Our postulate:


‘Two spiritual forces desire control of our hearts. About the only choice we have is whose plan we allow to take control of our lives. God’s is the plan of truth and love; Satan’s is the plan of seek pleasure and avoid pain, falsehood, and deception.’


Today we are going to look at the differences between the life plans rooted in God and Satan.


When I tell people that I work with energy medicine, they think I sound crazy.

But there is so much that we still don’t know, or accept when it comes to working with the energy within our bodies.


Our energy frequencies have the power to heal us or destroy us, make us happy, or render us sick.


Think of an MRI. The scan picks up energy frequencies from within the body and forms images to indicate areas of illness; it literally diagnoses using energy.


Yet so many people still don’t believe that energy medicine can exist amongst us, let alone hold the power to diagnose and heal.


I believe that as we continue to discover more and more about our physical world, we can truly understand how harmonious natural medicine and scripture are.


What do I mean by this?


God created energy. He is the source of energy. When we use this energy for good, we can heal; therefore, we can heal through God.


However, I have also spoken before about how negative energy frequencies are at the root of the majority of disease and illness. Negative frequencies form negative thoughts and memories that manifest, over time, as physical pain.


I believe that when we live in a negative space and seek pleasure to avoid pain, we reside in Satan’s plan for us.




Self-help is, ultimately, a blueprint for failure.


It often follows a particular pattern of behavior:


  1. Decide what you want
  2. Make a plan to get it
  3. Use sheer willpower to put the plan into action
  4. Never give up until you achieve it.


The God-empowered blueprint, however, leads us to true success:


  1. Love God
  2. Live with only good intentions
  3. Do your best
  4. Invest in your relationships.


We cannot achieve our greatest heights through willpower alone but we can achieve it through utilizing the strength of God and living through good thoughts and actions.


Let’s compare other different life plans.














These are all negative mindsets to live in and manifest as negative energy in the body. But it is how most of us often live. 






TIME (patience)






These are all positive mindsets to live in and are the antithesis of the words listed above. They are rooted in the living and trusting in God.


Which do you think is going to help us live a good life?


Life B is the God-empowered life plan.




LOVE A - ‘Do good, get good. Do bad, get bad.’


You’ll have heard of this before wrapped up in different language such as karma and manifestation. It refers to the idea that we get what we give.


LOVE B, however, says ‘Do good, get good. Do bad, still get good!’


Which do you think is going to help us live a good life? Which do you think is God’s plan for us?


Often, we live in life and love A without even realizing it.




This is the last comparison I want to make today.


In the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey, he discusses how most of us tend to live in the ‘urgent’, rather than the ‘important.’


Our focus is often on the immediate panic in front of us- money, cars, other people’s opinions, and so on. When we live in this state, we are triggering negative stress responses that also trigger fight-or-flight.


Trust me, that is a place we do not want to be!


The important stuff in life relates to the bigger picture and encompasses love, peace, joy, and relationships.


However, we don’t often tap into the bigger picture until a life crisis happens. During a life crisis, such as a loved one dying, it reaffirms what really matters and helps us move from an automatic state to a more conscious awareness.


When this life crisis fades, we often slip back into the immediate, and more urgent, issues at hand.


One thing I will add to the urgent and important states of mind is the idea of seeking pleasure to avoid pain. I believe we tend to slip between this state and the urgent state most often.

When a life crisis happens to momentarily disrupt this, we focus on the important stuff, before slipping back into negative patterns of behavior.


Pleasure-pain is usually utilized as an escape from our problems. Think drinking, drugs, or self-harm; these personally destructive behaviors are used solely to escape boredom or to mask, reduce, or distract from pain.


It is not easy to shift to the bigger picture but it is ultimately where we want to be living.


So how do we get there? The best way to find this healing is by connecting with God.


Living in God’s path takes us on a journey of healing and allows us to move away from our negative fear-based behaviors that cause illness, pain, and destruction, towards living in love and life B.


Choosing option B means choosing a God-empowered state.

In an ‘important’ mindset, rather than in stress-based urgency.


Ask yourself, where are you living? Is it time to shift?


We want to help you get there.


Have a blessed, wonderful day!


Alex Loyd  


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