The heart is our most important organ, pumping blood throughout the body. This muscle is also extremely vital to our emotional well-being, holding the keys to our success or our failure.

You’ll often hear people talk about the “heart of the matter” when trying to find the root cause of a problem. Don Henley of The Eagles even wrote a Top 40 song with this very title for his solo album in 1989. Matters of the heart are more than just great song material, though. In my many years of lecturing and professional counseling, I have discovered that most issues are due to stress caused by unhealed matters of the heart. I have never seen a significant health issue where there was not an unforgiveness problem. In talking with ministers, doctors, therapists and other practitioners, I have found that they also all share this same conclusion—unforgiveness is at the root of just about every problem they’ve ever encountered.

Unforgiveness is a tricky emotion. It often hides behind emotions like anger, fear and sadness. So, before you brush the theory of unforgiveness off, ask yourself, “Who do I feel some anger, sadness or fear toward?” You’ll usually find unforgiveness at the core of those feelings.

Unforgiveness also has many forms. People can be very unforgiving of themselves.  Unforgiveness can also be directed toward God or even the reverse of that.  It can be feeling like God has not, or will not, forgive you. Any of those can be the crucial cellular memory that blocks our health and blocks our success. Why? Because they are destructive memories that are not truth and love. They are lies and selfishness.

The word forgiveness literally means to “cut the rope” or “untie the rope.” Unforgiveness, then, means we are literally tied to the thing that we refuse to let go of.

Chances are you’re here on my website because you’ve got some questions. You may be searching for answers to some pretty big “whys” in your life. Why am I unhappy? Why am I unfulfilled? Why is my health suffering? Why are my relationships not what they could be? I’ve made several resources available to you here online, including a 10-minute Heart Issues Finder assessment. It’s a very quick and simple FREE self-diagnosis to help you pinpoint the underlying issues that cause illness, disease and failure.

The body, mind and spirit are connected. Through holistic healing of stress and heart issues, an array of life issues can be healed as well. At the core of my practice and the foundation of my best-selling book, The Healing Code, is the concept of cellular memory. Scientists have proven that our memories are stored not just in our brains, but throughout our bodies in the form of cellular energy. That means that the pain, the trauma, the failure and the hurt you’ve experienced can exist in your unconscious mind and memories for years, even if you do not live with a daily awareness of them. These unhealed memories cause stress that holds us back in all areas of life. They drain our energy, keep us in destructive relationships and suppress our immune systems, leading to illness and disease.

The foundation for an abundant life of love, joy and peace is forgiveness. I hope my free Heart Issues Finder and other diagnostic tests will be eye-opening tools to help you build the life you were meant to live.


Dr. Alex


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