Energy medicine is still a mystery to a lot of people here in the West. So much so that my family has a hard time explaining what I do. Usually, they resort to saying something like, “He’s a PhD” or, “He’s a natural doctor,” or, “He’s a teacher.” But those things are only pieces. None of them are the reason I left a thriving counseling and therapy practice 16 years ago to start the Healing Codes out of my basement, and none of them really explain what the Healing Codes are.

If my own family has trouble explaining what the Healing Codes are, I can only imagine how difficult they might be for new folks to understand. Maybe you’re checking out the Healing Codes for the first time, or maybe you’re a little skeptical about the whole thing. Maybe what you’ve heard hasn’t really helped you understand it. Let’s take a minute to demystify the whole thing.

Sixteen years ago, my wife, Hope, was living with severe clinical depression that the doctors were calling incurable. I couldn’t accept that, and I had dedicated years to searching for a way to help her. I traveled all over the world listening to experts speak. I exhausted mainstream medicine and tried every alternative treatment I could get my hands on. I began studying quantum physics in the hopes of finding some radical new solution. One day, while I was traveling abroad, God showed me the answer: a miraculous healing mechanism that already existed within each one of us. I brought this method home to Hope, and her depression was gone in 45 minutes.

Even though I could never have made the discovery on my own, my studies had prepared me to understand what I had been given. See, I had come to understand that everything in the world is coded. Genetic coding is what makes each person different from anyone else who has ever lived. The intricate chemical coding of our bodies is what tells us to breathe, to eat, to feel fear, to feel love, everything! Practices such as meditation, chakras, acupuncture and meridians are all built around the concept of energy medicine and our body’s natural coding; they are designed to unlock your particular energy flow to address a particular problem. Though many people in America used to laugh at these concepts, they’re now becoming mainstream for one simple reason: people are getting results.

Though the Healing Codes work very differently than yoga, chakras or other familiar practices, they are based in the same scientific understanding of coding and energy. The Healing Codes are a method of activating energy centers on the body that, when activated, allow you to harness them to heal your unique needs and issues. These control centers are responsible for every aspect of your body and mind, from the immune system to the cardio system to the gastrointestinal system to the muscular-skeletal system. By activating these energy patterns, you are able to reprogram them to a healthy state, enabling the body to heal itself. For more than 16 years now, people from all 50 states and 167 countries have told their friends and neighbors about the Healing Codes for one reason: results.

The average code is a simple series of hand positions and truth statements that takes about five or six minutes to do, has no side effects, and can be done once a day or as much as needed. People have experienced everything from slow and steady improvement to documented miracles, verified by CT scans, MRIs, and blood work. How is this possible without chemical medication or surgery? I believe in what William Tiller, professor emirates at Stanford University said, “The unseen is always the parent of the seen.” The Healing Codes allow you to restore the unseen control mechanism for the human organism.

So what is that “secret” control mechanism? It is simply your memories. Events from this morning, last week or even long ago still live as active parts of our life through our memories. And destructive memories – memories that have fear associated with them – can send a constant fear signal to the hypothalamus in the brain, which then puts us into fight-or-flight mode or what we commonly call stress. The implications of this are nothing short of astounding. Even the U.S. government says that at least 90 percent of all illness and disease comes from stress.

While the concepts of memories and stress might sound simple, healing your destructive memories can be far more challenging. This is because most of our memories lie beneath the surface, or according to Dr. Bruce Lipton of Stanford University Medical School: “About 90 percent of the time, the beliefs and memories causing the problem are in your subconscious mind.” Why is this significant? Because the definition of the subconscious is that you don’t know it’s there. That means there’s a 90 percent chance that you have deep memories causing your body constant stress, and you don’t even know they exist.

This is why The Healing Codes and the energy centers they activate are so powerful. They allow your body to tap into those unconscious memories – the ones you might not even be able to conjure up or articulate – and heal them at the source. They allow you to actually reprogram those memories by changing the energy patterns in your body, which in turn breaks the fear associated with those memories and reduces the conscious and unconscious stress in your body. And when your body moves out of a stressed state, it is able to enter a restorative state and heal itself the way it was designed to.

I don’t know about you, but that makes pretty good sense to me – as well as to millions of clients all over the world who have experience radical healing using these Codes. If you’re ready to learn more, go ahead and check out Dr. Alex All Access. With over 15 courses* developed by me, you can begin to gain a deeper understanding of what the Codes are, and how to perform them in practical terms.

I love you all! I’ll talk to you again next week.

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