The Truth Technique is a bio-energetic self-testing method that helps you tap into the inner wisdom of your subconscious mind and determine what is best for your body. An advanced form of applied kinesiology that is easier and more effective than muscle testing, The Truth Technique can help you discover hidden allergies, sensitivities, strengths, and skills sets, and as well as the best diet and lifestyle for your body’s unique needs. With built in controls against bias and uncertainties, The Truth Technique is a highly accurate self-testing method that is easy to learn and will provide you with invaluable knowledge to test your environment and make the best decisions for you. The Truth Technique comes with multiple, completely original testing methods that allow you use the one that works best for you. Listen to your body and discover YOUR best diet, exercise, supplements, meals, water, fabrics, colors and more.

The Truth Technique is convenient, fast, and easy to do for yourself. Our online manual and series of videos will teach you how to conduct the test independently and effectively anytime and anywhere.

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