Most of us have experienced wanting something so badly in our lives, but have that constant feeling that something is holding us back. We can’t quite put our finger on it, but we know it is preventing us from our goal.

While it’s easy to blame external circumstances, be it money, genetics or social status, in reality, typically the thing that holds us back is buried below the surface – a mental or emotional block. And until you heal that block, you’ll never get the result you seek.

In my research over the years and through counseling thousands of people, I have found that the things that hold us back typically fall under four main categories. Today I want to go over those briefly and I bet at least one or more resonate with you! Be sure to read through to the end of this blog post, because I have an exciting tool to share with you that will help you pinpoint just which one of these is holding you back.

Safety. To some extent, you do not feel safe, whether physically or non-physically. It may be related to an unresolved relationship or life circumstance. Whatever it may be, heal the internal panic, trauma and fear, and you will be much better able to deal with the actual situation.

Love. If you are not in life-threatening danger, and you are loved exactly the way you are no matter what – everything else is probably going to be OK. However, not many people experience that. On the other hand, if everything else in your life is ok, but you don't feel loved just the way you are, things will NEVER be ok. Who hasn't or doesn't love you the way you need/deserve? Do whatever you need to do to heal that issue and put it behind you once and for all!

Success. All of us have an innate need to feel successful. But are you living your life according to internal measurement: your most important relationships, helping others, making a positive difference? Or are you living your life by external measurement: money, fame, position, power, possessions? The former will lead to a profound sense of organic, heart-based success. The latter will lead to a life of unfulfillment and unhappiness. Heal the internal negative experience from your biggest failure or unrealized success and start living by your internal (and most important) meaning and purpose.

Goodness. How you feel about yourself is tied closely to the love in your life. This is the domain of feeling significant versus insignificant, of judging and comparison, both yourself and others, and of forgiveness and unforgiveness. The underlying roots of that judging are typically inferiority and superiority, both of which are fear-based and will lead to more and more stress, anxiety, and diminished worth.

Ask yourself a few questions: What is the worst thing you have ever done? Have you fixed it, as best you can? Have you confessed it to someone? If not, do that. Conversely, what is the best thing that you feel you need or want to do, but haven’t yet? What is keeping you from doing this? Fix that and start taking baby steps in that direction. You will be amazed by the positive feelings and freedom you’ll begin to experience.

All four of these areas are covered by my new X-Factor Quiz. Through four simple questions, you can unlock some pretty amazing truths. My goal has always been to help as many people as possible live their healthiest, happiest and most successful lives and guess what? By taking this quiz you have taken a significant step in determining what is limiting you.

I know how busy life gets, but I promise it will be worth your while to take the X-Factor Quiz. Click here to check it out.

The results are fascinating and unique to your needs. I’m excited for you to discover what is holding you back so that you can really start living life!


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