Unforgiveness is a critical issue and certainly the most critical issue you must deal with to resolve your health and life issues. Dr. Ben Johnson has said many times that he has never seen a patient at his Atlanta cancer center who has not had an unforgiveness issue.

In my many years of practice and work with thousands of patients, as well as personally, I have found the same thing. Unforgiveness is at the core of almost any health concern and can literally eat you alive on the inside.

It’s difficult to realize this, especially if you are consumed by unforgiveness, but unforgiveness does not harm the other person, it only harms you.

Some of the most extreme examples would be in the case of rape or murder. All the hate, bitterness, resentment and other negative thoughts will never hurt the perpetrator or bring closure to the situation. They only hurt you and cause you to hang on to damaging thoughts and emotions.

You’ve probably heard me say this countless times – every issue is a relationship issue. And if every issue is a relationship issue, then unforgiveness is relationship dynamite. That dynamite is either on a long or a short fuse. In other words, you may not unleash your anger right away, but you may suppress it until it literally explodes.

This is really evident in marriage. I have counseled countless couples at different stages in their relationship, from engagement to the brink of divorce, and they all have one commonality: unforgiveness issues.

Before they get married, everything is fabulous. They’ve met the love of their life and while they acknowledge there will be problems they are confident that their marriage will be different. Six months later they are back in my office saying, “You were right! How did you know?” From statements like “he’s driving me crazy” to “she’s not what I thought,” they are both pointing their fingers at the other person. They are both exhibiting unforgiveness.

Unforgiveness impacts all of our relationships, and not just marriage. It can cause stress and drama between you and family members, friends, co-workers, etc.

Now you may be thinking, Alex I don’t have unforgiveness issues, to which I would counter we all have unforgiveness issues. While you may not label it unforgiveness, and that is fine, think about what you get angry about. Underneath the anger is unforgiveness that needs to be worked on because anger is one of the first signs of unforgiveness.

Today I’m very excited to share one of the unforgiveness codes from my Healing Codes. You will want to do the code while focusing on the Truth Statement(s), not on your issue. Or you may focus on love, gratitude, healing, or the virtue related to this issue. Or simply relax and focus on the positive as you do the code.

Healing Code for Unforgiveness

I pray/request that all known and unknown negative images, unhealthy beliefs and destructive cellular memories, and all resulting physical issues related to ____________ [insert issue(s) being worked on] be found, opened, and healed by filling me with the love, life and light of God. I also ask that the effectiveness of this healing be increased by one hundred times or more.

  1. Jaw – Both hands
  2. Temples – Both hands
  3. Bridge – Both hands
  4. Temples – Both hands
  5. Adam’s Apple – Both hands
  6. Temples – Both hands

Dedicate at least 3 to 11 minutes for the entire code (including all hand positions) and do this code for at least 1 to 6 times a day

I want to also share with you some truth focused statements you can say while doing this code:

I am tied to who I don’t forgive, I will cut the rope.
If I do not forgive others, I will not be forgiven.
I will do what’s right and heal while doing it.
I will no longer allow unforgiveness to hurt me or everyone I come in contact with.
Love heals. Anger, hatred, resentment, bitterness, selfishness and unforgiveness destroy everyone they come in contact with, especially the one that they reside in. I want nothing to reside in me except love.
If I forgive others I will be forgiven.


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