Options are something we have plenty of in today’s world. Had we been born in a different time, there might have only been one local doctor, whose advice we really had no choice but to take. But the world has changed. With a few clicks, you could open a new tab and find yourself getting health advice from someone on the other side of the world! Overall, I’m sure this is a very positive thing, but it’s easy to be overwhelmed by so much information, especially when it so often conflicts. With that in mind, today I’d like to share three methods of healing in which I have total faith. Additionally, all of these methods address problems holistically, through the body, mind, and spirit, as opposed to so many other methods, which target only one. In my experience, these methods are usually best, since you’ll be addressing the source of your problem no matter what it is. I’d recommend using all three every day, as they’re even more powerful when they can support each other. Let’s get started!


Over the years, I’ve lost count of how many people have asked me what the most important code or health practice they can use is, and my answer has always been the same. The most important thing isn’t a code. It isn’t diet or exercise. It’s prayer. In fact, if I was rating all the healing methods I know by importance and power, prayer would be numbers one through ten. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that I’m including this out of obligation to my own faith. Prayer has more than earned my trust through my research and experience as a medical professional, and I’m not the only one.

In his wonderful book, Reinventing Medicine, Larry Dossey, MD, cites multiple double-blind university studies that measured the effectiveness of prayer as a healing modality. For example, they would track a hundred people in the surgical recovery ward of a hospital, fifty of whom were being prayed for without their knowledge, the other fifty of whom were not. In every case, the group receiving prayer—even though they didn’t know it—recovered faster, had fewer complications, scored significantly higher on emotional and mental wellbeing, and performed better by every other metric the researchers could think to record. Additionally, a number of those people experienced miraculous levels of healing, which even their doctors couldn’t explain. This is something that has gone centuries without any scientific explanation, and of course, has been met with much skepticism. But now, at least the first part is beginning to change.

Dr. Andrew Newberg, MD, was a neurosurgeon working with a team of neuroscientists to determine the most healing thing you can do for your brain and nervous system. Keep in mind, this was not a religious group, but a team of researchers seeking an answer to a pressing question. In his book, How God Changes Your Brain, he concludes that prayer is by far the healthiest practice, with exercise a distant second. I have only one word of caution if you’re thinking of trying this for yourself. I believe that for prayer to be effective, it must be sincere and from the heart. If you can do that with a script, by all means, do it! But most of us can’t. Let it be a conversation. If you’ve ever seen Fiddler on the Roof, think of Tevye.


To my knowledge, meditation is the only alternative and complementary health practice endorsed by the United States Federal Government. It is mentioned in virtually every religious text, and has been practiced all over the world for thousands of years, with good reason. My first baptism into the subject was through a book called Timeless Healing, by Dr. Herbert Vincent, MD, of Harvard University. Once again, double-blind studies done by the university confirmed the power of these methods. However, this does bring us back to an old problem.

There are hundreds, probably thousands of meditations on the market. Most are good. Some take hours every day, while others take only a few minutes. That’s pretty overwhelming. Obviously, I can’t go through all of them, but I can offer some broad advice. I personally distinguish three categories of meditations. The first works by distraction, by having you focus on a spot on the wall, or a positive word like “peace.” Basically, you’re intentionally distracting yourself from whatever is stressing you out, which gives your body and mind a break from the stress and keeps you happier and healthier. But since the source of the stress is still there, the benefits typically only last as long as you continue using the meditation.

The second category is active meditations. These work a lot like guided imagery, with one crucial difference. Guided imagery works by having the subject imagine something positive happen to them, but typically, the positive event isn’t real, and the subject knows it. It works much like affirmations, having someone state something positive over and over again which is usually untrue. Another word for this is a lie, and even though it is done with good intentions, the latest research on affirmations is that for most people, they do more harm than good. I think the key here is that the person saying these things doesn’t really believe them. It’s a physiological fact that deceit (which absolutely includes self-deceit) causes stress. That’s why lie detectors work solely by measuring a person’s level of stress.

On the other hand, the last category, active meditations, focus on the truth. These are wonderful, and very powerful. My own meditation which I’ve been teaching for years works on these principles. So if you’d like to learn more about this final category, click here! (link to download heart screen meditation from the Love Code Now site).

Energy Medicine

You are made of energy. Your cells, your bones, and even your memories and emotions are made of energy. That’s the real meaning of Einstein’s famous equation, E=MC2. Energy equals everything. Well, you wouldn’t brush your teeth with a lug wrench, and you wouldn’t change a tire with a toothbrush. Every job has a proper tool. Sure, medicine works sometimes. So do supplements and surgery. I’m not saying those tools don’t have jobs they’re suited to. But we have to realize how far-reaching the concepts of energy problems and medicine truly are.

In 1935, Einstein conducted a famous study  he called Spooky Action at a Distance. Two people who had never met before were allowed to meet and talk for a few minutes, and then were separated, each without knowing what would happen to the other. Both subjects were hooked up to diagnostic machines, and then the researchers shone a penlight in one subject’s eyes. This sort of stimulation causes neural activity to go crazy. But what makes this study so interesting is that at the exact same moment, the other person showed exactly the same neurological earthquake, even though the researchers hadn’t done anything to him, and he had no idea what, if anything was happening to his counterpart. This experiment has been replicated many times, and even though no one can fully explain what’s happening, the results have always been consistent.

The takeaway from this is that we are constantly affecting each other, even without personally interacting. The good news is that these energy patterns found in our memories, emotions, and thoughts can be easily changed with the right tool. Often, you’ll see miraculous physical healing or other types of breakthroughs, simply because you are finally using the right tool for the job.

Today, energy medicine is the fastest growing area of medicine. I have personally discovered, tested, and validated a simple energy medicine technique that has helped people all over the world for the past seventeen years. In fact, I’m told by my publishers that we’ve built the largest practice of its kind, with clients in fifty states, 167 countries and counting. It’s inexpensive, takes very little time, has no side effects, and no contraindicators. So what have you got to lose?

I hope what you take away from this is that health is so much bigger than just pills and surgery, and no matter what you’re dealing with, the best thing you can do is work on all of yourself at once. Mind, body, and spirit. There are many great sources our there to help you with this, and it’s what I’ve devoted my career to doing. I hope you’ll give us a chance.

Have a blessed, wonderful day!


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