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A secret to love that 9/10 people aren’t doing.

The key is...


Last week I spoke about the definition of love. Today, I want to discuss the secret to love.


My life was physically, mentally, and spiritually at a -7 during my lowest days. When I finally found the secret to love, it transformed me to a +7, +8, and +9.


However, 9 out of 10 people still don’t realize this secret even exists!


Are you where I was? Or are you lucky enough to know the secret too?


So, the key to love is...submission.


I bet you weren’t expecting that one!


I want to explain what I mean by submission because we often think of this term negatively.


The actual definition of submission is to accept, or choose, the will and desires of another over your own. In other words, to put others first.


The commitment to good intentions and their accompanying actions (regardless of the outcome) is hard work. We have to be willing to absorb the pain of others and submit, one to another. This is how we choose love over fear.


Let’s go back over the cycle we can expect to see when we are living in fear, anger, pain, and addiction:


  1. Something happens that hurts
  2. This ‘something’ punches our anger button
  3. Anger takes over and leads us towards the ‘wrong’ goal
  4. We sit in unforgiveness and pain
  5. We’re now in a place of danger
  6. We seek love substitutes- habits, addictions, unhealthy choices
  7. We ultimately feel worse off.


When we submit to the will of God, and to others, we can heal. Why? Because regardless of whether we can forgive an action of a person or not, we can choose to release control over past and future outcomes and let go of what is making us hurt. 


We have to remember that a person is not necessarily their action. If you lied to me about something, would I stick a sign on your forehead saying ‘liar’? No!


Just because you lied, it doesn’t mean that this action defines you as a human.


We need to get out of the judgment business; our desire to dominate and control only promotes our feelings of anger and hurt which leads us away from submission and healing.


Have you noticed that when we are young we just want to have fun? With adulthood, however, comes a desire for control- over our past, present, and future.

I believe that we must relinquish control and trust in the present moment; this submission into trusting the process brings patience, happiness, and peace.


So, where is the line for you?


I want you to consider how long you sit in anger before you go past the point of no return. I am asking you to change the channel as you approach your own line and, instead, move from anger and control to a place of patience and trust.


Life isn’t about getting what we want when we want it. Instead, our goal (scripturally) should be to please Him.


What is a more adventurous and exciting life than relinquishing control and trusting the process?


You might not expect the results you receive but, in my experience, my clients never want to go back once they learn the secret to love.  


Submitting to what others want, what God wants, and what love and truth dictate- I assure you, you will never go back.


So, this week I am asking you to give up your anger, sadness, hurt, and pain; submit to the will of God and give trust to whatever might happen, regardless of what it means for you.


Can you submit yourself- one to another?


I hope this resonates with you.


Have a blessed, wonderful day


Alex Loyd




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