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Over the last 15 years, Dr. Alex has had the privilege of helping millions of people reduce stress, remove barriers and overcome the issues that have kept them from experiencing life to the fullest. From health to relationships to success, his core methods dig deep into the root cause of what is holding people back and help them heal emotional, physical and spiritual issues from the inside out. In this, his goal has always been simple: to help as many people as possible live their healthiest, happiest and most successful lives.

After talking with and listening to countless of people, he began to see a need: there were people who wanted to experience whole-life healing, but they felt like they didn’t know where to begin. They wanted access to all of the Core Methods and teachings from Dr. Alex, but could not afford the up-front investment required to purchase them all. With this in mind, Alex travels across the country and the world doing in depth-full day workshops and speaking engagements to give people all the tools they need to get the most out of all the core principles Dr. Alex has to offer. He has traveled to every major City in Europe and attends at least 15 speaking engagements every year in major cities across the world, and is ALWAYS invited back. You can expect your audience to leave feeling fully equipped to address any issue that they could ever encounter in their life.

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"I am an event promoter in Europe and have promoted 3,000 events in the last 10 years, many of which were notables from the U.S. I have promoted Dr. Alex Loyd for the last 7 years in various major European cities. Of all the events I have promoted over the years I have personally attended only seven. Four of those were Dr. Alex's events. I do not attend Dr. Alex's events as a promoter but as a father, husband, and citizen of the world. What he teaches is very different from what anyone else says, in fact, it's almost the opposite. I have never heard what he teaches anywhere else, and it is how I want to live my life and be the person I would like to be. If you are EVER going to attend an event for fun or learning, DO NOT miss Dr. Alex - it will change your life. And by the way, every other European promoter I know feels the same way, as do the event participants - that's why we keep having him back to the same places over and over every year."

Patrick Peterson


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