Where the original Healing Codes focuses more on physical issues and physical healing centers, The Healing Codes II goes even deeper into thoughts, feelings, wrong beliefs and negative memories that affect the way you process the world and approach your job, relationships, health and nearly every aspect of your life.

These life and source codes help you identify, address and heal underlying root issues that hold you back, using a combination of psychology, energy medicine and spiritual principles. From your relationship with your parents to your sense of self worth, we’ll dig deep into the wrong beliefs and negative memories that are shaping your life – whether you’re conscious of them or not – and help you find lasting freedom today and tomorrow.

The Healing Codes II Products & Training

Healing Codes 2 Packaging

The Healing Codes II Home Study

The Healing Codes II Home Study is an easy way for you to learn how to do The Healing Codes II technique any time, anywhere. This study includes a 300+ page manual along with eight hours of video teaching to help you begin applying these principles to your life NOW.

The Healing Codes II Home Study offers five lifetime codes that address the primary issues all of us face—issues that are at the root of almost all illness, failure, relationship dysfunction, or lack of wholeness, including:

  • Negative thoughts, feelings, and beliefs
  • Illness, disease, and dysfunction
  • Actions and behavior, including habits and addiction
  • Nonphysical pain, such as anxiety and worry
  • Physical pain

Additionally, you’ll get 10–12 source lifetime codes to help you identify and heal specific source issues that are contributing to negative thoughts, feelings, diseases, anxieties, or destructive habits. This manual is the ONLY place you’ll find these codes!

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Looking for a more personal, hands-on approach? We offer one-on-one coaching with highly-skilled practioners, trained in a variety of Coding methods, to help guide you along the way.

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