doesn't matter what he did to me since I realized that he is the one to feel sorry for, he has lost everything including his family, both mine and his. I never thought I

could have compassion for this man who hurt me so badly emotionally and physically, but I did. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and the LT3 codes. I know it's only a matter of time before my physical healing will take place. Thank you!!! Sue L.


Hello Dr Alex: I don't know if you will remember but we

had a session on Relationships last Thursday morning and I was complaining about my dear friend Janice who wanted help etc. etc. etc. Well I am so very ashamed about that

issue,,,, My self worth has reached the bottom of the well I have been doing my LT3 faithfully and today I spoke with my friend, and we had an amazing talk,,,, we talked about life, love, forgiveness, compassion and I saw into her for the very 1st time,,, her compassion, her forgiveness,, her love and her magical spiritual side that I have never seen

before even though we have had this talk many, many times before I believe it is the Healing Codes LT3 process that opened my eyes to an amazing woman who I never gave any respect to before because I never saw so clearly that side

of her I have offered my help to her in all ways she is in need and I did it with such unconditional love and compassion I couldn't believe it myself I just had to tell you I prayer that I can sustain these feelings so I can be a person like her,,,,, I who has been a seeker of the light for 25 years but still lived in the dark and her who has just lived her life with compassion and love What a fool I

have been for so many years I thank God for the help I have received as I feel I don't deserve such grace Thank you Alex, you are a miracle


Carol S.




As for my story, you know that I was one of those with strong healing responses and much discouragement. Since our last one-on-one phone session, there have been no healing responses, and my spirit has brightened somewhat.

While I have not had any "dramatic tangible results," as you put it, I have had hopeful ones. Hypertension has been

a health problem, and I have seen some lowering of my BP in just the few weeks since I began the LT3 work. I still have

a way to go, but am hopeful good results will continue.


Anxiety has been a real problem and is lowering a bit, but again there is a way to go, and I am hopeful about this.

While I have no big "success story," I did have a pleasant experience that I associate with LT3. I am writing a book and thought I was nearly complete. After working on my Success issues, I got inspired to revise a major chapter.

I had not been able to think of a way to begin it so that it wasn't boring. New ideas came to me, and the words flowed in an especially pleasing and surprising way. So thank you--it is improving my book. I look forward to our next sessions and am grateful to participate in this

unusual work and for all that you and your associates do to support us.


Warm regards, Marian B.


Dear Alex, I hope when you say that you don't know how long you will continue the LT3 program, you mean you

personally. I hope your plans are to teach the program to all your practitioners and make this wonderful gift

available to whomever is fortunate enough to find your web site. If this isn't your plan, please pray about it.



My longstanding SELF-BELIEF ISSUE HAS HEALED! It's really quite wonderful! Wendy W.


Hi Alex Here is my testimonial I bought The Healing Codes in July 2007 and started doing the codes from then onwards. And as I have often heard from others when they give their testimonials, I didn't feel a whole lot different to start

with. However in Nov of 2007, The Heart Issues Test was made available online and I did my first test on 17th of Nov 2007. The result from the first test came out with an overall score of 132 and a scale score of - 4. I would

later find out that this is a very valuable tool to help measure one's progress towards a life without a lot of

heart junk. I kept doing The Healing Codes and on the 11th of Feb 2008, I did my second Heart Issues Test and the results were an Overall Score of 182 with a scale score of

+1. An improvement on the Overall Score of 50 points in three month and an improvement of 5 point in the scale score. Then I did another test on 22nd of April 2008, it was around the time I signed up for the LT3 coaching. The

score was about the same as in Feb, 184 Overall Score and

+1 in the scale score. Two days after starting the LT3 training on 7th of May 2008 I did another test and the Overall Score had dropped back to 175 with a scale score of

-1. 2 weeks after starting the LT3 training I did another

test this was on the 19th of May and the Overall Score had jumped another 21 points to 196 and the scale score had increased to +2. The highest score I have ever had. I didn't feel a huge shift take place all of a sudden, but

you often talk about Alex, is that the change that takes place are often very subtle and can very often go unnoticed by the conscious mind. That was certainly the case with me up until I started the LT3 program. However I must point out that just before I did the last test on 19th of May I

felt really really good. Also keep in mind that the

previous week I had been doing 14 to 21 LT3 codes a day. You tested for different things through our One on One calls and when I started working on my identity issues it

was tested to be 17 % healed. The second time you tested it had gone up to 29 % and the third time it had gone up to 61

%. It has almost doubled each week of the program which is phenomenal. Same with the "Success issues"! It was 2 % healed the first time it was tested and it had gone up to

23 % the second time it was tested. That is an increase of nearly 12 times, which is amazing. I know for a fact that I have had some major shifts in my heart the last couple of weeks and it is without a shadow of a doubt due to the LT3 training. I'm so very grateful for this program; it is

changing my life right now. Honestly, when you started teaching about; "The Greatest Principle that almost no one knows about" it was like coming home. I have been searching for this for years and now I have finally found someone who is successful and who teaches life principles and business principle that resonates with my core values and beliefs.

And most importantly, it is in my view the most sustainable road ahead for mankind.


Thank you again Alex and thank you to the whole Healing

Codes team Sincerely Niels H

PS. Please find attached to this email a scanned copy of all the Heart Issues Tests that I have done. The dates from when I did them are printed at the bottom.


Niels H


I had some reservations when I signed up for this course, the biggest being that I had a lot of nerve thinking that Alex would want to waste his time on anyone as insignificant as I. Thank goodness I didn't listen to myself! It's the best money I ever spent, and I say this

as an awesome retired person with limited income, who has

to think very seriously about breaking into the nest egg.


Alex is as charming, caring, loving, compassionate, and non-judgmental in person as he appears on the videos. He has a gift for teaching, and he exemplifies one of my personal beliefs that humanity is a goal, not an excuse.


The mechanics of the LT3 process are fairly simple to learn, and it took me about 3 days before I didn't have to refer to the 'cheat sheet' to know what to do next. I've gone from feeling exhausted most of the times to feeling like all my batteries have been charged. One of the great things about the process is that you can do it any time, and for any situation you wish to address.


One of the life-long custom codes given in this course is

for the healing of our personal identities. I went from 6%

to 67% in 4 weeks. And because this life-long code is mine for life, it will be at 100% some time soon. The personal identity code, plus your choice of health/emotional custom codes are done the first week. The second week dealt with success issues (how to enhance the positive and zap the negative), the third week dealt with relationship issues,

and the 4th week dealt with those things you most want and most fear. To my huge delight, the thing I most feared happened while I was doing the code, and I laughed. (Trust me, it was the first time I laughed at the situation, which

one day isn't even going to exist!)


I recommend this course for anyone who has any situation/negative belief that needs healing; or any

illness that needs healing; Or just wants to become a more loving individual. If you are worried about the cost of

the course, remember it is one of the best investments you can make in yourself and it's an investment that will last

a life time and will enhance the quality of your life.


On the other hand, don't sign up for the course. Maybe I can win another four sessions with Alex if you don't take my place. Eleanor M.


Same Client - two weeks later says:


This has been a glorious day - I feel very at peace, and very HAPPY. A gentle, internal voice that has been mute since 1980, when my favorite uncle died, has returned.

Absolutely. I'm realizing all over again how much I owe Uncle Henry. My parents weren't too happy with me, but my uncle loved me. I wish I could have seen more of him, he

lived in Illinois, and I was here in Maryland. Knowing that someone loved you is SO healing! Eleanor M.


More from Eleanor - June 15, 2008 I took the Heart Issues Test this morning. When I took it back in late April, my score was 2, today it is 8! Life is getting better and

better! I'm finding it hard to believe how much has changed in the month and a half since I started the LT3

course. I've changed from someone who mostly endured life, to someone who looks forward to life, who LOVES life. And this 'high' I've been riding appears to be self-sustaining,

self-perpetuating and geometrically expanding!


Alex, Thanks for being such a wonderful instrument of the Divine! Eleanor M.


Thank you for the wonderful classes and one-on-one coaching sessions over the past four weeks! This will just be a quick note telling of my successes with LT3 so far, and I will write one with more detail soon. Also, I will follow this with a note full of questions that I haven't asked yet. If you would be able to address any of them in the upcoming/follow-up classes, that would be great.


I have had several varieties of incapacitating headaches for over forty years, including migraine, muscle tension,

MSG induced, hormonally related, misaligned vertebrae and more. There have been many periods in my life where over half the time was spent with a headache so severe that it

impacted my ability to think, eat, sleep, work, care for my kids, not to mention the pain was excruciating. As you can imagine, I have tried just about every conventional and alternative treatment, supplement, diet and medicine that I thought might help. And some have, for a while.

Chiropractic has been the most successful at helping me recover from a headache, but nothing has been able to reduce the frequency or severity on a continual basis.


During the past four weeks of doing the LT3, I have only had 2 headaches! This is fantastic! And even though I have still been checking in with the chiropractor three times a week, he has not needed to adjust my neck every time. Most recently, I made it eleven days without needing an adjustment! The circumstantial stress level in my life has been higher than usual lately, so this is even more amazing than it sounds!


