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  Acupuncture Points Meridians Chakras Governing Vessel Conception vessel Reiki Chi Eye Movement Therapy Meditation Prayer Releasing Truth Focus Statements Emotions Thoughts Behaviors Physiology Brain Chemistry Relationships
  Acupuncture Points Meridians Chakras Governing Vessel Conception vessel Reiki Chi Eye Movement Therapy Meditation Prayer Releasing Truth Focus Statements Emotions Thoughts Behaviors Physiology Brain Chemistry Relationships

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The best of ALL the energy medicine therapies in the world – in one thing!

What if just one thing did everything?

Imagine that one simple method could heal anything—with no negative side effects, no expensive treatments and no risk whatsoever. What if that one thing could be self-taught and practiced from the comfort of your home, using a perfectly integrated method that addressed everything at once – no matter what you were facing?


If this thing were real, how could you NOT try it? Well, I’m here to tell you that I have found that thing: Trilogy, a brand new energy healing process that uniquely combines the top energy medicine and energy psychology tools in the world to address any and all issues – body, mind and spirit. I have spent six years testing and developing Trilogy, and the results have been more profound than anything I have seen in 17 years – far more powerful than the Healing Codes alone! The first process of its kind and the only method of its kind with a patent pending, what I hear over and over from those who have tried it is: “I can’t believe no one has thought of this before.”

This isn’t just the one best thing available; it’s the best of ALL the things in the world, combined into one thing!

Throughout our lives, we seek countless solutions for the many problems we face at different points in time. We go to surgeons for our disease problems, psychiatrists for our mental hang-ups, life coaches and financial gurus for our career roadblocks. Each solution only fixes part of the problem, and so we keep searching. The same is true with energy medicine: there are thousands of tools available, but each one typically only addresses part of the problem. Plus, with so many tools to sort through, it could take someone years to just research everything, let alone practice the various modalities. Where do you even begin? Even if you try a modality and it helps, how do you know that a different modality might help you WAY more?

In Trilogy, we’ve taken the core components that make up at least 95 percent of all successful, proven energy medicine/psychology modalities and combined them into one easy process that addresses the source of all issues! I meticulously researched all the top energy tools available and discovered how to put them together in a way that gives you the essence of the best of everything in energy medicine/psychology, in just a few minutes. This holistic process uses the perfect combination of tools in the perfect order to address body, mind and spirit–the only single tool that is guaranteed to address the right source, 100 percent of the time. This type of practice has never existed anywhere in the world—until today. Trilogy is the most powerful tool of its kind—the total energy solution. And the best part is that I’m going to teach you how to start using the basic, three-minute method completely free, no strings attached.

This is not a sample but a complete training on the basic Trilogy process. So why not try it? You’ve got nothing to lose!

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The New Method That Changes Everything For Everyone!

Trilogy is a unique process of energy healing that combines the worlds’s eight top modalities into a single, powerful process. Each component addresses the body, mind, or spirit in a different combination, so that when used together, they deliver powerful healing to any problem, regardless of source. Trilogy is incredibly simple (and free!) to learn and can be practiced in just a few minutes a day!

So why is Trilogy so uniquely powerful? The short answer is that it weaves together the 8 most widely used energy modalities in the world and structures them so that they complement and empower one another. In just three minutes, Trilogy addresses:

  • The physical and mental by making use of acupuncture points and meridians. This is the top energy modality in the world, commonly used in well-known practices such as acupuncture and EFT.
  • The mental and spiritual, using the Healing Codes to address harmful wrong beliefs in your memories. The Healing Codes were discovered by Dr. Alexander Loyd and are the second most used energy modality in the world.
  • The spiritual and physical by making use of governing and conception vessels as well as chakras.
  • The physical, mental and spiritual through meditation, prayer and truth-focused statements.

Trilogy contains the active ingredients of the 8 most widely used energy modalities in the world and at least 95 percent of all other credible methods. These methods have been proven effective since 1,500 BC—long before the emergence of Western medicine—but until now, they have never been combined, and can only be effectively combined in a very specific way that took me four years to perfect. Now you can harness the healing power of all three of these practices in one simple process!

