In my first book, The Healing Code, I share the key to healing the source of almost any health issue. Today I’m sharing the key to holistic happiness and success in every area of your life. Yes, that’s a bold claim, but hear me out. The methods I unveil in my books and on this website were developed over more than two decades and have helped thousands, starting with me.

Like you, I’ve experienced brokenness and unhappiness. Today I’m a successful counselor and author, but my life was once in turmoil. In 1988 my world turned upside down. After just three years of marriage, my wife Hope asked me to move out. I was devastated, but it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me, and to us. Over the next six weeks I discovered a methodology for finding happiness and fulfillment. This transformational aha helped me realize that I had loved Hope selfishly. What I thought was love wasn’t love at all. Like so many couples, our relationship was built on a fear-based and selfish WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) type love. True love, however, is completely unselfish. True love means holding nothing back, even when there is no safety net and no plan B.

During this transformative time, I heard a voice in my head, a voice that I believed to be God’s. The voice asked three questions that shook me to my core and deprogrammed and reprogrammed me over the next six weeks. These three questions would become the foundation of The Love Code, which states:

Virtually every problem or lack of happiness and success comes from an internal state of fear in some form -- even physical problems. And every internal state of fear results from a deficit of love in relation to that particular issue.

Your success boils down to whether you are in an internal state of fear or an internal state of love. If fear is the problem, then love, its opposite, is the antidote. I know this sounds very theoretical but much research has been done to back this up scientifically.

We all struggle with demons that hold us back and keep us in a state of failure or mediocrity. What if I told you The Love Code I developed is the key to success and happiness? Yes I know this sounds presumptuous, especially in a society where 97 percent of self-help programs fail. Yes, you read that correctly. 97 percent failure!

Why is there such a high failure rate? The typical three-step self-help blueprint is outdated and  defective. It follows these steps -- determine what you want, make a plan and work that plan until you achieve your goal. This blueprint relies on two components: expecting an external end result and relying on willpower. This sounds foolproof until you realize that expectations cause chronic stress, whether the end result is achieved or not. Depending on willpower also virtually guarantees failure, because willpower depends on the power of the conscious mind and the subconscious mind is a million times stronger than the conscious mind.

I began teaching this theory in my counseling practice. My clients had issues in many areas -- health, relationships, career. The underlying source was always a love/fear problem. If they replaced love with fear, their symptoms would improve in a way that might not happen otherwise.

I’ve spent more than 20 years developing and perfecting tools that can deprogram the fear-based thinking keeping you in destructive cycles and reprogram you at the subconscious and unconscious levels so you can live in truth and love.

The Love Code doesn’t just rescue you from failure. It transforms you into an overachiever, even if you are already extraordinarily gifted. Unlike traditional self-help blueprints, which often cause you to fail “worse” than you would have if left to your own devices, The Love Code empowers you to reach a level of peak performance.

Here’s to living in love in the present and succeeding beyond your wildest dreams!


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