Other areas are improving too, including sleep, chronic pain in my shoulders, overall stress reduction, and some of the healings I have released to others seem to be helping. I will write more to you soon about them.


Alex, you have been wonderful to work with, and I hope that many more people have this opportunity. I look forward to continuing to work with the Healing Codes for a long time.


Love and best regards, Cathie B.


I am so grateful I was given the opportunity to participate in this program. It is so profound, in that, while doing the exercises it is like having a direct

connection to God! I have taken other programs in the past, (years before the death of my husband) but I can't

remember ever having this God connection. And for me, having this connection, well, I don't think there is anything else like it.


This is the most I have spent on one program alone, but I feel it was well worth it. Dr. Loyd, I think you are

truly genuine, excel at what you do, have the patience to do this work and help people get to the point of their problem, in a complete safe environment. I feel I have come a long way since my first "one on one" call. Some of my issues are as old as I am, and I know they are still healing; and some issues I'm still struggling with, but

they are better than they were. But, I am hanging in there for the long run! One more thing, I truly believe

The Healing Codes themselves have set a wonderful foundation for my life. I learned from The Healing Codes how important forgiveness is. Last March '08 I was able to talk to "the court" for nearly twenty minutes about the tragic death of my husband, and told the prisoner that I was in the process of forgiving him. Had I not been using The Healing Codes, I don't think I could have done that speech to the court.


I thank you Dr. Loyd, from the bottom of my heart, you are simply awesome! I'm in gratitude to you, and so grateful to God that I have received this abundance in my life. God

Bless You Dr. Loyd !


Warmest regards, Debbie W.


Hi Alex, As the weeks have passed by so quickly since starting the LT3 Program I was astonished to find that it has ended and I was kind of feel out here by myself again but after the call tonight I know that I am not because you are still there and now everyone in this session will have

an opportunity to encourage each other and become prayer partners as well.


As you know I have struggled with doing the codes on a regular basis, and after realizing that my self-sabotaging behaviors were preventing me from doing the very thing that

would help me in so many ways you gave me a code to address that and help me to work through it and I'm happy to say

that it is working. I still struggle some with doing the codes but not as much as before and I believe that it will continue to get better and better.


Even though I have only been doing 2-6 codes at a time and a very limited number of times a week and skipping 2-4 days at a time most weeks they are working and I am seeing many changes taking place in my life and the lives of my family

as well.


These are the changes I have seen: " increased self confidence " my deep feelings of feeling unworthy and inadequate are starting to change " my drive and motivation to succeed is starting to materialize " my prayer life and daily Bible reading has become an important part of my life again and no longer something I just do and I find I am pulling out one of my Bibles to look up a particular verse more and more lately and getting back into a routine of stopping to pray and read my Bible again after several months of "being too busy" to find the time to read my Bible. " my hopes and dreams for a successful future is coming into focus and I am starting to believe it will

become a reality and the ministry I feel God has been leading me into is becoming clearer and I am starting to feel worthy and adequate to lead it " my Mom's collapse last week and rush to the hospital was a blessing in disguise because we ended up in the right hospital, the right doctor was in the emergency room to order the right tests and admit her and we met the right doctor who correctly gave us an accurate description and diagnosis of her condition and this doctor just happens to be open to and interested in energy medicine. " everyone has given up

on my mom recovering from advanced dementia but through the LT3 and prayer I believe she does have a chance for

recovery because I still believe that miracles still happen in this world everyday and I am encouraged to keep believing that there is a chance for her as I watch her start to get better. " I feel love for myself and I have never felt that before and I'm actually starting to like

myself as well. " Today I received a phone call from my son who has not talked to me in over 10 years. We talked for over 2 hours as if we had never been separated. This is the greatest gift I could have ever received. " Good things are being drawn to me in my personal life and in my business as well as new clients are finding me. " My

brother who has not seen our mom for a long time and he holds a grudge against me but he came to the hospital to

visit her and was nice to me. " my youngest son has become softer, more tolerant, loving and understanding of others

I'm sure there are many other areas where I have felt and experienced positive change but for now this is what I can remember.


Thank you Alex for listening to God's leading in your life

and having the courage to follow where He was leading you. You have made such a difference in the lives of many people and that will just keep on spreading across the world as

time goes on.


Alex I also want to thank you so much for giving me a full scholarship so I could participate in this life changing program. I spent much time praying for a way to participate and felt God was leading me to ask for a scholarship even though it had not been offered. I kept being led to Matthew 7:7-8 which reads "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door

will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened. These two verses have always been very important to me and have been instrumental in getting me to where I am today. If we don't ask, seek and knock we become stagnant and useless to God and that is never what I want

to be.


Please feel free to give out my name, phone number, email address, etc. to anyone as I would like to participate in

the blogs and prayer group as well. Let me know if I can be of help in any way.


May God Bless You, Wanda R.


Hi Dr. Alex! I have included the testimonial of what has been happening in my life and my family since beginning this process. You may share the testimonial but please keep my family photo confidential.:)


Since beginning the LT3 program I have been including my

two, adult daughters in my prayers. My oldest daughter has been in Europe while my youngest is in the Dallas area.

They both have heard me reference the program and that I have been praying for them. They however have not known specifically what I have been praying. They have both had big breakthroughs in what they describe as "in their hearts". Things that were holding them back have been

exposed as GOD has shown them issues in their hearts that needed addressing. I believe that generational curses have been broken off of all of us beginning with me and

exponentially delivering all of us. Now I believe

generational blessings are flowing in our lives. I believe the LT3 tools have contributed much to our breakthroughs.


As for me, I know I have been given much revelation and healing through these teachings. These tools will serve me well in my life, my husband's life and my daughters lives.

My Heavenly FATHER has presented this opportunity to me and

I am thankful I chose to walk through this open door. To

GOD be the Glory!!! M.J.


Here's my story about using LT3 program. Starting from my childhood I had a breathing problem. I had surgery 2 times when I was about 5 - it did not help.


While I was aging the problem was becoming more and more noticeable and eventually I could not ignore it. Instead of leaving my life I started spending life in medical offices -

first traditional medicine, later alternative.


Some healers were telling me that I have to change, but I did not understand what it means and how I can do it.


The situation changed quickly when I started LT3. I discovered that I am not that nice person that I thought

about myself. My relationships with many people at home and at work were not so good. I could not forgive my father and

I did not remember why. I could not realize that I have not forgiven him. I thought that our relationships were close to normal. I had negative emotions when talking to other people and I could not realize that.


I was not the person that I wanted to be and with LT3 I started changing myself. Several "small" miracles in relationships with people came at the first day when I started relationships codes. I realized who I am and who I want to be. And I realized that this is the most important for me now. And I believe that health will improve later and actually now I can see some signs that it is coming. Arkady




I wanted to comment on receiving the gift of your generous donation of services for the LT3. When I received an email to sign up I knew that the cost would be an obstacle for me

from being unemployed, but also knew I needed an answered prayer for my night time panic attacks and hiatal hernia episodes I have dealt with for the past 7 years. The

nutrition that I do take only got me so far and LT3 has

given me the added benefit towards complete healing in my life. I reached out and thought nothing ventured, nothing gained and emailed and asked. I couldn't believe that I was told to call you and to talk to you about it. I expected to

receive a voicemail and instead the call went directly to

you. To my amazement, I was accepted into the program. How can you repay a gift like that? I am truly blessed! I would

be happy to be quoted for others to know that there is HOPE!


An update from me: while my health and night time anxiety are improving, I am not as faithful at doing the codes

daily but as you said they are still working within me. I

did about 45 minutes of codes today and can tell the difference on how my day will go after I do. My day is greatly more positive than when I do not do the codes. I need to stop procrastinating at times.


I also get hung up on the success codes and getting my number down and the positive up. I just do the basic success code I was given and meditate on my business success or whatever I am working on. If you could provide more clarification on that I would appreciate it.


I am also signed up on the blog of Don's and look forward to attending the monthly calls and keeping in touch with you and my new LT3 friends.


Be blessed and thank you for being a blessing to me and others! Amy


More than a week after the end of the LT3 program, I continue to get profound insights as I use it. All of my life I have had to struggle to get myself to do the most

basic of tasks. Today, as I pushed and forced myself to do the Codes, I suddenly realized how fortunate I am to have the Codes to help me. Instantly the struggle dissolved, and the process became peaceful, pleasurable, and full of love and gratitude. Theresa L.




I find the LT3 process to be extremely cleaver how it all dovetails together and actually very revealing and beautiful in its depth to find every little nook and cranny

of bad programming in the recesses of the brain. The LT3 is very subtle but also very complex how it all works together and I don't think this is obvious at first glance.


With love and thanks Alex Sharon M.




