A disturbing trend in modern health and medicine has emerged over the past few decades. We may be living longer now than ever before in history, but we’re spending that time sicker and sicker. Medicine may have become far more effective now than ever before, yet we find ourselves needing more and more of it, and relying more and more heavily on pharmaceuticals, therapy, and other treatments to support our physical and emotional wellbeing. What’s even more disturbing is that for all the money we’re pouring into the collective anti-pain industry (recently about $635 billion per year), this downward trend has continued.

Why is that? Well, there are a couple of reasons I see. One is that most of these treatments don’t see the whole picture. As I’ve often said, we are three things: body, mind, and spirit. Although all of these are deeply interconnected and dependent on one another, you seldom see a treatment address more than one of them, and I’ve never seen one before Trilogy that addressed all three. That’s why we’re so often unable to do more than provide coping mechanisms for our troubles. We’re not able to fix the source of the problem because we’re only examining a third of ourselves, and the source is somewhere else.

The second reason is that our focus is on fixing problems.

I realize that sounds strange. Where should our focus be if not on fixing problems? Our focus should be on preventing those problems from developing in the first place. Our natural tendency is to live however we want until we encounter something that makes it painful, which is the point at which modern medicine starts talking. But by that time, you already have the problem! And in almost every case, curing the problem is much harder than preventing it would have been. How much better to live in such a way that your traumas are healed before they ever begin to develop into disease?

Dr. Ryke Hamer, the founder of German New Medicine, estimated that life-threatening illnesses such as cancer were the result of a trauma occurring no more than three years before the onset of the disease. Although some of Dr. Hamer’s practices have been found objectionable, his theories produced absolutely miraculous results in patients who had previously been considered incurable, simply by addressing the trauma at the root of the illness.

A few years ago, I was contacted by some experts from German New Medicine, who informed me that the Healing Codes were by far the most effective method they had ever found for healing these traumas. How much better could it be if you didn’t wait for that trauma to manifest!

This is what our All Access course for this month is all about. Over the course of this 50-minute video, we’re going to discuss how YOU can live in such a way to prevent your disease genes from ever manifesting and give you three specialized codes to help ensure that this is the case—one each for body, mind, and spirit. So don’t wait for your traumas to develop into illness. Instead, let’s prevent that from ever happening!

Have a blessed, wonderful day!

Alex Loyd


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