Our All Access program this month is an extremely powerful technique that will not be right for all of you. It is intensive and uncomfortable, and may be a bit frightening for some of you. But I have to share it, because I believe it represents a unique opportunity that has the power to absolutely turn some of your lives on a dime.

No doubt, you’ve heard stories about people whose lives are changed forever by a near-death experience. The fact is that hitting rock bottom—being put in a situation where survival demands a change changes your perspective. It gives you a type of motivation you couldn’t possibly get anywhere else.

Or can you?

See, the obvious problem with this sort of traumatic revelation is that you have to almost die (or at least hit an absolute low) in order to experience it. That’s obviously dangerous, and it’s not like any of us want to purposefully make our lives worse, just on the outside chance that we’ll get some kind of conviction out of it. It probably wouldn’t have the same effect if you were doing it on purpose anyway.

However, our minds have an incredible tool for consciously reprograming themselves, called the imagination. Actually, I call it the image-maker, because imagination implies that what it creates isn’t real. But as far as our minds and hearts are concerned, it absolutely is real. And that’s where we find our way in. What I’m offering this month is a video tutorial on how to use the power of your image-maker to take an honest look at the parts of your life that aren’t working, and how much is really at stake. Throughout the video, I’ll be using guided mediation to help you understand where your life is headed, and how you might feel when you get there.

Be warned, this is not always a pleasant experience. Remember, the object here is to take a serious look at where your life is headed. If you want the life-or-death drive to change a part of your life that is dragging you down, the first thing to realize is that your life is on the line. It may not be about to kill you, but what you do about that issue will absolutely affect the rest of your life in a big way. Your life, and no less, is the prize. Let’s make sure we act accordingly.

Have a blessed, wonderful holiday!

Alex Loyd


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