I’m excited today to talk about this month’s new All Access course: Energy Medicine 101. While most of our monthly courses come in the form of expansions to our existing Healing Codes techniques, this month is a little different. What we’re doing here is essentially creating a primer for the entire world of energy medicine, particularly outside the Healing Codes. If you’re only experience in this field is with the Healing Codes, or if you’re on the fence about energy medicine in general, I think this course may be an excellent help to you. But let me pose a question: why is there such a need for a program like this? Why is energy medicine something we know so little about?

I’ll tell you why it isn’t. It isn’t because energy medicine is all hoodoo and superstition. Many people still think that (although fewer and fewer these days), but it just has no basis in fact. Remember that meditation—the only form of alternative or supplementary healthcare officially endorsed by the US Federal Government—is a type of energy medicine. I’ve said this before but it bears mentioning here, I think the main reason energy medicine was so marginalized for so long is because of plagues.

When these great waves of diseases came and energy medicine—which previously in history has been the chief kind of medicine—was not enough, we found answers in pharmaceutical science. Which is wonderful! But choosing to rely only on pharmaceuticals was a bad move that has come back to bite us.

I think another reason many people have tended to steer clear of many of these practices is the spiritual connotations that are often attached to them. Things like Tai Chi, chakras, acupuncture, even simple meditation are linked in the minds of many to eastern philosophy and religion, and that can make some people uncomfortable. I sympathize. I was raised in what you might call a “traditional” Christian household, and it made me initially a bit fearful of these fields.

The first thing I would say is that not all of them are as eastern as you might think. Meditation, in particular, is mentioned in every single religious manuscript that we know of, east or west. The second thing I’d say is that as someone with twenty years of experience in energy medicine, I can tell you that these are not religious practices. They are simply exercises which make use of natural mechanics within our bodies that have always existed, independent of whatever the people who used them may have believed.

Thankfully, these fears seem to be diminishing. Energy medicine is very much on the rise, and there are countless methodologies on the market, which is why I thought to lend my expertise for a brief guide to the more popular types. So if you want to explore this field with me, or if you have questions that need to be answered, or if you just want to be healthier, by all means take advantage of it. Become a member of All Access* today, and let’s make use of this wonderful branch of medicine which is easy, cheap, can be self-applied and even self-taught, and has no side effects. We’d be crazy not to!

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Have a blessed, wonderful day!

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