For the person who wants to go as in-depth as possible, Life Transformation 3 (LT3) offers intensive, personalized training on a variety of methods and principles within Dr. Alex’s practice. Led by Dr. Alex himself, LT3 is a five-week program that combines small group training with one-on-one sessions to help you master all aspects of your life, health, relationships and success. LT3 is our ultimate program – the only one-on-one training Dr. Alex does, and a program that will equip you for a lifetime of health, happiness and success.

Through this special program, you will discover heart issues, learn how to master all of the Codes, including The Love Code, The Healing Codes, The Success Code, and The Relationship Codes, and get personalized codes specific for you, directly from Dr. Alex. The program includes five group sessions and four personal, one-on-one sessions with Dr. Alex. All sessions are held via phone or Skype, so you can be a part of it no matter where in the world you live! Plus, LT3 graduates become part of a lifetime community with special forums, alumni meet-ups, and exclusive offers such as monthly live programs and special content.

Learn all there is to know about how to totally change your life and achieve happiness and success. This elite program is only offered four times each year, so be sure to claim your spot while there is still availability! Cost: $2,900.

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