For nearly a year now, you and I have dived deep into spiritual truths. We have asked hard questions
and held extraordinary dialogues on what I consider the most important issues of life, yet which so often
pass unremarked. I hope it has been as meaningful to you as it has to me.
That is not to say that our discussion will end here, but I’m going to be taking it in a new direction with a
series I’m calling Deep Water. I’m hoping to build on the foundation we’ve established here by touching
on many practical subjects that we’ve never covered before, like divorce, issues of race, issues of
sexuality, and more. That’s not to say we might never do more spiritual laws, either as a regular series or
just every now and then when I have a thought I feel is worth sharing, only that our focus will be
But before we move on, I want to take a few moments to reflect on what you might call the bedrock of
our spiritual laws: the one conclusion I’m hoping you will draw from them as a whole. Basically, it comes
down to this question: what will you gamble on?
Essentially, it comes down to Mercy vs. Grace. This is something we’ve talked about several times here
on the blog, the most recent being just a few weeks ago. But I bring it up here, at the conclusion of our
series, because I hope that if you only take one thing away from our discussions, it will be this.
The idea of gambling is a good analogy for the stakes we’re playing with here, because I think those
stakes are something that we tend to grossly disvalue. What is your life worth? What is today worth?
Well, let’s think about that. It’s irreplaceable, since you’ll never live today again.


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