Why do we use the term “modern medicine?” After all, we don’t usually refer to “modern science.” We just call it science! I think the main reason for this qualification is to draw a distinction between mainstream and alternative medicine. The subtle implication is that mainstream, “modern” medicine is the reality, while alternative medicine is a relic, something we’ve moved past. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s true that the field of medicine has undergone a transformation in the last few centuries. Today, the reality of healing is all centered around chemistry, but that wasn’t always the case. Originally, the caduceus symbol that many medical organizations still use represented philosophy as well as healing. I think the biggest driving force behind this change was plagues. They pushed us to discover chemical solutions that could save many thousands of lives. Of course, this was a great discovery, but we took the wrong lesson from it.

Today’s mainstream medicine is concerned only with the physical realities of illness, neglecting the mental and spiritual realities that were once as much a part of healing as painkillers are now. I believe that many of the instances when mainstream medicine fails to heal an illness, this is why. It’s because the problem is coming from a place that “modern” medicine has forgotten how to address.

This is why energy medicine is so powerful. Ancient manuscripts teach that humans are threefold beings: mind, body, and spirit. They’re all connected like the pieces of a machine. If any one of those breaks down, you’ve got a broken machine, and everything about it will be affected. If you’re physically ill, you’ll tend to have more negative thoughts and emotions. If you’re constantly unhappy with your life, it can literally make you sick. We are holistic beings, and we need holistic methods of healing.

Dr. William Tiller, professor emeritus at Stanford University said, “Future medicine will be based around controlling and manipulating energy in the body.” Energy is the point of connection. Like everything else in our universe, we are made up of energy: body, mind, and spirit. The energy of our bodies, of our memories and relationships, and of our connection to the supernatural are meant to work in concert with each other. In my twenty years in the medical fields, I have witnessed this fact in action over and over again. I’ve worked with so many clients who had a single problem that gradually infected everything in their life. I’ve also seen wonderful healing in one area pulled back down by another issue that was still present. And I believe in energy medicine because I’ve witnessed its power to heal not just one way, but on all fronts at once.

Until we learn to approach medicine from this three-pronged perspective, our ability to heal will always be incomplete. You might get lucky and correct the issue that was holding you back, but most of us will never achieve our full potential that way. But address all three, and we have the ability to find complete and permanent healing.


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