I’ve talked about the science of cellular memories before. Today I’d like to share some practical ways that the memories we hold on to affect our daily lives.


First of all, everyone I’ve ever met has have tos and want tos. They are so much a part of our lives that we don’t even notice them, even if they become problematic.


Now the want tos can become a problem if we start missing out on our present and what it has to offer because we are so focused on what we want to do (or what we think we want to do!)


Why do we do this? Because our feelings and thoughts are saying I want this, I want this, I want this! Wanting things or people and circumstances can get you into trouble, however. It robs you of now. It robs you of being content with what you already have.


Now, onto the have tos. There is almost always a reason why something is a have to, and that typically is a negative, as well as often untrue, reason.


My favorite example is one I clung to all my life, or at least 27 years of it! I believed that cleaning a toilet was not only a have to, but cruel and unusual punishment. One day suddenly it was not a have to for me. In fact, I was singing and having fun cleaning the toilet! It was a dramatic, internal change.


My wife Hope was the one who realized this change in me and just about fell on the floor! The reason I had a have to attitude about cleaning toilets was merely a this is a below me belief and attitude. I’m sure it had to do with the way I was raised. We weren’t poor, but we were middle class. My dad was an entrepreneur so it was cheaper to higher someone to help around the house rather than take away from our family businesses.


Cleaning toilets was beneath me, or so I thought, but when something happened that almost took away what was most important to me, my priorities and outlook changed and suddenly the next time I go to clean my toilet I was content and no longer resentful.


Everyone has these have to and want to problems, stuff from our hearts and memory banks and how we are programmed. The have tos come from an internal insecurity or feeling of “I’m not ok the way I am” and “I need X in order to be OK.” You might think you need a boat to make you happy. Of course unless you find and fix your internal issues, no boat will make you happy. And when you get the boat, guess what? You’ll move onto the next thing, like a new car or motorcycle.


Here’s the deal. Both have tos and want tos come from internal lies. These internal lies can be very subtle but they affect our daily lives. We compare ourselves and think this is normal and OK. Well it may be considered normal in today’s society, but it’s not the way we are designed to work!


Second, any time you are thinking or feeling something negative that does not fall in line with your current circumstances, it’s 100 percent coming from a memory with a lie in it. Somewhere in your subconscious mind there is this lie that is affecting you. You may need some honest feedback from friends and loved ones because you will most likely deny this is the case.


Take, for example, the guy with the hair trigger temper who doesn’t think he has an anger problem but everyone knows it! If they can get someone to be honest with them and shed light on their behavior, they can hopefully identify this within themselves.


Third, your unhealed memories may result in continual health issues, whether it be anxiety or depression or little nagging physical ailments like acid reflux. I was told by a friend, one of the top longevity geneticist medical doctors in the world, that our bodies are built and designed to last 120 years and be healthy. What interferes with that? Stress. Stress suppresses the immune system and there goes our 120 years of life.


One of the longest longevity tests in the world was conducted by researchers at Boston University. It studied decades and decades and tens of thousands of subjects. The common thread - these people don’t worry about things. When you worry you are literally taking healthy years off your life.


Here’s the good news. If you heal these issues and start intentionally changing your priorities and living in love in the present moment, you can begin to reverse the process. You can actually add years to your life.


Have a blessed, wonderful day!


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