Decades ago, there were only a few healthy life practices officially endorsed by the United States government. Eat a certain amount of vegetables. Drink water. Get enough rest... And practice meditation. That last one was especially remarkable at the time, because this was a long time ago, back when any kind of energy medicine or alternative health practices were really looked down upon here in the west. Meditation was the exception because it was one of the few alternative practices where we had double-blind studies proving its effectiveness. Now, of course, these benefits are even more widely known, and meditation has become far more popular. That’s a really wonderful thing, as far as I’m concerned—and today I want to share what is by far the most powerful meditation I’ve ever found.

As good as they are, most of the meditations I’ve found have a common shortcoming: they work by distraction. Say that you meditate by sitting still and focusing your whole mind on a spot on the wall, or an image of a flower, or simply on the rhythm of your own breathing. What you’re doing is distracting yourself from whatever is stressing you out in your life, which gives your system a break from that strain. Now, don’t get me wrong, that’s still a very good thing, and has wonderful benefits for many people. But it’s a temporary fix. You’re not healing the underlying problem, just giving yourself a rest from it. The meditation might let you feel better for a few hours or the rest of the day, but then you’ll be back where you started, and you’ll have to do the meditation again the next day.

Well, if you’ve been following me awhile, then you know how I feel about treatments that don’t address the source issue. It’s good, but we can do better.

But in order to do better, we have to take a look at the ancient Hebrews. Stay with me here, this is still meant for people of any beliefs, but we do have to take a look at some scripture. The simple fact is that out of probably five-hundred or so different meditations I’ve tried, I’ve never found one nearly as powerful as this—and I mean powerful for anyone, not only for myself or other believers. I’ve rarely found anyone who practiced this meditation for an extended period of time who didn’t have some powerful and transformative spiritual experience. I can’t change where it comes from; it’s what I have to offer.

When the ancient Hebrews practiced meditation, there was a specific image that they often focused on: the image of the Lord, high and lifted up as described in the revelation of John the apostle. What’s possibly even more interesting than that image is the reason behind it. You see, this type of meditation wasn’t meant to distract. Instead, it was meant for actively seeking after a transformative spiritual experience with God, and from what we can tell, those experiences did occur fairly regularly.

This week, I encourage you to experience this incredibly powerful tool for yourself. I am not asking you to believe in God if you don’t already. I’ve found that the meditation doesn’t require that—it only requires you to focus on the image. This image is presented in the first chapter of the book of Revelations, from verses 12 to 20. I hope you’ll give it a chance.

Have a blessed, wonderful day!

Alex Loyd


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