I believe in Trilogy so much that I’m taking out my first ever patent on it (currently patent pending), just to ensure that it will always be available no cost to you! The video below will teach you how to use the free, three-minute practice to address ANY problem in your life!

Though the basic method is completely free to learn, it is far more powerful when customized to address specific issues in your life. That’s why I’ve also created a more in-depth program that will help you identify every source of issues and disease in your life, along with custom Trilogy processes to address them. This program also contains two powerful add-on minutes building on the free, three-minute exercise and integrating another four of the other major energy therapies: reiki-like exercise, eye movement therapy, breathing exercises and releasing statements.  Learn the free method, and then take your healing to the next level with the Trilogy Source Home Study program.

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Trilogy Free Training

The Trilogy method is extremely simple to learn. This short, free training video will explain the science behind each component of our basic, three-minute program and show you how to practice the method. In just 15 minutes, you’ll have everything you need to start integrating Trilogy into your daily life!

The free method harnesses the eight most prominent energy therapies in the world, and at least 80% of all other credible modalities, in a package that is designed to be simple and easy to use, and these are incredibly powerful on their own. But if you want to turbo-charge and customize your healing, you’ll love the two add-on minutes I’ve included in the Trilogy Source Home Study–the Intensive Minute and the Miracle Minute–that give you four more of the world’s top energy therapies! You'll also get custom Trilogy processes for any issue in your life !Why separate it from the free, three-minute method? Because the processes included with this home study program are specifically created for your individual needs, unique from the processes of anyone else on earth!In other words, the "add on" minutes and processes are all completely customized to each individual and each issue for each individual. While the three-minute method is enough for the vast majority of people, it is also built to be as simple and accessible as possible, to ensure that anyone can use Trilogy. But if you want faster results, if you feel that your problem is exceptionally serious, or if you feel stuck and want to dig yourself out, the home study program with the two customized add on minutes is how you do it.

Are you ready to discover how to customize Trilogy to address the source of whatever issue you’re facing? Get the Trilogy Source Home Study today!

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The Trilogy Source Home Study

Do you want to get the greatest, most potent healing experience possible with Trilogy? The Trilogy Source Home Study takes the basic tool that’s yours for free and brings it to the next level.

The Trilogy Source Home Study dives deep into the common sources of almost any issue in your life and shows you how to use Trilogy to address those issues. Because we know that the mechanism in our brain that controls our experience of life is governed by either love or fear—and there is no love outside of relationships—almost every issue we can have ties back to a relationship issue. This study walks through every relationship of your life and where these relationships typically go wrong. Once you have a full understanding of the Source issues, the course will provide you with a full demonstration of a specialized Trilogy process designed to specifically target any issues (even unconscious ones) relating to the various relationships in your life. No matter whether you problem is with a friend, family member, God, or even yourself, you’ll find a customized process here keyed to your specific need.

The Trilogy Source Home Study offers:

  • Nine customized Trilogy processes to directly address the underlying issues of your unique life.
  • Two additional Trilogy minutes – the Intensive Minute and the Miracle Minute–which gives you the power of four more complex energy therapies: reiki-like exercise, eye movement therapy, breathing technique and releasing statements. These can be totally customized to your individual healing needs!
  • In-depth teaching on the different relationships in your life and how they relate to all types of problems.
  • Custom Trilogies for each type of relationship and source issue.
  • Hours of video footage by Dr. Alex to personally walk you through each step, complete with step-by-step written instructions and in-depth Home Study manual.
  • A greater rate of healing in all areas of your life.
  • A one-time purchase for your entire family, forever.

The Trilogy Source Home Study course, which includes hours of video and a Home Study manual, is available for direct purchase as a digital download. Or you can also access it for free by subscribing to Dr. Alex All Access, where you’ll enjoy unlimited access to a huge library of healing resources with weekly newsletters and new Trilogy courses monthly, as well as the support of a vibrant, welcoming community.

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Why Trilogy?

