Our Mission:

We are here to help people heal. Dr. Alex Loyd “Whole Life Healing” does that by a variety of products and services, all aimed at Unlocking the Issues of the Heart. We are committed to people who are committed to their own healing. One of those services is personal coaching sessions with a Certified Healing Codes Coach.


Our View:

The Healing Codes techniques are self-help techniques used for balancing the bio-energetic systems, relaxation, and stress reduction, and are not intended as a substitute for medical care.

Accordingly, Certified Healing Codes Coaches (CHCC) are not counsellors, therapists or healers.

It is appropriate for anyone with a physical or mental issue to see a doctor or licensed health care provider.

It is also appropriate to look for the cause of the physical issue and heal the cause. The Healing Codes address the spiritual issues that underlie the physical and emotional issues, and in doing so they remove the stress that is the cause of most illness and disease. The Healing Codes are a system of spiritual healing, addressing the issues of the spiritual Heart.

A Certified Healing Codes Coach (CHCC) is someone who is trained and certified to accompany clients on their personal Healing Codes Journey. A CHCC is trained to help the client to identify the underlying issues of the Heart and to develop a custom code for that issue. It is the client’s responsibility to apply the received custom code.


All our coaches are trained in the basic Healing Codes System; and they choose on an individual basis to learn and implement new modalities and tools that Dr. Alex is developing and teaching to the coaches.

Our coaches are independent contractors and have built up their own private practices and offer a variety of healing codes coaching services and packages.

Dr. Alex facilitates this place for the coaches to be listed for your convenience. All the coaches on this list are qualified in using the Healing Codes System and developing personal custom healing codes for you. Our coaches come from a variety of personal and professional backgrounds and bring their own personality and expertise into the coach/client relationship.

Some of our coaches have personal websites where you can learn more about them and their practices. We facilitate a list of our certified coaches to help you find them. Listing of a coach does not mean that Dr. Alex endorses their personal websites or their worldview.

We encourage you to read about our coaches below, choose the one that resonates with you then click on the link above to order. You will be given the option to pick the name of the coach of your choice in the drop-down menu, or if you prefer, let us assign a coach to you. 

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