As a deeply spiritual person and someone who has dedicated his life’s work to understanding wellness on a physical, mental and spiritual level, I know that faith can be one of the most powerful sources of peace, love and joy in one’s life. 

Many of us, however, have become disillusioned by the painful complexities of religion and carry spiritual scars that have caused us emotional as well as physical issues. From messages of shame that have been subtly introduced into our programming to full on rejection, hurt and false spiritual messages from the institutions we thought we could trust – religion can do a number on us!

By “religion,” I mean a system that thrives off of power and control rather than grace and love. Religion rears its ugly head inside of many faith practices and even inside of secular circles, and is always based on dogma, fear and shame rather than hope, love and freedom. 

As with any type of trauma, religious trauma can lead to issues that affect our health, happiness and success. Religious messages can be particularly traumatizing because they are deeply connected to many personal connections and beliefs -- our families, our cultures, our sense of our own goodness and even our beliefs about life and death. Reprogramming these powerful traumatic memories and messages can be extremely difficult. It can be done, however.

The spiritual heart is the root of fear, stress and disease so it is absolutely critical that we address spiritual trauma at its source. My new All Access course, Healing From Religious Trauma, instructs you on using a combination of energy healing tools to identify and reprogram trauma – and experience a whole, vibrant and healthy spiritual life!

By signing up for this new All Access course, Healing From Religious Trauma, you will learn to:

  • Identify trauma from religious organizations and other abusive systems
  • Reprogram and correct the false beliefs from these systems
  • Find freedom from any negative, abusive systems that still have a hold on you
  • Recover from hurt and move on with a peaceful life
  • Discover how you can live a healthy spiritual life despite past religious trauma

I was raised by wonderful, loving parents, and even so, my religious paradigm was enormously harmful. My life was full of guilt and shame, and it took me decades to recover from it. When I finally did break free, it made a bigger difference in my life than anything ever has. In the same way that spiritual hurt creates some of the deepest issues in our lives, spiritual healing changes EVERYTHING! 

If you struggle with religious trauma, or any trauma related to an abusive system such as bad home situations, bullies, workplaces, clubs or gangs, this course is for you. You don’t have to subscribe to a particular faith to have experienced religious trauma or to find spiritual freedom rooted in grace and love. I hope you will take advantage of this month’s All Access course to discover how you can heal this trauma at its root cause and be freed from the tremendous weight of it once and for all.

Plus when you join All Access, you’ll get immediate and exclusive access to all of my future monthly courses, as well as access to all my core methods, a library of health resources, a weekly members-only newsletter and access to a supportive healing community. I sincerely hope you’ll check it out. It could change your life!

Alex Loyd


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