The theory of positive thinking goes back to the 1950s with the release of the best-selling classic, “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale.


The reality is, however, that positive thinking alone just doesn’t cut it. In fact, a staggering only one person in about 100 will be successful no matter what. These people have what is known as a resilient personality, which is an actual psychological term. You can place them in any situation and they will rise to the top.


The rest of us, however, need more help. Simply uttering positive statements over and over will not heal you. In fact it will do more harm than good. For example, saying something you don’t believe is true, such as “my cancer is in the process of healing right now” when you don’t truly in your heart believe it to be true will hurt you because your subconscious will identify it as being untrue.


Today I want to share four truths about positive thoughts in hopes they will help you on your journey toward healing and living your best life!


  1. It’s not your fault

Everybody thinks it’s their fault. It’s human nature. A staggering 99 percent of the time children of divorce think it’s their fault. This is one of the things I’ve had the biggest pushback from my clients. What if I’m a criminal? Yes, I am saying it’s not your fault. Now, are you accountable for that? Absolutely. Should you go to jail? Absolutely.


It’s like a splinter in you, but it is not you. Where is that line? We judge ourselves the harshest - always making the line much much higher on ourselves and much lower on others.


It’s all about judgment and judgment is for God and small kids only. If you can ever get to the place where you are at peace with everyone and with yourself and others, you have come a long long way to living a happy and healthy life. Love always points the right direction, but fear always points the way to fear and judgment


2. The solution is never trying harder


This might surprise you because virtually every book on being successful involves trying harder. Well, in my experience pretty much everybody does the best they can. Now I’m not saying there aren’t times you don’t say I could have done better...that’s true of all people! But our natural state as humans is typically to do as good as you can and to contribute to society. So the solution to the problem is virtually never trying harder.


3. You can still achieve a perfect life for you from wherever you are right now


No matter what stage you are in life, no matter your age or your socioeconomic status, unless you are on your deathbed right now I believe that you can still get a perfect life for you. A lot of people have given up. They’ve tried dozens of things through the years and life has been a crazy weird rollercoaster. Some of them helped for a while but then they are back pretty much where they started and they think it’s too late for them or it’s just never going to happen. Often the detours you have taken that seem to be wasted time can be turned into blessings that help you get there faster or make things sweeter once you get there.


4. You are inherently made to be a very good person

It’s your default to be a very good person. Most people don’t feel that way, however. You are who you are internally the way you were made by God, which I believe is wonderful and perfect and built for happiness and life.


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