Are you feeling tired all the time? Our bodies were made to be healthy, so if you are feeling less energetic despite doing all the right things (getting enough sleep, eating well and managing stress), there is an underlying issue bogging you down.


If you Google this topic very few people are going to say any of these things, so I hope this is eye-opening for you! Here are three reasons you’re tired all the time that have nothing to do with sleep:


  1. Your barrel is overflowing.

By overflowing barrel, I don’t mean that you’re taking too much on during the day. Spring is a busy season. There are end-of-year programs, activities, projects and deadlines. This is not the type of overflowing barrel I am talking about, however.


The barrel effect in medicine was a theory developed by Dr. Doris Rapp, pediatric allergy medicine pioneer and past president of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. We all have an inner barrel where stress goes. New stressors can come your way, and as long as your barrel is not full you can handle them. As soon as you reach your tipping point, however, you will break at your weakest link!


One of the first ways you’ll feel the barrel effect is fatigue. This is because you have problem areas that are not being addressed that are depleting your body of energy.


2. The underlying cause of this barrel effect.


What is the real cause of the barrel effect? To understand why you are fatigued, you need to understand what’s going on. A theory I have taught in the past called the what, the why and the who illustrates this. The what is your actions and what you do and is what most people, even the experts, focus on most of the time. Why is why you do it. And the who is why you really do it. Most people never get to the who, even the experts. In order to change everything about ourselves, we tend to change the why, but if you don’t address the who you will relapse. The who is the real cause -- who you believe you are and who you believe you are not and all the accompanying guilt, shame, self worth, etc.


The barrel effect is like that, too. You automatically assume that all the busyness of your life is the culprit. “I’m swamped right now with this job and this relationship and parenting, etc.” That is the why you would give, but that is not the real source of the problem.


The real source is the memories of your heart -- the unconscious, subconscious generational memories that have lies in them. These are continually sending a negative fight or flight signal to you brain, causing you to feel stress when you shouldn’t be.


There is no pill, no surgery or traditional medical methods that can heal those memories. In fact, they are protected by you! The only way to escape this barrel effect hamster wheel is to fix your memories. Once that happens your barrel drains down to the bottom, and you’ll have more energy and a positive sense of getting things done.


3. A spiritual issue that is not right.

Lastly, you may have a spiritual issue keeping you fatigued. You have got to address the spiritual and make sure you are right with all of the relationships in your life -- this starts with God or a higher power, then with yourself and then other people. You can’t control people’s actions or responses, but you can manage how you react to them.


Once the spiritual aspect is right, the other things heal themselves. Whereas if you address body and mind alone very often they won’t budge. Find the spiritual issue, fix it and that by itself will make a big difference.


In her book “Who Switched Off My Brain?,” Caroline Leaf writes about the body’s many macrosystems and microsystems. Out of all of those, guess what? We have no mechanisms in our body designed for the negative.


So if you are feeling fatigue, it means you are malfunctioning. If you are reasonably healthy you should have enough energy to tackle your day. The problem is we are treating symptoms like sources and not addressing sources at all for the most part, which means we are not ever going to feel at optimum health and energy. Sadly, however, most of us will put up with this for a lifetime.


You may want to try my Trilogy and Memory Engineering methods as they approach these unhealed memories from two different points. My weekly Whole Life Healing calls are also a wonderful free resource and are archived on my website.


While you should certainly pay attention to common sense things such as sleep and diet, don’t ignore the underlying issues that can be keeping you constantly fatigued. Here’s to a life full of positivity AND energy!




Dr. Alex


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