Stress kills. That’s a bold statement, but it’s common knowledge that toll stress takes on the body, from weight gain to lack of sleep. What if I told you there is an even more profound connection between stress and health that goes as deep as the cellular level? And what if I told you that the power to heal stress lies within you? Let’s take a look at the stress/health connection in a new and revolutionary way.

In my best-selling book The Healing Code, I discuss this one source of illness and disease  -- physiological stress. Research from the Centers for Disease Control says 90 percent of health issues are related to stress, and renowned scientist Dr. Bruce Lipton with Stanford University Medical School says it’s an even more significant 95 percent.

You would think that with society’s increasing use of technology and advances in science that we’d be healthier than ever, but we are actually regressing. Today's middle-aged Americans are plagued with more health issues than previous generations, according to a new University of Michigan study. And in 2015 the American life expectancy actually decreased by one-tenth of a year. Authors of the recent study, “Lifestyle Medicine: A Brief Review of its Dramatic Impact on Health and Survival,” published in The Permanente Journal blame this decrease on our “poor Western lifestyle,” recommending that we make a profound shift in the way we view health care to one that is focused on disease prevention.

“The message is clear,” the report says. “We must prevent disease in all aspects of our lives and in the lives of the people we love. It is time to change our health destiny by shifting our attitude toward a healthy lifestyle. It is time to move from a state of disease to a state of health. It is time to eat healthy, be active and decrease stress.”

When we are under stress, our bodies go into fight or flight mode. Over time this causes long-term damage to our immune system. Even more critical is the damage done at a cellular level. Long-term exposure to stress causes our cells not to receive the nutrition, oxygen and minerals they need. They also don’t properly eliminate waste products and toxins. Everything stops working except for what is necessary to survive. This results in an environment inside of the cell that is toxic and doesn’t allow for growth and repair.

On the flip side, there’s good news. The same research at Stanford that traced so much illness to stress also found that healthy, open cells are literally impervious to illness and disease. That’s worth repeating because it’s one of the most significant statements that I’ve heard from the medical field. When you find yourself facing a diagnosis of illness or disease you should be asking yourself, “What is the stress that caused this and how can I eliminate it?”

Every single health problem that plagues humans originates from a destructive energy frequency. The “issues of the heart”, or the negative spiritual and emotional beliefs caused by hurt and trauma, can control health, resonate destructive energy frequencies and create stress. The Healing Codes that I have discovered and discussed in detail in my book have been found to eliminate this kind of stress in the body in a way that is unprecedented in history.

To heal your problems, you have to heal the stress in your life. And to heal the stress, you have to heal your negative beliefs and painful memories. The key to channeling this healing energy lies within us. This healing energy is love.

I’m looking forward to going on this journey to unlocking the healing energy within you. Be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter to receive updates, information about special offers and encouragement. The information shared here will radically change your life for the better!


Dr. Alex


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