Today is a very special day. In the last few weeks, we’ve gone over five questions with the power to lead you toward your best life, a life of love, meaning, and purpose. These questions were designed to show you what it is you really want out of life and to help clarify what I believe is the only sure way to get it. But of course, just knowing what you need to do is the easy part.

After Hope kicked me out of the house and I realized that all of this time I had been living what I know call “business deal love” instead of the real thing, I was excited to share it with the world. I started sharing the real love I had discovered with all of my clients in counseling and therapy and advising them to apply it in their own lives. Some were skeptical and some were enthusiastic, but in the end, I was disappointed by the results. Not one of them was able to live that way.

So why is that? It’s certainly not that I’m any better than them—I’m the biggest screw-up I know! But you may remember something I said in the last post, it’s very difficult to make radical changes to your life when your circumstances aren’t forcing you to make them. Life is messy, and it will push you right back to where you started if you’re not really committed. More than that, many people (perhaps even most people) are so weighed down and stressed out by their problems and traumatic memories that their subconscious doesn’t really allow them to make those sorts of meaningful choices. It needed something more.

My search for that something brought me to the Healing Codes, and then eventually to Trilogy and Memory Engineering, which you probably know are now my go-to recommendations for clearing out that sort of junk. But it brought me to something else, too—which brings me to today, and one of my very favorite subjects in the world.

What I now call the Spiritual Laws of Nature started with the birth of my first son, which was also our fourth pregnancy. After three miscarriages, we’d started to think we weren’t meant to be parents, and when it finally happened I can’t describe the joy I felt. But I was also terrified by the responsibility. Who really knows how to parent before they’ve done it? I certainly had no idea what I was doing. It prompted me to begin writing down some of my thoughts on life, just in case anything happened to me. My family has gotten used to me abruptly excusing myself from our family dinner or a movie now and then to scribble a thought down before I lose it, and I eventually started sharing them with my clients, to very positive results.

With the changes to the company over the past months, I felt now was the right time to start from the beginning. Every week, we’ll be posting a new blog post, sending out a new newsletter to our list, and posting new videos on our YouTube channel, all on the same topic. If you've been with us for a while, you may recognize some of the material. We’ll be doing everything we can to make it fresh, and in any case, the really important points are worth revisiting. In life, as in any challenging skill, it never hurts to review your fundamentals from time to time.

So, what exactly is a spiritual law of nature? Well, think of the physical laws of nature. Things like gravity or the laws of thermodynamics. These are laws that apply universally to everyone. You cannot choose whether you obey them or not. If you jump off the roof of your house holding an umbrella, as I did when I was little (I had just seen Mary Poppins), there are certain consequences that you will have to go through every time. The theory of the spiritual laws of nature was that there is a similar set of laws that apply to our spiritual state, and just as with the physical laws, disregarding them has certain inevitable consequences. But unlike the physical laws, most people don’t properly acknowledge the spiritual laws. We think we can “get away with it.”

But just because the consequences for breaking the spiritual laws aren’t usually immediate, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Over the past few posts on the five questions, we’ve gone into a lot of detail about how living according to certain principles can cause everything in your life to go either very right or very wrong. Here is where the rubber meets the road. One way or another, we pay for our mistakes, and the cost of living in violation of these spiritual laws is often much worse than the sprained ankle or even broken leg we might get from jumping off a second-story building.

So let’s stop doing that every day, shall we?

I want to start today with the very first spiritual law I ever wrote down. It was the start of it all and makes a great foundation for everything to come. Here it is: You only do what you believe in. Anytime you do anything, you have a belief—possibly subconscious—that it is a good thing for you to do in that moment. This is true 100 percent of the time, without exceptions. A lot of people have gotten upset with me for saying this. We’ve all done things we’re not proud of, and here I come adding insult to injury by telling them that’s what they really believe in!

Well, it’s like we talked about in question five. Just because you consciously believe in something doesn’t mean you’re actively living according to that belief. Almost everyone I’ve talked to has admitted to me when pressed, that the things they consciously believe are most important are not the same things they were placing first in their daily lives. Ultimately, if your beliefs and actions don’t match, it means that the belief doesn’t go all the way down. Underneath, you have a different, opposing belief, and the unconscious always wins when it conflicts with the conscious. That’s why the standard format for improving your behavior that the self-help industry has been pushing for 70+ years is really a recipe for failure. It’s all about 1) deciding what you want, 2) making a plan to get what you want, and 3) applying your willpower to the plan until you get it.

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., the odds of achieving something you’ve never been able to do before by willpower alone is a million to one—and this is not hyperbole. Ladies and gentlemen, we’d be stupid to fight those odds. That would be like walking into a casino and betting your happiness in life on a spin of the roulette wheel… except the roulette wheel would probably give you better odds!

I work with a lot of people who are struggling to stop a harmful behavior or start a beneficial one. Chances are good that you, who are reading this now, are in the middle of a similar struggle. I’ll tell you this: my rough guestimate is about a 98 percent chance that you have an unconscious belief formed from a lie or malfunction in your memories, and that it is conflicting with your conscious intentions and probably violating your conscience as well.

These wrong beliefs act like viruses, preventing you from living how you want to live and from doing the things you want to do. And just like with a virus, you can’t just ignore them and hope to bulldoze through on sheer willpower; you have to fix the source of the problem. On our YouTube channel this week, I’ll be talking about how YOU can get started doing that, right now.

Have a blessed, wonderful day!

Alex Loyd


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