Today I want to discuss how our beliefs are formed and how they define our lives. In my 30 years of counseling and therapy my clients typically say at the beginning of their sessions, as my circumstances go, so I go. And at the end of our time together, whether it is after just one visit or after several months, most of them would retract that statement and say as my beliefs go, so I go.


The generally accepted theory is that your health is influenced by DNA and internal biological predisposition. But now we know that your beliefs impact your health. Dr. Bruce Lipton is a pioneering researcher who proved that DNA does not control the cell, your beliefs control the cell. Your beliefs are really responsible for everything, from your relationships to your health.


A few years ago National Geographic magazine published a special edition called Owners Manual to the Brain. It covered cutting edge research that revealed that one second before you make any decision there is an electrical spike in the brain. That spike is the unconscious mind mandating what your decision is going to be.


Despite our abundance of wealth and freedom, Americans are not happy. In 2016 alone, 40 million people suffered from anxiety and 15 million from depression. $446 billion was spent on medication related to depression and anxiety. All this pain and anxiety and depression are coming from wrong beliefs.


Scientific American journal published a feature story a few years ago that said memories are really more like illusions. It’s really more accurate to call them illusions because there are so many errors and lies.


The other staggering thing is the researchers who unveiled that our memories are like illusions seriously considered burying this discovery. If you know anything about researchers, you know this goes against what they do, which is make groundbreaking discoveries and share those with the world.


They thought if people knew this truth that goes against everything we’ve thought in humanity for millennia that it would be really disturbing. This notion that I’m a victim of my own beliefs that have gotten corrupted through the generations was groundbreaking!


The researchers also couldn’t see what could be done about this - it’s so ingrained that very few people break the cycle. Take addiction, for example. The relapse rate on all addictions is above 95 percent and that’s even with AA and inpatient treatment because of this hard drive programming in humans called our beliefs.


Beliefs are interpretations about all of our memories regarding a particular area, Republican or Democrat, Ford or Chevy. And sometimes you can have conflicting beliefs. Which one do you do? Generally the one that is stronger at that time. Say you know you shouldn’t eat a half gallon of ice cream, but you also believe it will help you because you are sad. Well you’ll go with the stronger belief, even if it is to the contrary.


The traditional paths of counseling and therapy just teach coping skills. But there is a way to heal your wrong beliefs that act almost like a computer virus and creating negative thoughts and feelings that release negative chemicals in your body.


That is why I am very excited to do what I am doing through my Memory Engineering tool and Trilogy. There is absolutely something you can do about it!


You go as your beliefs go, not your money, not your success, etc. Our beliefs are interpretations of a given area in any time. Those are your beliefs about mom and dad but they come from thousands and thousands and memories related to mom and dad, some good and some bad and some neutral and your beliefs are the result of all of those cumulatively.


You have to do two things to change these beliefs.


One, create a new default memory that is true, rather than based on false beliefs. But that is very difficult to do because the unconscious mind protects negative memories. And the more adrenaline released at the time means the stronger that negative memory is protected.


I developed my new Memory Engineering to help you do this. It inserts a new positive file that overrides all the negative files.


Two, you need a tool that heals all the memory related lies and that would be my Trilogy method. Trilogy would be more like plugging in Norton Antivirus.


Einstein’s definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing all the time and expecting different results. Are you doing the things you need for happy, healthy successful relationships but you keep putting them off? Or do you keep doing things that are self-destructive, whether it’s habits or addictions, despite constantly telling yourself I’ve got to stop?


Why in the world would you do that, even though you know it’s not in the best interest for yourself and your loved ones? Because of your beliefs. They are working against you. And if you change them, then it requires no will power at all to stop those self-destructive habits. That is what my clients tell me -- “When I fixed those beliefs, it was effortless. I couldn’t believe it!”


Almost everyone that I’ve worked with over the last 30 years was not doing the things they should do and doing things they shouldn’t do. There has got to be a reason for that. You are not that stupid. None of us are. It’s that your unconscious is a million times stronger than your willpower.


Using your paltry willpower, you are going to lose every time. I believe I have a way to fix it.




Dr. Alex


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