I can’t make it through the morning without a few cups of coffee...I can’t remember the last time I got a good night’s sleep...I am so worn out. Sound familiar? 

It does to me, unfortunately. In fact I can say without a doubt that the number one complaint over the course of my 18 plus years since developing The Healing Codes and even before then when I had a counseling practice is low energy. It’s probably the most common complaint there is besides anxiety or emotional or physical pain. It’s no wonder we see energy drinks rise in popularity and people over paying for a 2-ounce shot of mega caffeine!

All these things are temporary solutions to a low-energy problem. Think of a clear empty 2-liter bottle as representing how much energy you have to do everything you need to do for the day when you wake up. With that much energy you can accomplish an entire day’s work, both mental and physical, without a lull during the day but there is a problem. Most people don’t wake up with that bottle full of physical energy.

There is a theory I’ve mentioned before here on my blog called the barrel effect that I first heard from Dr. Doris Rapp and really every doctor ascribes to it. You have a metaphorical internal barrel and all stress, whether it’s physical, emotional, relational, generational, etcetera, goes in that barrel. All your stress goes into the barrel and stays there until it is fixed. And when they are fixed then you have that much more energy for that day. But the problem is almost no one fixes any of them. So for a lot of people their metaphorical 2-liter bottle of energy is only half full for the day because the rest of the bottle is taken up by these unresolved stressors. 

That’s why it’s so important for you to pick and choose what to put your energy in because you only have so much energy. I’ve worked with people who might only have a tenth of the energy they need for the day. They’d have energy to do maybe one thing and have to stop and rest the remainder of the day.

Low energy is also one of the biggest issues that medicine has to deal with...the doctor may very well say have you thought about diet and exercise and meditation but most of them get out their prescription pad and prescribe something. And now the person is hooked. But it’s never as good or anywhere in the vicinity of having your issues resolved so that you have a full day’s energy.

Being tired and wearing a “badge” of busyness has unfortunately become part of culture. In fact, the National Safety Council conducted a survey that found that 43 percent of people were too tired to function at work and an overwhelming 97 percent of the survey respondents reported at least one risk factor for fatigue.

So what’s the solution if your favorite double shot of espresso doesn’t do the trick? The only way to dump the stress from your internal barrel is to resolve your emotional, spiritual and psychological negative energy. Energy drinks, supplements, etcetera, just mask symptoms If you resolve those issues, and in my experience if you resolve about 5 issues in your life on average, you’ll be amazed with how much more energy you feel and how much happier you are!

Another thing that I want to stress is to simply love yourself and others. It takes a lot of energy to maintain a negative attitude. So rather than blaming others, if you can be grateful and accepting you’ll find that makes a difference as well. Because honestly 9 times out of 10 that is NOT who you are but that is what is keeping you from who you naturally are. And it can truly alter your personality.

I’ve actually seen many people take personality tests when they are sick or depressed or during a really stressful time or not feeling well and then they label themselves as that and it’s almost like when they get that result they start trying to be that person because they think this is who I am. I have probably seen one person in three who took a personality test, fixed their issues and retook it and then have totally different results. They’ll tell me, this one feels right. This one feels like me

You may not know who you really are until you dump that internal barrel and fix these issues. You may think different, feel different, have different health, interact with people differently, spend your time differently. You may be dramatically different once you heal those internal issues.

But low energy is one of the things that keeps you from being you. You don’t have enough energy to be who you really are so you slip into this lesser version of yourself. Well guess what? It is possible to become the best person you can be.


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