The advertisement for the LT3 process, and maybe the Healing Codes on their own, needs to start with a question: Do you want to be healed? When I read/heard that question from the Gospel when I was younger, I thought it was a stupid question, who would say 'no'. I'm getting a better understanding of what the question means, because I'm seeing changes in myself I'm finding hard to believe.


First of all, one of the first things I think when I wake

up in the morning, is that I've got another opportunity to do at least 7 LT3 codes this day. Frequently I'm doing 9 in a day, 3 sets of 3. And while I won't say they were a

burden to do in the beginning, they seemed to require some

will power to do at first. Now they are easy to slip into

the day.


Today when I truth tested my Heart Identity, I got that it

is 100% healed. My relationship identity tests at 84% and

my success identity tests at 80% healed.


My time is more valuable than it used to be. I am getting

a MUCH clearer picture about what I want to do with the rest of my life. I want to become an energy therapist. So I think it's time for me to start working on my application to become a Healing Codes practitioner.




As for results from daily LT3 practice, it's off and on again. I am grateful that blood pressure seems much improved as a result of my early LT3 sessions. The white coat hypertension disappeared on my last doctor's visit, for I had a normal reading 30 points lower than usual, a first. But most of the time, I do my daily LT3 sessions with no apparent results. When I have an unpleasant situation arise, I do a related Code. Even if the memory doesn't seem to be handled, I often get a comforting feeling from doing the LT3.


While I do the LT3 process daily as Alex instructed, sometimes I need to rev myself up a little. At those times, I promise myself that after I complete some LT3, I'll enjoy a little reward, perhaps a chocolate or time with a favorite book.


I did have an interesting result with my personal Removing Blocks to Success code when I shifted just for a day from LT3 for the book I'm writing (I haven't found a publisher)

to my painting. I had wonderful breakthroughs in painting and am so very interested as a result. Now if I can just achieve the same thing with my book. Marion B.


Dear Alex, Just a note to thank you, for the codes on focus and negativity,that you gave me last week. I can't tell you how grateful I am for all the progress I've made over the past 2 1/2 years of using the Healing Codes. I used to approach just about EVERYTHING in my life with suspicion and negativity. I didn't even realize that this was happening. And I certainly didn't know that washing

away that negativity would bring me the feelings of joy and fulfillment that I now experience.


God bless you! Theresa L.


Hi, everyone,


I am doing my daily LT3 sessions and each time I release the results to all of you.


There is another interesting result from LT3 on my blood pressure to report (earlier I sent you two results). Part

of my BP problem was a sharp rise every night around 2:00 am (I discovered this when I had an unusual nighttime headache). BP was 150s, 160s, or higher every time I took it when I had insomnia (30 or more points higher than daytime).

I thought to take it recently when I woke at 2:00 am with insomnia. To my surprise it was down to the 130s. At first. It was still down when I took it a couple of nights later.


Another result I'm not sure can be attributed to LT3, but here it is. When I went to the eye doctor this week, expecting to schedule cataract surgery as discussed with doctor at my visit a year ago, the doctor now said it was too early. Then he said there had been no change in vision in my R eye for a year, and that the vision in my L eye

(with the cataract) had improved. I found that interesting.


Hope you are all doing well and that we will be receiving your email updates. Marian


Something wonderful has happened. I don't know how to explain it, but I'll just make a stab at it:


I was sitting in front of the computer and trying to do my last few codes for the day, and I kept falling asleep during the codes. I had committed to working on my dissertation today, but I hadn't done it, and was too tired

now. Then suddenly something happened, and I was awake. I finished the code that I had been working on, and suddenly

I had an urge to work on my paper. The materials I needed were all in reach, and had been for days. I had only read bits and pieces, and didn't know what to do next. I then re- read my adviser's last email, and suddenly I saw clearly the obstacle that had been preventing me from making progress since June 30th. I was easily and quickly able to describe the obstacle in an email and send it off to my adviser.


This is fascinating to me because it 's an example of how the Healing Codes work. My main goal in purchasing the codes was to be able to conquer my blocks to success with my dissertation. But like a diabetic who wants to be cured of diabetes, I'm not likely to just wake up one morning having been cured. I think that one of the things that Alex has been trying to tell us is that most humans have their priorities confused. A diabetic wants a cure for diabetes, but God wants a cure for whatever state or behavior is holding the diabetic in a diabetic state. In my case, I

freeze up and am prevented from action on my paper. In actuality, I become afraid that I can't handle the next step, and I put off trying. In order to be able to live in

the conscious conflict that this creates, I break my connection with God. In a disengaged way, I ask (or even beg) God to help me. But in this case, I had been praying your prayer for feeling the presence of God. I was not directly praying to work on my dissertation, but that goal was automatically reached when I solved the underlying problem of breaking my connection with God.


I know this is long and rambling, but it's the best I can

do with explaining how the Healing Codes have been working for me. You can send it to the group if you like. Theresa


Hi Everyone,


I've had the most interesting/wonderful experience the last few days releasing LT3 codes. I do it at the end of

the prayer before the code. I use the words, 'I release
this code for the highest good for all who are capable of

receiving it, especially my family and friends, the May LT3 class, the current LT3 class, and those whom I perceive to be my enemies'.


I use the highest good phrase because that way if I'm doing a custom code for me, it is probably a custom code for others, just not the same issue that is for me, and I'm hoping they will receive the healing for their issue.


But the point of this email is the phrase 'those whom I perceive to be my enemies'. I am not aware that I have any enemies. I'm not sure why that phrase popped into my mind, I guess my subconscious mind thinks it has enemies (with my luck, it probably thinks my conscious mind is its enemy!)

After 4 days of using this phrase about enemies, I have had a tremendous peace fall over me, as though I relax into the codes, every time a I do a code. It feels GREAT!


Hope all of you are having wonderful experiences with your LT3 codes! Love,




Hello Dr Alex: I hope this email finds you well I have

been doing the LT3 at random but now am fully committed to doing them daily I have reached an almost 100% success in my smoking and weight problem area I am a little confused however and wonder if you could assist me I seem to have notes for 11 LT3 areas but can now remove the smoking and weight loss area of concern but that leaves me with 9 LT 3 areas to work on Is that okay to do or am I creating an imbalance by doing more than 7? Also I have found an accountability partner from our LT3 class and am excited to connect with someone daily to review and encourage progress I believe the LT3 process for smoking and weight loss made me determined to let go of my addictions in those 2 areas

and am very excited I apologize to you again Dr Alex for my

earlier emails regarding a refund I feel blessed to have

you and The Healing Codes in my life Thank you once again Carol S.




I think it would be good if you sent this to the group. I had similar experiences. Partnering is really magical. It's as if God intends for us to help each other with the challenge of doing what's good for us.




Hello Eleanor and Theresa: Well I knew I had to do my LT3 codes today because I made a promise to myself and to you two Sometime this morning I felt a nervous tingle in my belly,,, and wondered why I had that feeling,,, could it

be,,,, having to fulfill my promise, would it be an unwanted experience? When I could settle down today to

start my codes I looked for every excuse not to do them,,,, I couldn't lie about it,,, what would I report to my quiet supporters in the background waiting to hear from me,,,, could I get away with just doing one or two Well finally I

started doing the codes and felt like I had never abandoned

them over the past few weeks,,, I feel great,,,, I am in

love again,,, and I thank you both so very much for being just that "my quiet background supporters" Love Carol

Hello Eleanor and fellow LT3 students, This is a long read, you might want to make a cup of tea first :


I've been following everyone's emails and appreciate the sharing of information and hearing about everyone's progress. Please, keep them coming! I didn't have any luck getting into the Blog, so I'm glad Eleanor has taken the initiative to start this communication.


My name is Jane and I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I was introduced to the Healing Codes about a year ago and have found this to be the most profound personal transformation journey ever. I, like many of you, have been down the road of self help books, hypnotherapy, holistic nutrition etc. I don't have any really crippling issues, I

just felt very curious about the claims of living a life so full of peace, joy and love. Like you, I've collected a lot

of emotional "junk" over the years from things such as lost pregnancies, divorce, family stuff etc. A year later, I can honestly say I feel like a different person and have found that elusive peace, love and joy in my life. The LT3 class was the icing on the cake for me and it's just been in the last few weeks or so that I have had the absolute knowing that "I've arrived."


A year ago I bought the regular Healing Codes package after attending a seminar by Dr. Alex and Dr. Ben. I was very struck by their integrity and genuine interest in the well being of others. After I received the package, I worked haphazardly on the codes for two or three months with some success - and experienced a LOT of healing responses. Oh, those darn healing responses... (good old Epsom Salts works wonders on the muscle fatigue).


Last September I attended the Heart Transformation Weekend here in Toronto. That was life changing for me -to

experience the energy and healing that took place amongst the group. At that point, my interest in the Healing Codes had grown to a total fascination. I've never felt so drawn

to something like this before, I could listen to Dr. Alex and Dr. Ben talk about this stuff every day, all day.

