For a number of years, I worked in private practice counseling and therapy, and set up counseling programs at three different institutions. I actually interned under a world-renowned psychologist who taught me how to do that. But all that was before I came to the realization that counseling and therapy is frequently not effective at healing the source of a person’s problem. You could make them feel better and help them develop some coping skills, yes. But usually, the problem was only better managed, not gone. So eventually, I walked away to start the Healing Codes, believing that for 90+ percent of people, we could actually fix their problem for good. One of the keys to this realizing the importance of relationships, and the impact that they could have on our lives.


Here are some of the physical problems I discovered can be influenced and even caused by unresolved relationship issues.

  • Anxiety. The unresolved tension of a problematic relationship can easily cause you to become anxious, often to the point of disrupting your life in some way, small or large. The longer this goes on, the greater the chance it may lead to something worse.
  • Aches and Pains. The stress placed on our system by relationship problems can lower the body’s natural defenses. Aside from making us more vulnerable to illness and disease, it becomes much easier for our bodies natural balance to be disrupted, and can cause us to feel aches and pains as the result of things we would normally cope with easily.
  • Chronic Illness. When a relationship issue places us into stress, our body eventually breaks at the weakest link. So if a relationships issue goes on for an extended period of time, it’s almost certain to manifest as a physical problem. What physical problem that is may just be down to genetics.

Here’s the thing. That list is a bit of a trick. The real list is: any physical problem in the history of mankind. It works like this. The part of your brain and nervous system that determines you moment-by-moment life experience makes that determination based on whether it’s receiving a fear or a love-based signal. As I’ve said before, love cannot exist outside the context of a relationship, and fear is merely the absence of love. So, your moment-to-moment life experience is determined by whether you’re experiencing love or fear in your relationships.

When I realized this, I started tracking down my clients relationship issues related to their physical problems, and I absolutely saw a spike in positive, and often complete results. It was beyond anything I’d seen before.

Here’s a practical way to apply this. Think about your biggest problem right now: animal, vegetable, or mineral. If you’re not sure what that is, click here to take the X-Factor test in just sixty seconds, and we’ll find it for you. Whatever that “thing” is for you right now, identify your biggest negative feeling about it. Then, think back over your entire life, and even those of your ancestors if you know of anything relevant. Ask yourself, “what relationship of mine surfaces when I think of anger, or unforgiveness, or whatever my negative feeling is?” Then, work on it with Trilogy until it’s not really bothering you anymore. Then find the next relationship related to that feeling and work on that one in the same way. Continue doing this, and pray or make a request of your heart, that all relationships related to that issue will be healed completely and forever.

Your thinking has to shift. The problem is not your health issue. The problem is the relationship issue that is causing that stress.


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