We have spoken throughout this series about the anatomy of love. Now I want to discuss how to apply it to your life so that you can reach your full potential.


Our postulate for today:


You have a secret number that can help you determine meaning and purpose, that almost no one knows.


I want you to imagine a wave.


At the top of the wave we have power (amplitude) and across the wave is the wavelength (how long it takes to get from one wave to the next (speed.))


I now want you to imagine that the wave is a behavioral trait such as anger. Say the speed to reach anger is a -2 and the power of that anger is a -8-, you’re averaging at a -6.


Understanding the ‘magic number’, with regards to negative behavioral patterns, can help us to recognize whether it is frequency or power (or both) that drive it and where we sit on the scale.


I have previously discussed how our behavioral patterns (and their outcomes) are driven by:


  1. Our beliefs (what we live by)
  2. Commitment (to the right or wrong things)
  3. Image (the awful thing we fear)
  4. Identification of behavior
  5. Extenuating circumstances that might have triggered that behavior.


In short, you can’t meet your full potential until you recognize and fix that number and take it from the negative to the positive. And you can’t know your number until you identify the behavior and its driving factors.


Let’s go back to the example of anger. There will always be an image, belief, and person attached to (and associated with) this emotion. If anger is the identity of the behavior and this is made up of amplitude and speed, we need to identify where we sit on the scale. 




The True You Test is a great tool for discovering why we behave the way we do, where we sit on the scale, and how to heal the issue at hand.


Let’s look at the science:






Every thought and belief has a frequency and power that determines our actions. Only when we diagnose and recognize them can we fix it.


Whatever you’re committed to is going to dictate your outcome.


So, here’s some homework!


I want you to identify where your commitments are and if those beliefs are positive or negative; I then want you to identify where you sit on the scale using our diagnostic tools.


Once you have determined your -10 to +10 for behaviors, try to identify your amplitude and frequency- how often you feel anger, for example, or how strongly.


How do you do this?


It is simple.


You know what you’re committed to if you keep seeing the same results and reverting to the same patterns of behavior. If you keep repeating the same things and expecting different results, this is a behavior trait worth noting. 


We need to intercept that trait and stop it in its tracks. Generally, as an adult, the painful things are actually better for helping us grow and not necessarily what feels good at the time!


But how does identifying our secret number show meaning and purpose?


If I am living in ‘seek pleasure and avoid pain’, I am self-serving.

If I am committed to God, I am living in love regardless of the end result for myself.


Our thoughts, feelings, and actions determine how we live and what we place value and meaning in.




Does something need to change for you?


Are you committed to the right thing?


I want you to identify your magic number; only then can we begin to take the necessary steps to heal and live in love.  



Have a blessed, wonderful day!


Alex Loyd



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