Everything they have to say rings true to me. I listen to past recordings on the website any time I have a few spare moments. Anyway, I left that weekend feeling very

overwhelmed with emotion and amazed with what took place for myself and the others. We were introduced to the Q2 method that weekend. The Heart Assessment tool became available on the HC website at that point, and my first

score in October was 210.

In February of this year, we were lucky enough to get Dr. Alex, Tom and Mary Anne back again for another Heart Transformation weekend here in Toronto. What a fabulous time we had together! I left that weekend feeling on top of the world. I felt like "the closet was almost cleared out" and I could stock it with the good stuff now. I had been

doing the Heart Assessment monthly - and my score at this point was up to 255.


When the LT3 personal coaching with Dr. Alex became available, I jumped on it. I was afraid this might be the only time it would be offered and I didn't want to miss out. I was away on vacation for two out of our five weeks

together and had some catching up to do at the end. By far, this is the most powerful HC tool I've used. When I first

started to do the LT3, I could feel everything in my body churning, it seemed to activate every system in my body. I'm one of those (like Dr. Alex's wife) who could not do this anytime late in the day, it would keep me awake at night otherwise. I think those effects have subsided however, and my body has gotten used to it now. I'm thrilled with the results to date and it keeps getting better. If you are wondering when and if you will see

change, please, please, please, keep going. It will happen, I guarantee it! I'm proud to say that my Heart Assessment test results are now up to 274!! How great is that?! I find that as time goes on, I look more and more forward to doing my codes daily and feel my day is not complete when I skip them. I tend not to rate things anymore, I trust my gut

more and more to know where I'm at. The Truth Technique tool has been very useful - I highly recommend it if you

want to measure where you're at or what you need to work on.


My daughter is in a relationship right now and I'm certain he is "the one." They are talking about getting married

soon and I'm very happy for them. She has only been mildly interested in the Healing Codes, (I'm hoping she'll have more interest down the road) so as a gift to them, I've committed to doing the 12 days for 40 days. Unbeknownst, I'm releasing this to them both daily, with love. Dr. Alex talked many times about the significance of 40 days so I think that will have the greatest impact. I think it will

be a wonderful way to start their new life together.


Hi Everyone,


Remember when LT3 started, we signed up on www.thehealingcodes.com and took the Heart Test?


Well, I've now taken it 3 times.


On May 6, my overall score was 2. On June 15 my overall score was 8. On August 9, my overall score is 10.


It's the LT3 phenomenon! What changes are you noticing? Love, Eleanor


Along with the big issues, there are many other little things that I notice changes in too that I can only attribute to the Healing Codes. My handwriting is clearer (?!) I can make decisions faster and with more clarity, I

have more confidence when speaking publicly (part of my job), I have more patience in every relationship, procrastination is not such an issue and my sense of smell is more acute (isn't that weird??). I also seem to know instinctively what is right or wrong for me, it certainly

has put me more in tune with my own barometer. Jane


I went into LT3 with major headaches - not migraines - fairly consistently around the clock. Aspirin wouldn't even help. A week into LT3 I noticed that the headaches were reduced to low grade headaches, but aspirin would still not affect it. The next week the headaches trailed off totally.



LT3 Success story. My main clear success is that I am not having the bladder misery I have been having for well over 3 years. I had found natural remedies to stave off bladder infections but my body was always trying to get one and my urethra was almost always in pain. Right before LT3 class

started my body was showing strong symptoms of yet another bladder infection coming on. From the first LT3 week (Feb.

9 '09), my symptoms diminished. I never came down with the infection. I have not had to take massive doses of Vitamin

C etc to stave off the infection. There has been almost no urethral discomfort since Feb. 9. What a huge relief. I am so grateful not to have to suffer this constant

debilitating misery in my life. I am looking forward to telling my success story of the healing of my ulcerative colitis. I know this is going to happen. Since the medical industry says this is an incurable disease, I will be especially happy to prove that this is not true. In Joy and Gratitude. Ann Victoria E.


More success stories with LT3 ---

Relationships. I have a broken heart around my relationship with my daughter that seems irreparable at this point in time. Another adult son of mine recently dumped on me and blames me for not being what he judges I should be. The thing with my daughter is the most excruciating emotional pain I have ever experienced. But what came up when I sat quiet after the first relationship code were not those

things--- it was a childhood memory of playing checkers with my sister when I was a little girl. This was not a new memory but it brought tears right away and when I wrote about it, it was loaded with strong emotion which I still do not comprehend. I used to tell the "checkers story" in an entertaining way and laugh about it. I gave up some time ago trying to have a close "connection" with my sister and brother. I yearned for siblings I could be close to and used to go to great lengths to try for that. There never has been any negative karma with either one of them. But unless I make the initiative there is no connecting. 


I sort of just gave up since always with my sister when I call, there is the endless litany of how awful things are in the extreme drama of her life and she never asks about me and mine.( What was once the exact same pattern with my mother and me). I never know how to handle that since I do not live in that victim thinking world and do not support it. My brother dropped all contact with me 11 years, as soon as I left my marriage. #1. After I did the relationship code and sat with things etc. I just decided to call my sister. I feel very good about the energetics of the conversation. It turns out she is currently and for months now, having constant bladder infections that drugs can not heal. I told her about my journey with bladder infections, educating her to possible alternative remedies and then telling her about my long standing belief in energy medicine and my recent healing with LT3. I just sent her some practical information via snail mail. I know her world does not include anything weird and woo woo like energy medicine. The point is how I FELT while I was talking with her. Something good is happening there.


Something changed inside of ME. I was not feeling underneath apologies for being who I am, doing what I do, being very happy with my life, living my dreams, and believing what I believe. I felt solid and confident in my life choices and my way of being in the world. #2. The situation with my daughter is complicated. We were very close. I had never guessed I would have the gift of this

wonderful alive enriching relationship with my daughter.

Then 5 years ago she basically dumped me. Stopped sharing her life with me and did not want me to share mine with her. 


I have never known pain like this. She had buried memories of her dad sexually abusing her come forth and somehow, I got the brunt of that. I was with her father

for 33 years and did everything under my power to make that marriage work. I do not know anyone who has worked as hard as I did to make a marriage work. It was a struggle all the way. Until I "got it" that love is a true thing and that the most loving thing I could do for myself and him was to get out. I was given the courage to leave that marriage 11 years ago. I knew this man better than anyone on the face of the earth. I just could not imagine he was capable of doing such a thing. I was educated on the topic since I had realized my father sexually abused me as a small girl. I know the insidious damage it causes at your very core and I recognized that damage in her. This whole thing has touched every core issue of mine I swear. So, what has happened thus far from this brief time with the relationship code is 

I got clear inside myself- there was absolutely not the slightest signal or sign that my husband was sexually abusing my daughter. I have finally taken myself off the hook my daughter wants to impale me on. The things she is dumping on me are not mine to take on. So, I am finally at peace inside myself about that or so it

appears at this point in time. 


Also, I am not responsible for what happened to her AND is not my job to fix it She had told me at one point that she wanted me to listen to what he did to her and grieve with her. I was trying to strengthen and prepare myself to do that. Not at all thinking about the intense stress on me, my constant physical illness and exhaustion etc. Now, it is clear it is not in my best interest at this time, if ever. What a concept-- making what is in my own best interest a priority. New kind of thinking for me. Another relationship thing I got clear about--my 33 year marriage. It was mind blowing, mind numbing and devastating all at the same time to realize I was married to a "secret agent man" all those years. There was a whole person there that I had no idea existed. What I got clear about was this. ******I loved him then and always will in an eternal kind of way. 


He loved me and still does also in an eternal kind of way. I have basically had no contact with him since our marriage ended nor do I ever want to. He did an unbelievable damaging thing to our daughter and I got clear that this makes no difference in what is true. The truth and reality of the "love" is what came clear. This gave me a certain sense of peace around "what the hell was that 33 years all about anyhow?". Even though he did a horrendous thing, in the greater knowing--it does not negate the truth of love. The love is what is real. 


The other- I have not figured out yet. I hate anything to do with sex. I just stay away from it since it has caused me such deep and what feels like irreparable damage. What I do with the knowledge of what he did to our daughter-- I do not know. I can not imagine being able to forgive him I can not imagine not wanting to beat the shit out of him, I can not imagine not being filled with enormous unspeakable rage. And yes, you can love someone and still want to do those thing but with LT3; who knows what might happen? Ann Victoria E.


I hope you are well. Can you get the answer to this question? Looking back over my journal since I have started, I can see changes in my overall well being. The greatest stress in my life the past 3 years has been my job. Since this course, the changes are that I feel peace about the work, and trust that God is taking care of the "unethical" things happening at work. If there is a "problem" now I pray and ask God what to do and I tell him to worry for me. This is huge since I have been a "responsible" person for my whole life trying to prevent

any kind of problem to avoid stress etc. I used to have such great anxiety, that I had to go in the bathroom stall at school where I teach and do deep breathing exercises to make it through the day. Now if I get stressed, I just need to take a breath, but there really is no anxiety since this last week. Eileen O.


