Over the last 30 years, I haven’t found anything that can stop your healing, derail your success, and sabotage your relationships the way conscious conflict can. So what exactly is it? There’s an ancient manuscript that says, and I’m paraphrasing, “If you do something that you believe is wrong for you, then it is wrong for you.” Grammatically, this would imply that morally speaking, it might not be wrong, but believing it’s wrong makes it wrong for you.

This is not to say that there are no absolute moral truths, I believe there are. It’s been very popular for the last 20 years to say, “perception is reality.” The problem is, that statement contradicts itself. It’s an absolute statement that there are no absolutes.

But the grey area of morality is a wide one. Fortunately, one of our many miraculous, internal programs is a moral compass. This is what we call our conscience, and I believe in my own life, it has never once steered me wrong—and I’ve talked with many other people who believe the same. That’s not to say I’ve never done anything wrong, those of you who have followed me awhile know I mess up all the time! The conscience just provides us with proper guidance, so if we still choose the path that’s wrong for us, it means that either we weren’t listening, or we decided to ignore it.

So in short, conscious conflict means violating the beliefs of your conscience, it means doing something you believe you shouldn’t do, or not doing something you believe you should. Now typically, messing up once or twice won’t negatively impact your conscience, but if you violate it regularly over an extended period of time, it starts a negative cascade throughout your body, mind, and spirit. Your stress spikes, your thoughts and feelings become more negative, and your attitude takes a downturn. Does any of that sound familiar? If not now, my guess is you’ve dealt with some or all of it at one point in your life.

Well, consider that the problem is not the problem. It’s not your physical body, it’s not your relationships, it’s a conflict with your conscience. The question is, are you living a life that you believe is right and best for you, or not? For some people, the problem may be a big thing, like having an affair or stealing money or intentionally trying to hurt someone, but 80 percent of the time, the devil is in the little things. “I’ll start my diet next week,” “I’ll spend more time with my kids after this weekend,” “I’ll work on my dream project when things are less crazy.”

Every time you say “no” to your conscience, you hurt yourself and everyone else you’re connected to, just a little bit. But most of the experts don’t ascribe any of the significant issues of life to conscious conflict. Predominantly, they attribute them to five things: the physiology of your body, negative thoughts, negative emotions, wrong conscious beliefs, and wrong behaviors.

Fortunately, getting back on track is really pretty simple. We have the tools for you to heal any lies that might be in your heart, so that you can know what your conscience is telling you what’s right. Then, make a commitment to following it, one step at a time. You may not get there in a week, a month, even a year. But very often, I find that taking the tiniest baby steps toward what you believe causes your conscious conflict symptoms to immediately get better, and sometimes even go away completely.

I would get a piece of paper and make three columns: what you believe you should be doing, what you believe you should not be doing, and what you are actually doing. Identify the top three things you’re doing that you shouldn’t be, and the top three things you should be doing that you’re not. Do healing work on each one to clear away the lies and misinterpretations. Then, make a commitment to take one little baby step every day toward living what you believe.

When you fall down, when you make a mistake, don’t worry. Everyone does. Just get back up and start again tomorrow. When that conscious conflict issue is no longer active, it has a healing effect on body, mind, and spirit. You automatically think different thoughts, feel different feelings, have different behaviors, and the chemistry of your body changes from stress to peace.  But this is a problem where there is no other solution. No pills, surgery, lecture, or codes. There is no substitute for living what you believe is right for you. You will be harmed and haunted until you start doing it. This is exactly what Trilogy and Memory Engineering are for, so don’t hesitate. You can learn Trilogy for free today.

Have a blessed, wonderful day!

Alex Loyd


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