When I began teaching the spiritual laws of nature some 17 years ago, I decided that I wanted it to be a place of pure giving, never selling. I had intended to stand by that to the end, until a few months ago, when one of my regular correspondents on the weekly calls contacted me to point out that my own wife, Hope, had needed more than the spiritual laws, that she only found lasting relief from her depression through the Healing Codes. She said that her own story had been similar, and that it was worth sharing with all of you. So today, I want to make an exception in order to share with you the greatest tool for holistic wellness that I’ve ever seen.

This method, Trilogy, grew from the same spiritual foundation as the laws we discuss here on this blog, and I actually think of it as the conclusion of the journey that began 32 years ago in the course of searching for a cure for Hope’s depression. When I was first testing the Healing Codes with HRV, which was and still is the gold standard for measuring physiological stress, they showed a significant improvement in 86 percent of cases. At the time, that was the best I’d ever seen. But it still meant that almost 15 percent of people weren’t getting what they needed, and I always believed something better was possible.

By comparison: Trilogy rates 98 percent effective. So what exactly does that mean? It means that within 5 minutes of practicing Trilogy, 98 percent of people experienced a reduction of 50 percent or greater in emotional stress. Not only that, but in most of those cases, they saw serious health issues resolve themselves almost miraculously over the next few weeks and months.

It does this by using a precise combination of the greatest energy healing modalities in history to simultaneously treat all three aspects of our being: body, mind, and spirit. This is something that to my knowledge, no other method in the world does—including the Healing Codes, which only treat the mind and spirit. And this is only possible through the unique combination of the world’s top existing methods, which is another thing that as far as I know, has never been done before.

You see, many of these methods are opposing processes, where either one would have some benefit on their own, but when done together would cancel each other out. Others would only work when done in a very specific order. Altogether, it took me about 6 years of trial and error to find a combination that worked.

Trilogy operates on the concept of 12 categories of life issues, all of which are things we’ve talked about here on the blog. Things like love, joy, peace, etc. But each category has its opposite issue: selfishness, anxiety, etc. Every issue falls into one of these categories, and for each there is a custom Trilogy code specially targeted toward it. By moving through all 12 categories, you mend conscious and unconscious stress memories in every area of your life!

During all the years I taught the Healing Codes, many people in the marketing and publishing worlds urged me to say that it was the best in the world at what it did, but I never said that. As I mentioned earlier, I always believed that something better was possible, and now I believe I’ve found it. I can say without hesitation that Trilogy is the best tool for addressing energetic problems, not just that I know, but that I can even conceive of! So just this once, I’d like to invite you to take a look at what I believe could be the most powerful healing tool of your life.

But I’ve always tried to look beyond my own methods for anything that could help you live a happier and healthier life, and there’s one other thing I’d like to mention today: a wearable energy technology called Quantum 3 which has some of the most amazing cellular energy benefits that I’ve ever seen. This is just a little band that you wear on your wrist, but inside it has a holographic chip that constantly projects healing energy frequencies that cancel out destructive energy frequencies and help return your body to physiological peace.

The creator, Mike Flynt, has become a good friend of mine. A strength and exercise physiology expert who originally created the Q3 bracelet to help protect kids from the harmful effects of Wi-Fi and cellular frequencies. Now, after 12+ years of research and development, he has created something far more powerful than he originally intended. Something that can benefit everyone, not just by protecting them from harmful external signals, but by actually transforming the internal energy of their bodies. Sounds sort of familiar, doesn’t it?

This week we are also having a live event to answer any questions you have about the Q3 and QV3, see the event details below!

To access the Q3/QV3 Question and Answer Event by dialing (425) 440-5010, and using the following conference pin: 060310#

Here is a list of international numbers:

To attend this event by laptop, tablet, smart phone or computer click the link below 5 minutes before the event time:


Next week, we’re starting our new series called Deep Water by taking a look at one of the most controversial topics of the moment: The Black Lives Matter movement. For today, I urge you to take a look at these incredible opportunities.

Have a blessed, wonderful day!

Alex Loyd


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