Hi Dr. Alex~~


It's hard to find words to describe the LT3. I must have had a LOT of heart "junk" in me. I started the healing codes about 2 years ago because I needed healing for my eyes, but, although I sensed something inside was missing,I didn't think I had many emotional problems because I had always felt capable and had been able to perform adequately at home and earn a decent income on my job.


I did find, however, that during the process of doing the codes I began feeling better and a lot lighter -- mainly because I was dumping a lot of hidden fear that I didn't realize was holding me back. I have had a few traumatic experiences but thought that I had handled everything and forgiven everybody, but obviously I hadn't. I had the same experience with the Q-Codes -- releasing some more but still not enough.


My eyes were not yet healed, so I tried other methods in additional to the Q-Codes, but nothing got to the root. Then more than half of my income suddenly disappeared because a company with which I was doing business had a financial setback. About that time I realized that possibly I had a serious spiritual problem that I needed to handle and couldn't be satisfied with the status quo.


Then, Voila! Enter LT3! [Drum Roll]


I felt I was in a Catch-22 situation -- I needed LT3 but couldn't afford it until I took the course. I managed to make the down payment and expected to be able to pay the balance from income from another source. Then I thought I would have to cancel because that income source also developed a problem, and I was very grateful to be able to proceed with the course and delay my payment to THC for the balance due.


I had felt that I needed something more powerful, which LT3 was purported to be, so I proceeded to get myself rewired.


I suspected that very likely my problem was something inherited because eye disease was on both sides of my family. I was diagnosed with glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts, and I also had very low vision, which seemed to be deteriorating at an alarming rate.


I noticed from the first week's LT3 session a remarkable difference. Even though I was controlling negative self- talk prior to LT3, I realized that effort disappeared and that it was no longer an issue. But I was still making a Plan B in case what needed to happen didn't occur. Now I feel at peace no longer feel the necessity of planning for a Plan B. Even when I came close to not having money for rent, I trusted God and didn't even think of Plan B.


My eyes? Spiritually, I feel that I am healed, although the healing has not yet manifested. I am still nearsighted, but my peripheral and central vision are functioning very well. I had dry eyes for years, using eye drops every hour or two, but now my eyes tear naturally. I have not had an updated eye exam so I'm not sure about the cataracts because I was so nearsighted to begin with, but I can say that everything has definitely stabilized or



Financially? It's looking good! The company having the financial setback has now regrouped and is going forward like a Phoenix rising from the ashes and the other organization is now almost ready to resume income distributions.


I had also developed a problem expressing myself, which did not stem from shyness or not having anything to say. (Lorrie couldn't walk, and I couldn't talk!) Fortunately I opened up a chakra or meridian, or whatever, which relieved that.


Through LT3, I feel I achieved a deepened belief and trust that results in a greater connection with God, and eliminating negative self-talk without effort seems to automatically set in motion the expression of what I feel are the three primary gifts of the spirit --love, joy, and peace. I will continue to work on those because I believe that this is what the Bible refers to as the renewing of

the mind -- and who can put a price tag on that?


I always thank God that I have been fortunate enough to

know you and to hear you share your extensive knowledge and valuable experience -- and I'm sorry, yet grateful, that

your wife Hope had to go through such suffering so that all of us could reap the benefits.


LT3 has solved or is solving my lifetime issues, and now I am looking forward to using LT3 to help my family and friends take steps forward so that they can be all they can be.


Many thanks and many blessings! Beverley B.



Hello Dr. Loyd,


I am writing to thank you once again for your contribution to my life. Because you chose to faithfully seek God for 12 years on behalf of your wife, God rewarded you with understanding that has freed so many people from their emotional and physical prisons. I am one such person.

What you may not know is how many people beyond me you have indirectly touched. I was asked to speak to a small group of ladies from my church this weekend and had agreed. I was to tell my story of healing, overcoming and change in

recent years. To do that, I had to start at the beginning of my life and bring it up to the present (no small feat in 45 minutes for a talker like me, a teacher!). But, I told

the 50-60 women that God had begun to work directly with me in the last 9 years and went into high gear with me when I

was anointed for emotional healing. It was only two weeks after that anointing, I said, that God brought me to the

Healing Codes and JoHanna Chan and, from that time forward, I began to make those so important changes.


I referred also to several quantum physics experiments, the use of energy medicine and, specifically, the Southwestern University work on cellular memories and sickness that you mention in one of your CDs. Though the women don't know who you are, they did see before them someone who was restored to physical health and whose

wounds were healed by addressing cellular memories. (God gave me this scripture at the very beginning of my journey out of the prison--Jer. 30:17).


I saw many women crying, several approached me saying they were very moved and others said I was the highlight of the weekend. There were also some who were very familiar with energy medicine and kinesiology and could relate to the

things I mentioned. I believe God wanted me to speak and directed my words and thoughts from my experiences.


So, it all comes back to you. If you had not sought God's guidance and gotten it, I would not have been standing before women today with a story of victory. Though I am still not 100% healed in physical and spiritual matters, I am nearly there and I am SO GRATEFUL TO GOD for His deliverance via you.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. And I am going to say thank you for those women (whoever they were) who were encouraged today and saw some hope for themselves or others. Of course, to God goes the glory, but I know He wants us to give credit where credit is due. So, here is yours!


With much appreciation and gratitude, Anne J.



Tulsa has the reputation of being the allergy capital of the US, and the season started two weeks ago when the

weather warmed and grass started turning green. Our pug Tucker goes into scratching frenzies over the summer/spring from allergies, resulting in bleeding, hair loss, etc.

Drugs never helped. He started intense scratching two weeks ago on schedule, so at that time I included him in my codes ("I do these codes for myself and Tucker, in love"), and,

lo and behold, he stopped scratching after three days, and has not done so over the past week. Another amazing result.


On another note, I really see the opportunity to use LT3 to change my personality for the better. I'll be pushing the limits on this baby. Thanks. Jim U. Tulsa.


Hi Dr. Alex I hope your well, greetings from London!! Guy and i are very sad not to be with you for the reunion

weekend in April; we both have Godchildren who are getting confirmed that weekend. I nearly wrote to you many times over the past 16 months of Code-ing, but i kept putting it off until i felt i had seen enough of an improvement in myself, to warrant bothering you!! Well bring out the scented China Tea its time to celebrate!! I'm finally about 100% on all the original 12 Codes and all my LT3 codes, YIPEE.and after 16 months of diabolical torment from my crippling healing responses, i am at last, almost response free. My body is at last beginning to heal itself, my 20

years of food sensitivities have much diminished, yesterday i ordered a meal and for the first time in 20 years,

(although i did not order recklessly ), i didn't even bother to ask what ingredients it was made from... and i was absolutely fine!! this was a huge physical but also a huge phycological milestone. I thank you. My crippling

backpain from three slipped discs is also fading fast, and i now can stand up straight, walk confidently and sit upright on a chair. I thank you. BUT IN MY HEAD. such

glorious spaciousness !!!!! where once fear and confusion reigned, love, peace and freedom lighten every step i take, here and now in this oh so beautiful world; and for this i cannot thank you enough. Dr Alex thank you for all that you have done, and for all that you continue to do. You are making the world into a kinder, gentler place; and i am definitely one happy bunny !! Although i have always been an artist, a painter through and through, i have heard the calling many times to heal; hence, I am Reiki trained, and also heal with Master Lin's Spring forest QiGong, (but never, as yet, in a professional capacity,) I believe i mentioned to you during my last LT3 session, that i would perhaps like to train as a Healing Codes Practitioner. Well here I am!! May I, Dr. Alex, learn to help others that

hurt, in the same way that others have helped me? The calling is so loud now that it roars at me from the quiet silence of my head. Your Practitioner request form looks a little scary, and might deem me a little under qualified.. but i hope i can make up for that with my abounding enthusiasm, and determination, my compassion and my love, and i'm sure that the torrid time i have had with the Codes myself, will stand me in good stead, when helping others to navigate their own healing journey. (And It would be good

to bring the Codes to London !!) Please let me prove to you that i can be a magnificent Coach, I know i can do it, because i want to, i really really do.


The thing is, I've just been tootling along doing my painting for the past twenty years, so i dont have much of a CV or anything.


I would be very grateful for any thoughts or pointers you can give me!


Thank you Alex, Sorry this ended up being such a long email. love and light, Nicky


This has been VERY PROFOUND to me! I SLEPT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 14 YEARS by the end of the first week! The loss of

sleep started with the discovery and integration of the Law of Attraction 14 years ago - everything became based on I WANT"! Peter A.



grateful that Dr. Loyd and LT3 are in my life! This is a HUGE gift to the world. I am so glad to be part of it. This

process has moved things that NOTHING ELSE has moved! Dr. Linda D.






Kathleen M.


I MADE MORE MONEY after the success week than in ages (stock market). It was totally without effort.


Rosemary B.


The HEART ISSUES FINDER is really something special! Raul S.



The LT3 creates a change that you CAN'T UNDERSTAND UNTIL YOU ACTUALLY GO THROUGH IT! It's wonderful!


