We suppress negative emotions for a variety of reasons. Perhaps we don’t want to appear weak or vulnerable or we’re just giving in to the pressures of social conditioning to “be tough.” We now know that suppressing or holding in emotions doesn’t make them go away – it makes them worse.


Negative thoughts and emotions constantly send fear signals. When those signals are picked up by the brain, we shift into fight or flight stress mode, which even the U.S. government says 95 percent of illness comes from.


Even when suppressed, these negative thoughts impact us whether we realize it or not. For example, I had a client in her 20s whose whole life falling apart and she didn’t know why. She had some issues growing up, but nothing significant. But over the last four years she was crashing like a kite losing wind and she felt like she was getting close to the ground.


During our 3rd or 4th session she was weeping and almost frantic. Since our last session she had remembered being date raped four years previously. Now a lot of people think, “oh come on that can’t be so...no way you’re going to forget something that significant.” But our mind’s built-in defense system kicks in to keep usp sane and to be able to live as good a life as we can, even if we have had some very distressing things happen to us.


Every single health problem that plagues humans originates from a destructive energy frequency. The “issues of the heart,” or the negative spiritual and emotional beliefs caused by hurt and trauma, can control health, resonate destructive energy frequencies and create stress.


Traditionally the solutions have been talk therapy or medication. Some of the latest research on talk therapy is it often makes things worse, not better, and typically medications lead to other medications. I’m not against medication if prescribed during a time of crisis and used as a temporary bridge. The problem is, you almost never see this.


I had a patient, for example, who had started on anti-anxiety medication in her 20s and 40 years later she was still on that bridge but it included multiple medications and medications that were even stronger. She confided in me that the medications she was on were at the root of some health problems she’d developed over the past few years.


Memories, both good and bad, are full of energy. And now we know these memories go down to the cellular level. Organ transplant research has had too many instances to cite of people receiving an organ from another person develop the other person’s food cravings, personality traits, etc


In 2004, the Dallas Morning News ran a story titled “Medical School Breakthrough” about a research study released by Southwestern University Medical Center. Scientists had discovered that our experiences do not just reside in our brains, but are recorded at the cellular level throughout our bodies, and they believed these cellular memories were the true source of illness and disease. This concept of cellular memory is at the core of my practice.


So if memories are made of energy you fix them with energy. This is the exciting field of energy medicine, which I am told by experts is the fastest growing area in both psychology and medicine, predating Western Medicine by thousands of years.


If traditional methods are not a solution, what is? I’ve been developing ways to finally heal these negative energies without talk therapy and medication and giving in to struggle and simply coping by in life.


Here are three steps to finally release the negative emotions and memories in your life and start living:


Identify your biggest problem

What area of your life is the “one thing” holding you back? My X-Factor Quiz can help you drill down to your biggest problem.


Identify the negative feeling or emotion related to that problem

What memory do you have related to the negative feeling or emotion you’re experiencing? If you can’t think of a specific memory, identify the strongest memory related to that emotion and work on healing it. Pray or make a request of the heart about the memory that is causing you pain or is holding you back


Use my groundbreaking new Trilogy method

Trilogy is my latest groundbreaking method that has been six years in the making. There’s no other energy healing method like it! It combines the world’s eight top energy healing modalities into a single, powerful process. All of these different methods work together to address every aspect of your body, mind, and spirit. It’s easy to learn, and you’ll see benefits by by practicing just a few minutes a day.


You can heal your negative memories, but not by talk therapy or medication. You need an energy tool to fix an energy problem and that’s where Trilogy comes in. I’ve shared how to start using the basic, three-minute method completely free, with no strings attached! I can’t wait to hear how it impacts your life!




Dr Alex


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