It’s not uncommon for people to say they are “stressed out” these days. People are moving faster, multitasking harder and simply not stopping to focus on just “being.”

Stress not only makes you feel bad emotionally, but it can cause you physical problems. In my best-selling book, The Healing Code, I talk about stress being the main source of illness and disease. Even the Centers for Disease Control says that 90 percent of health issues are related to stress!

But, you ask yourself, aren’t there times when stress is “good stress?” There are certainly times when stress pushes you to meet goals or is related to positive life-changing events, such as buying your first home or interviewing for a big job. There has even been an uptick in research and writing about positive stress.

Why approach life with stress at all? It’s simply not necessary and will end up hurting you. Why? When we are under stress, our bodies go into fight or flight mode. Over time this causes long-term damage to our immune system. Even more critical is the damage done at a cellular level. Long-term exposure to stress causes our cells not to receive the nutrition, oxygen, and minerals they need. They also don’t properly eliminate waste products and toxins. Everything stops working except for what is necessary to survive. This results in an environment inside the cell. You literally have toxic events cause your cellular makeup to be toxic!

Now I don’t have a problem with people working hard toward a goal and having drive and pushing themselves, but I do have a problem with where this drive comes from. The switch in your brain can put you in a hormonal/cortisol based energy drive. The problem is you have to pay the price for that and it’s called adrenaline overdose. After minutes, hours and weeks of this energy, you will crash. And maybe you say well it was worth it and I got the “promotion” or whatever goal you were working toward, but I say it’s not.

You can also use stress to see what areas in your life need work. In other words, use it as a diagnostic tool to ask yourself where you have emotional hot spots, where you have problems you need to address and work on because you are getting stressed and in a flight or fight mode (which is only really intended for life and death situations).

The problem with stress related to fear-based motivation is that you pay the price. When you get what you are after it’s not going to do for you what you thought it would and it will take a pound of your flesh. In other words, you’ll reach your goal but you’ll damage your body. Something finally breaks - and we typically break at our weakest link - and we get hypertension, stress headaches, diabetes, etc.

Your brain also produces peptides and oxytocin and positive drivers for more energy and more drive, without the crash. These come from a love-based source rather than a fear-based source and this can be sustained for years!

Don’t settle for what is just better than nothing, settle for the mechanism in yourself that is all about positivity and love-based energy. Don’t kill yourself for three months and crash. Very few people know how to do this, but I have been teaching people to successfully to do it for nearly 20 years through the Healing Codes. In a manner or minutes, hours or days you can fix the malfunction inside you that is causing you to try to accomplish things in a stressful way versus in a healthy way.  I have clients in 50 states and 167 countries who have found the Healing Codes help them to be healthier, more successful and more energetic without depleting themselves.

Energy healing is becoming more mainstream. Dr. Oz has talked about it on his show. It’s the fastest growing medical movement in the world right now. I talk about it on my new Whole Life Healing podcast and in my books and seminars. I hope you’ll check out all the free resources on my website to learn more about this phenomenon sweeping the world as people seek a solution to their stress!


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