Melissa M.






I've taught meditation since I was 16. People would feel better during the class, but not permanently.


The LT3 changes you FOREVER FROM THE INSIDE OUT! Sharron S.



The teaching on relationships is THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE!


I have been studying, reading, and attending seminars for


ready to go! Pat M.



My lifelong allergies were COMPLETELY HEALED! I took allegra-d every day. NO MORE!


As a Christian, I am so glad to have something to heal my issues that could not be resolved by counseling and therapy.


Sherry P.





Pamela A.




Kenrick C.


My physical health issues are MASSIVELY BETTER! IT'S AMAZING!


Cecelia C.


The hidden power source and virus WAS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL



Mary C.


My name is Marlous and I live in the Netherlands. I am 56 years old and happily married. We live with our cat in a rural area in the north of the country. We have a big

garden where we grow herbs and have fruit trees, and hazel and walnut trees. I love nature and being outside and I am very fortunate to have large woods around our house to go for walks. Meditation is like food for me with spiritual healing flowing naturally from that. I call myself a spiritual trainer and healer. Having a sensitive nervous system my muscles often cramp when there are loud noises or many people around. It got worse through the years and I did not have a solution for that until I found the Healing Codes. I started them in March this year and it made a tremendous difference. When the mail announced the LT3 in May I just knew I had to do that. And I am glad I did because the cramps are gone most of the time. And that happened within the first week. And other things changed as well. After the first week I began to see the world around me differently. Everything is more vibrant, has intense colors, as if everything is more alive. And then my heartbeat in rest dropped from 80 to 60 beats a minute, as it was till about 4 years ago. The stress is literally

leaving my body as Alex always says will happen with this work. I am very happy and grateful for what I received and curious to what this work will bring me further on my path to being my true Self.


God bless You, MARLOUS ~~ Netherlands


For years I have had Health issues, three years ago I was treated for a breast cancer and this year in April a TP

Scan showed I had a vertebra spot of cancer. Fortunately, I opened by chance an email where I had an article about the Healing codes..

I started working with the Healing on April 21st and decided to attend the seminar starting on May 25th. After one week with the LT3 I had a blood test and the result is amazing. The tumor marker dropped from 80 to 18 - the normal level is 10.


My oncologist said to me he never saw such thing. He thinks I respond well to his treatment. He also asks about what I was eating and doing. He told me to continue eating healthy food and exercising. I think this will help other patients like me to recover.


I do thank you so much for discovering the Healing codes and LT3.

Eliane, Sunshine et Tara


Dear Dr. Alex,


One of the "side effects" of Lupus is pain. Since beginning of July I had often terrible pain in my right shoulder

and arm. Sometimes I could not use my arm at all and often I was not able to sleep at night. With doing the Healing Codes, it started getting a little better. After one week

of doing the LT3 course, the pain is nearly gone, I can move my arm so much better - I'm excited!


Last weekend I got really hit by a Healing Response, pain in my whole body (strongest in my upper body). The third day I finally did the exercise without the power breathing. After one time, the pain was nearly gone - I felt so much better! Yesterday I started the power breathing again -

so far so good! For me this was a very important experience

- because now I believe that I can be healed.


You can't begin to understand how grateful I am for all the work and caring you are doing. God Bless You,




As a follow up to my success story - the pain in my shoulder and arm are gone, with the power breathing! I still have to work on my skin and tissue inflammations.




My story will take a long time to write considering i have lived a life of drugs, prostitution, 5 separate rapes, an unloved childhood etc etc etc. I can't believe

AT LAST! I have come out of the darkness & into the Light. What a beautiful peaceful place to be. I have worked with Stephen Pierce-brainwave entrainment, Doug Bench-brain apples, Paul Scheele lots of stuff, Bill Harris-Holosync,

Matt Clarkson, Brandon Bays, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer to mention a few & some have inspired me very much; Wayne Dyer being the Daddy! BUT........


There was always that missing piece to get to Nirvana & Enlightenment. Alex you are the One who took me by the hand & led me there & I have No Words that are Strong enough to thank you for this release. BIG, BIG GRATITUDE!!!


Maureen S.

Dear Dr Alex--thank you so much for all your effort for the LT3 class. I know I will apply the lessons learned for the rest of my life. I would tell people the following.

As a Christian (Catholic variety) I find no conflict with my faith and doing the codes--the codes have actually helped me w/ my faith. The physical process is not difficult to learn (you are a very good teacher and very patient w/ questions), it does take daily practice. It has

been worth every minute and every penny. I have spent 2500 in one month on supplements, medical tests, doctors visits,

ER visits, prescriptions etc. What I spent on the program is an investment in my health and my marriage and family life. All things considered it is a great deal. I can

already feel physical changes in my brain and my body. I know I am on the right path to healing. Thank you again and I hope to keep in touch. Many Blessing to you and your family.

Marianne B.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making the Healing Codes and the LT3-Course available. Late February of this year, I purchased the Healing Codes, and during the first protocol, I experience a tangible change in my being. I was totally and pleasantly surprised at the immediate impact of the Codes. I continued doing the easy protocols and watched my life begin to change for the better on a daily basis. It was unbelievable to my mind, how this could be happening with such a simple approach. Well, I continued for a couple of months, and then I heard about the LT3 training.


Initially, I thought, "I just purchased the Healing Codes, why should I consider the LT3 training?" I begin to slack off doing the Codes, even though they were greatly impacting my life. After a week or so, I resumed them and continued and immediate progress occurred Ömore positive attitude, a LOT less stress, feeling a sense of more love, joy, and peace. I found myself loving people more (including strangers) in general and lessened my bias forming habits. I found a remarkable amount of peace when initially using the unforgiveness protocol.


After I read more about the LT3 training, I decided to go for the gusto! Since I had experience so much with the Codes, I thought, "why not?" So, I simply ordered it with great expectation and excitement. I also promised myself that if it didn't have amazing impact on my life, I would differently let Alex know. Finally, the first email of instruction arrived and I tried the first protocol before

the course started and WOW!!! What a tremendous blessing it was. I've never experience anything like that before! I then realized that there is much more to ourselves, to God, and to our daily lives than I ever suspected or expected. Once the course began, more and more healing began to take place in every area of my life. Up to this point in my adult life, I considered myself successful; having always lived comfortably and able to enjoy what life has to offer. During the LT3 training, I've realized that

there is a LOT more available to all of us. We simply need to get the necessary tools to help us.


During the course, Alex was very committed and supportive throughout the sessions. Interacting with people from around the world has to be challenging, and he did a great job teaching and gave everyone an opportunity to ask any questions for complete understanding. I'm certain that this is work created by God, and I rest knowing that someone like Alex was given such a gift. If you're wondering if you should consider the Healing Codes or the LT3 training - YES YOU SHOULD! You'll be amazed at the level of engagement, fun and serioius progress you will make in your life. If you're looking for an incredible ride of your life, this is for you. If you want to get ahead in your career and finances, this is for you. If you're a Christian (I've been for years.) and interested in furthering your understanding of God and creation, this is for you. If you want to really understand what is most important in life and learn how to attain it, this is definitely for you. I have experienced all of the above during LT3 course. In addition, I've been healed from traumas in life, sickness, and stress. I am experiencing more love, joy, peace and contentment than ever before. I am so glad that I made the investment for me, because it is definitely one of the best ones that I've made in my entire life. The LT3 course just ended a day ago for me, and I am more excited about enjoying today, knowing what really matters, and having tools to take on pretty much anything. The course has been a blast Alex! Thanks for being a 'down to earth' person, and easy to approach. You've been a great blessing to my life. Philip, Indiana



LAST 2 LT3 2023

My homeopath said that my lyme when he tested it was at 25 after your help and my doing codes and first time testing it. He said normaily its at 60 starting out a few days after bite when he checked me. He said that means its already on its way out. Usually, each time bite gets worse harder to get rid of. Thank you so much I am no longer scared of lyme. It will be gone with in the week.




So you guys I went to the Dr to get tested for my cholesterol. It had gotten high last year and was high a few years before that too. I was scared as the Dr. was trying to talk me into a drug with I am sure side effects. The results came in. Now I did take some cholesterol cure from web last year for 6 months, But I have been eating a lot of red meat lately. They must have switched me with another because it's back to average - right in the middle and I have done nothing to help it.

Somehow (as I tested myself after the cholesterol pills it was still high by a home test kit ) I think it's the

codes. Anyhow I am just doing my codes now focusing on the positive. I am hoping God will guide me.

Elaina N.




This has already completely REVOLUTIONIZED MY LIFE, WORK, THINKING - EVERYTHING - ALREADY (in 2 weeks) - ON EVERY LEVEL! I have done EVERYTHING over the years. NOTHING COMPARES TO LT3!





