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For many people, books and online training provide the information they need to get s/tarted on their journey of healing. But for those looking for a more personal, hands-on approach, we offer one-on-one coaching with highly-skilled coaches, trained in a variety of the Whole Life Healing techniques. Our coaches will help you identify the roots of the issues that bother you most, develop custom TRILOGY processes specifically for you, and help you create a plan and a path for healing. Working with a coach is the most effective way to identify areas of your heart where you need healing and see unbelievable results.

All of our Whole Life coaches have gone through extensive training and are certified and approved by Dr. Alex. Some coaches also specialize specifically in an area such as relationships, healing or success.

You can purchase 1 hour of personal TRILOGY Coaching with a certified TRILOGY Coach. If this is your first time for TRILOGY Coaching, this is the place to start. For the personal coaching session, you can choose the coach of your choice in the dropdown menu, or simply let us assign a coach to you.

The coach will contact you with further details. While you purchase here your first hour of TRILOGY Coaching, you can continue to work with your coach for as long as you would like and on any issues that bother you.


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