My search for a total energy solution began in 2012, when a young client approached me after a speaking engagement. This woman was in her early 20s, vibrant, healthy, intelligent and curious. She had just discovered energy medicine as well as The Healing Codes.

Excited by the potential of energy medicine, she did what most young people do: she Googled everything she could find about it–and there was a lot to find (today, you can find about 3.5 million Google results for “energy psychology,” and almost 16 million for energy medicine. My educated guess is that there are about 3,000 credible energy psychology and 15,000 credible energy medicine disciplines. (Trying one new method per week, you wouldn't see the end in a hundred years.) Slightly overwhelmed, her question for me was “where in the world do I start?”

I was aware of the thousands of different credible modalities out there, and I had personal relationships with the creators of most of the top modalities–all of whom agreed that each of their tools did different things for different people. I began to wonder if there was a way to combine these different methods–to take the essence of all the things that are good and true and that have worked in the field for the last 3,500 years and put them into one tool.

It’s rare in this world that we are able to combine multiple things and have them work universally. You can’t combine chemotherapy and aspirin and allergy medicine and have it treat anything that could be wrong with you. Quite the opposite–the pieces you didn’t need would hurt you! That’s why I was skeptical that this could be done in energy medicine, but I had to find out.

For three years, I tested different methods and combinations to try to find a combined energy tool that could work for just about anything. The process of discovering Trilogy was like a complicated chemistry experiment, using heart rate variability tests and other measurements tools to test different methods in dozens of orders. At the outset, I didn't even know whether something like this was possible, and there were times when I felt like giving up. But finally, I found the combination that got results virtually every time–Trilogy. From there, I tweaked and tested it even more to create the method I’m bringing you today: the most powerful experience of this type, the one process that can address the source of just about any issue.

Many of these tools have existed for thousands of years. For the first time, we have them together in one total energy solution.

If you’re new to energy medicine or energy psychology, Trilogy is the place to start. And the next time I am asked by a young person seeking healing in this vast and ancient field, I will have a good answer. If you’ve been practicing energy medicine for some time, I believe Trilogy will become your go-to tool–the one that dramatically increases your results in a fraction of the time.

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How Trilogy Works

I am told by inside experts that energy medicine and energy psychology are the fastest growing fields in the entire health field–because they work, they are cheap, and there are no side effects (it's 100% organic and natural). Scientists are now starting to understand exactly how these ancient practices work in the body. It’s not mysticism, but real, practical solutions to address different systems in our beings.

The videos below take an in-depth look at just a few of the energy modalities that make up Trilogy and give you more background on why they are such effective tools for healing our bodies, minds, and spirits.

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What Others Are Saying

All of these testimonials and more are from people just like you. Whatever your problem may be, I firmly believe we can help you free yourself from whatever holds you back in your life, and launch you to your ABSOLUTE BEST LIFE. Don’t wait to let this opportunity pass you by!

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If you’re ready to get started and take your healing to the next level, there are two ways to access the Trilogy Source Home Study:

All Access Subscription

For a low monthly fee, you can subscribe to Dr. Alex All Access, where you’ll get access to the Trilogy Source Home Study over a period of 6 months. Get the main course immediately, then get a new custom Trilogy process once a month for 6 months as long as you’re a subscriber! At the end of 6 months, you’ll have it all!

Starting at $50/month, I’m making Trilogy available to ALL current and new All Access subscribers, regardless of which level you choose! Your subscription to this all-inclusive platform also gives you all my core methods, access to a community of like-minded people, a weekly newsletter with custom codes and a new course every month (depending on your subscription level)!

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Do you want everything the Trilogy Source Home Study has to offer all at once? You can buy the Trilogy Source Home Study outright, and get the entire package–including all add ons and custom codes–immediately through digital download! These videos and manual will be yours to keep forever–no monthly fee.


Trilogy is the biggest thing in energy medicine I’ve ever seen! It’s revolutionizing the industry, and I know it can revolutionize your life. Don’t wait another minute to make Trilogy a part of YOUR healing!

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