Hi Dr. Alex,


I wanted to tell you, since starting the LT3 process, I've started to make a new friend, his name is me 😁 I've noticed that noticed that as my mind slows down and I can view my thoughts and feelings with a little more distance and objectivity, I find myself more compassionate toward myself and others. I've also noticed changes at work, where the supervisors I'm used to them being short tempered and inconsiderate, in a week's time, from having unpleasant conversations on the phone with them, to them being much more attentive to the things I need and even doing things for me without being asked. It seems to me that as the issues from the 1st 1 on 1 clear up, the less I believe "I am dishonored or disrespected" the less I attract those actions and attitudes in others!


It sure is nice to be getting off the runway🤣🤣🤩🤩


Thank you!

Alex West





“Dr Alex I just wanted to share that we successfully secured a new place to live. It truly is a miracle!!


The LT3 is stronger and more powerful than my circumstances. I do feel healing in my body. As my mind is calming down I am hearing more clearly from the Lord. Praise God! God’s continued blessings on you and your family Alex!!  I pray that God would continue to establish the works of your hands. Psalm 90:17” -Billie Sparks





Thank you! I wanted to let you know that turning everything into a prayer has been very effective in removing the negative thoughts. You were right the first day I was doing it constantly. But it tapered off really quickly and now I hardly have the negative thoughts after only a week. -Anita Howe




Dear Alex,


I found an opportunity yesterday to express complete forgiveness to my brother (former abuser).  I touched him, repeated myself slowly, and looked him in the eyes. He was very quiet for a bit, and I added that I loved him. On the car ride that immediately followed, he had, for a time, much more fluid communication and near-perfect sentences vs his recent, stroke-induced repetitive phrases and search for missing vocabulary. Perhaps some adrenaline was flowing.  Perhaps this is the beginning of some great healing in his life, just as you suggested.


“God …” in His mercy has orchestrated the timing of this training, your advice on Wednesday, and my brother’s stroke.  To God be the glory!  ‘Thought you and Hope would enjoy hearing about this.


God bless you both,

Bertha Jackson





I took your advice to do a multi-session  BELIEF MAPPING custom code intervention and track the numbers afterward. The first issue I was dealing with is the anxiety/reluctance to meet with others. So far,

I've done three of four planned code sessions. I went from a -7 to +1. It's amazing - I've had more meetings in the last few days than I've had for several weeks.


All the meetings went very well. I prepared agendas, felt very free to discuss and share ideas, and made deeper friendships. Now, my growing belief is "I got this!" and I look forward to the positive interaction in other meetings that come up. It is amazing!


I'm looking forward to using this approach to more life and memory issues.


Thanks again for all your good work,


- John Winters




​​“Since 2011 my life has been HELL! My husband is a top MD. He and 15 other MD’s at the Cleveland Clinic could not figure out what was wrong. I was in constant fear, couldn’t walk for over a year, and couldn’t eat or drink for several months. I was put on morphine and told that 99% of patients in my condition died. After 2 weeks of  BELIEF MAPPING I am a MILLION TIMES BETTER! No one has any explanation, including me really. But it has happened. That I know, feel, and can share in truth. Can’t imagine anyone being worse than me, and it worked like a miracle for me.”

-Pam Tunney



“ BELIEF MAPPING really helps a lot, and fast. After one week almost everything is now crossed out as not being a problem in my life anymore. This seems impossible, and every day I wake up I expect it to all be back, but every day it’s still gone. It’s been 3 months now and I’m starting to believe that it is permanent. How could lifelong problems that crippled my happiness be healed in 4 weeks?  BELIEF MAPPING is how!”

-Billy Adcox



“After 2 weeks of LT3 I am physically and emotionally different person than when the class started. Yesterday after  BELIEF MAPPING I spontaneously wept for about 15 minutes, which is unusual for me. After that my paralyzing fear was turned to love, and I have a deep peace that I don’t remember feeling before. I live in India and have been to over 25 highly regarded healers in the last 10 years with no noticeable effect. The real healing, through BELIEF MAPPING, was almost instant, and with no one treating or laying hands on me – I did it myself, and so can anyone.”

-Mica Balak



“It’s only been 3 weeks. I can’t believe I’m saying this but all of my body and neurological problems are GONE. My Depression, Energy, and Stamina are all 70% - 80% better already. My stress is way down, and I’m having really good days almost every day (seldom before).”

-Jane Canter



“After one week of  BELIEF MAPPING I had an amazing experience with Jesus that I have no words to describe. Not saying this will happen to anyone else. My 7’s, 8’s, and 9’s are all big fat 0’s now. Worth twice the price.”

-Nick Cane



“I’ve been a successful therapist for years but I would not be alive on the planet without Dr. Alex. I think lots of people probably can’t believe how well this works when they experience it, and this is true of me as well. However, no one that knows me can believe it either and they have all commented on the dramatic change in such a short time period. The most unbelievable change has been the anger that has ruled my life – now my anger is virtually gone and my patience is so good it is freaking me out a little. It feels so good for my hope to finally be realized.”

-Elizabeth Campbell



“I’m 18 years old and have struggled with a behavioral problem that has dogged me for……….MY WHOLE LIFE!!! After 3 weeks of LT3 it is at a ZERO – GONE!!! You can decide what you think that’s worth.”

-Nate Collins



“TOTAL TRANSFORMATION – that’s honestly what I have experienced in the last 4 weeks! What other words can I use to convey this – it’s head spinning to me? Wonderful, I feel great, phenomenal, etc.”

-Kelly Grand


“My first week of LT3 saw my horrible/terrible crippling unforgiveness went from a -9 to +3. WOW! Never would have guessed or even hoped that, in 1 week?? After 3 weeks my “irreversible” brain damage went from -10 (as bad as it could be) to -1 – gamechanger. I now have control over my body and everyone around me remarks about the change.”

-Babe Jones


“I am doing so much better with the LT3 process. It has been the most helpful thing I have ever done for my health and wellbeing. An aside, I shared the Memory Code process with my ladies group, we all did it at the same time, and every persons issue rated 8 or 9/10 went to 1 to 2/10 in about 10 minutes. It totally freaked everyone out – one lady said it was the most memorable meeting we have ever had.”

-Rachel Mills



“The 4 weeks of LT3 completely changed my life, for the better.”

-Sandy Mack



“In the 3rd week of LT3 I felt the love of God pour over me – I knew I was loved SO MUCH! I have never felt this before, ever. Everything physically is getting better and better. I feel fantastic, so much better, and super excited about the rest of my life.”

-Tamara Nixon



“Bottom line, this program is fantastic. I am now processing grief a whole lot faster, am much more balanced in only 2 days – in the past it would take months, or longer. A very difficult co-worker doesn’t bother me anymore – just slides off. Honestly, it’s hard to believe this is real – I can’t believe it. I’m just tickled pink.”

-Mark Norton



“ BELIEF MAPPING was like the best rollercoaster for me. My hormones are now balanced – from not regular to regular – amazing. I’m feeling a lot better in every way. I can’t explain it but am grateful.”

-Vera Noma



“ BELIEF MAPPING is a huge emotional experience and release, and is incredible, just incredible. This week I felt my heart open after decades having a closed heart from major trauma. This has been lifechanging in every way. I feel extreme calmness and lighter. Everything is progressing.”

-Carl Parton



“ BELIEF MAPPING is really good. In 2010 I had deep heartbreak – that’s where it started. I’m not doing very well. This was an answer to prayer for me.”

-Jamie Peck



“I now have hope. Everything is better. Peace has replaced stress. Money well spent. “

-Theresa Penny



“I’m a Chiropractor. It’s been 1 day – “1” day. I can feel the change happening right now. Shift after shift, especially more peace. I wish my corrections worked this well.”

-Dan Perry



“From -8/10 to +3/10 to +7/10. 3 weeks on my biggest issue.”

-Dave Peters



“I’m doing good man! My life crashed in 2014, and is now WAAAAAAAY better! “

-Edward Richer, MD



“ BELIEF MAPPINGis working for me. My bad feelings have turned to good. My knee pain is 100% better – big wow. My destructive behavior went from -10 to -5 to gone.”

-Mary Sinclair



“I’m doing good, and haven’t said that in a long time, my husband tells me – that’s embarrassing. My brain fog is better, migraines better, more positive, more rested, more relaxed, SOMETHING BIG IS HAPPENING! “

-Steven Saw



“My life has basically been a living hell thanks to Satanic Ritual Abuse. I have been highly dissociative (think Multiple personality) for as long as I can remember. It’s exhausting and feels like there is no hope. IT’S ALL GONE!”

-Mindy Smith



“I’m the guy who has done it all over 30 years. NOTHING WORKS. That’s what I said when people asked me. It’s now been 21 days of LT3 and I am a different person than I was 3 weeks ago. So now I have to change my stock answer. LT3 and BELIEF MAPPING works. Everything is dramatically better. I am now able to slow down and experience life. I can step away if I need to and recover quickly. Before it was like my leg was tied to my car (problem). No MORE! Longstanding physical and nonphysical problems are just gone.”

-Eric Willard



“This is the only thing I have ever done to improve my life that has actually worked. I love you Alex!”

-Maria Walker



“OK believe it or not, my depression since 2011 has gone from -10 to +10 in 4 weeks. I had a hard time believing Alex’s wife healed from depression in 3 weeks, and  I never thought that would happen to me. I doubted that it would help at all. It has changed my life.”

-Merlene Worth



After week #1: Doing much better. Quite a week, lots of beliefs have changed from negative (believing a lie about myself and life) to positive. Gratititude has flooded my mind and heart and I have never felt it to this extent. I’m even grateful for my problems to overcome, and have NEVER felt anything like that before. 75% of my problems (many of them physical and nonphysical) are gone after the first week. The biggest issue was negative growths all over my body – they fell off at about midnight after the first week of LT3 with Belief Mapping. This was so good but it was also “shocking” – how can this happen – is this going to last or come back?


After week #2: I feel flooded with Peace, compassion, and forgiveness! This is unbelievable wonderful – I have NEVER felt these things anywhere near this degree…. EVER! All my issues are dramatically better after 2 weeks – and all lifelong issues.


After week #4: This is so hard to verbalize. I FEEL LIKE A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON NOW, in a wonderful way! All of my beliefs have changed for the positive and physical problems have quickly resolved that I have struggled with for decades. I went back and answered the Genie question again and my honest answer was LOVE, which blew me away. I have never experienced so much and this degree of love since my dad died when I was 12 years old. Now it’s come back but even more love. Now I can live my fathers legacy, which was love.


After completion note: Before I learned LT3 and Belief Mapping I tried everything for decades with the only result being less money for me – no tangible results. LT3 and Belief mapping have COMPLETELY CHANGED MY LIFE, and it is NOT going away, it’s becoming better and better. I feel like I’m living a dream. I am now closer to God than at anytime in my life, and that’s the best thing of all. I can’t begin to say thank you adequately, but THANK YOU!


        Tina Tucker



LT3 and Belief Mapping have worked very well for me. I have a lot more energy and my unforgiveness is melting away.


     Ally Boreman



Here is my report on LT3 with Belief Mapping, in 5 weeks:


I have quite smoking after 27 years


I have reduced significantly but not completely quit drinking


My skin and nails are much better


My lifelong allergies are gone


Auto-Immune issues are going (for last 12 years)


My back pain and limitations are gone


My digestion is now normal for first time in 3 years


My wife is also MUCH better, and she has just been doing my codes – she didn’t take program. Also, my wife LOVES Belief Mapping.


      So draw your own conclusions – Sam Barnes


It’s UNBELIEVABLE how Belief Mapping works. My adrenals and energy are way better. Many moles and skin tags have simply fallen off (never would have believed that). Every factor on my Belief Map is now positive – pre LT3 they were all negative and most -5 to -10. Everything has either healed, gotten better, or is getting better.


         Belinda Earl



Belief Mapping to me, feels like some great new Ai program that digs and digs until it finds the source of the problem, and then eliminates it, like a emotional Norton Antivirus program or something like that. It’s actually quite shocking! I really didn’t think it would work – IT DOES!!


    Bonnie Everly



The biggest issue of my life for several years has been a foot problem. I have no idea how many doctors and specialists I have seen and several surgeries. In 5 weeks my foot is almost completely healed. I would have paid 10x the price for this – my only regret was not doing it 3 or 4 years ago. How much money and pain that would have saved. Another note: my teenage son did the belief mapping (he didn’t take LT3, just used mine) and he has been hugging me nonstop which never happened before – he has become so much more kind, loving and appreciative it’s hard to believe.


   Katie Hampton



The LT3 with Belief Mapping worked very well for me and I recommend it wholeheartedly. It’s actually kind of freaky how you do the belief mapping and every single time the numbers get better and better until the problem isn’t a problem. Amazing.


   Semma Klaus



LT3 and Belief Mapping is so fascinating. Issues come up like I’m typing them into a search bar on google – it’s incredible, they just come up, resolve, another comes up, resolves, etc. It morphs all over my mind and life and is connecting things I never knew were related. This is great but also so very easy to do. No driving, waiting, or sitting in an office. I’m doing it myself in my pajamas at home.


         Elizabeth Lowell



I am so glad that I did LT3 with Belief Mapping! I was very depressed and wanted to quit life. It’s amazing, but in 5 weeks my depression is much better and I can honestly say for the first time in over 30 years, I FEEL WONDERFUL!


       Simone Loveland



My OCD that terrorized my life for 35 years is gone! How you ask? LT3 with Belief Mapping in about 8 weeks – what’s that worth (just about everything to me)?


       Dan Miles



I took the LT3 with Belief Mapping in November of 2023. I now have much more happiness, inner peace, joy, and amazing love that I have never experienced in my life – I’m doing great……NOW! BIG IMPROVEMENT!!!


      Donny Miligan



LT3 & Belief Mapping healed a cough I have had a very long time….quickly. When Alex said you could do this on others it seemed impossible or hype or just too good to be true. I did it on my Aunt and she told me yesterday that somehow everything in her life has turned around for the better and she has no idea how it happened. I just smiled inside. WOW, how can that happen? It has helped me a lot too – every issue I had when I started (3 weeks ago) is way better now. I now want to do this to help as many people as I can – what a gift to be able to do that without any certain degree or large expense.


         Randi Martin



I started LT3 with: GI issues, Low A1C (diabetes runs in family), blood in urine, auto immune disease, thyroid problems, serious anxiety, and a few other small things.


I am now doing GREAT, and so much better than when I started. I just had a blood test and it’s way better, there is no blood in my urine now, my anxiety is gone. Everything is gone or way better in 5 weeks.


I am SO GRATEFUL, this is the most AMAZING experience of my life.


    Terri Middleton



In my childhood I was a victim of SRA (satanic ritual abuse). This has been my life ever since and NOTHING has ever allowed me to escape that abuse. I also began LT3 with extreme fatigue and very low energy my whole life. I had a 13 cm tumor in my liver (potentially fatal) that has now shrunk dramatically with no explanation. My fear, anger, unforgiveness related to the SRA is also gone. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE MIRACLE!!!


       Ellie Parton



I won’t tell you what my biggest issue was, but I will tell you it’s is now 180 degrees better – actually GONE!!!


    Heather Parks



When you do LT3 with Belief Mapping SOMETHING HAPPENS that is hard to express. After 2 weeks I am so much better. What’s better, glad you asked.


More energy

More kindness

So much happier

More compassion for self and others

More loving and understanding


I have no idea how this does what it does, but it does!!! Oh man, this isn’t like a miracle, IT IS A MIRACLE, such a gift, INDESCRIBABLE!


       Bill Robinson



LT3 and Belief Mapping works very well for me. I have had a significant shift in my personality which I never would have expected, but it’s WONDERFUL. I’m reconnecting with people after many years and making exciting new friends. My sleep has improved, the PTSD is definitely less, I haven’t had a single seizure (which never has happened with anything), migraines and heart issues are better, the emotional and physical pain are gone, and I am lighter, brighter, and more balanced.


     Mina Smith



My MD just told me I no longer need chemo for breast cancer – YEAAAA!! That was worth everything, and twice the price. Belief Mapping is very interesting and resonates well with me.


  Susan Seligman



LT3 with Belief Mapping is FANTASTIC!!! I started the program with an incurable disease – oh my gosh, IT’S A MIRACLE!!! My debilitating fear was gone in 3 days – everything on the entire map was gone in 3 days. Fear of success – Gone. Fear of failure – Gone. Fear of change – Gone. Fear that I am undeserving – Gone.


      Christy Williams



LT3 and Belief Mappin has been a life changer for me and my entire family. My son has experienced incredible healing, and he didn’t do a single code or belief map – I did it on him. And this healed me of cancer. What more can you say than I WOULD BE DEAD WITHOUT THIS!


     Marty Womack


Dear Dr. Alex,


I deeply appreciate the opportunity to share with others how LT3/Belief Mapping changed

me, for the better. It is my sincere hope that there will be more and more people signing up for this incredible program. My life was affected in the most profound way by it, and it has only been a few

weeks. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. Alex.


With deepest gratitude and appreciation,


Teresa Simpson






"Our first meeting was about health.


I started to do the healing to health but meanwhile my other issues became urgent, and I also wished my biggest issue to improve (my relationship with my little son), so from then I did the interventions for about four issues, every day for a different issue. However, after four weeks, I started to experience fabulous moments with my son, to which I will remember all my life.


Then I started to do the healing mainly to my biggest issue, and in 17 days, with about 12 interventions to that issue, the score for the issue itself went up from -7 to +5, so 12 higher, so with every intervention it was one score higher, when next time I rated it, that is amazing! :)))


Thank you very much!"


  • Nikko Lorros






I just want to say thank you so so very much for the life changing impact you and your work has had on me over the last 2 years of my life. I have just started the belief mapping along with the enology program that I already do and it has been incredibly eye opening. 

Thank you for allowing God to reach the world through your skill and dedication. 

I’m grateful to be one who has been reached.


Jane Parker


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