Releasing negative emotions is probably the hottest topic in today’s world of nonphysical health, and has been for some years. There are thousands of books, programs, techniques, pills, and machines that will supposedly to exactly that. I’ve personally tested hundreds of these, and found almost all of them to be lacking. This is an area of huge need, as proven by its popularity, and yet at the same time holds a failure rate of 97 percent! This is something that we’re spending hundreds of millions of dollars on each year, if not billions, and all people are getting for their trouble is a lighter wallet.

But one of the most tragic things about this to me is that very often, these people feel guilt or shame after their unsuccessful attempts to release their negative emotions. Why? Because every method makes it sound like virtually everyone experiences miraculous success, when in reality this almost never happens. So this person is left with the idea that there must be something wrong with them, since apparently everyone else can handle it. Not only are they paying for a solution that doesn’t work, but they actually end up worse off than they were before.

Some of the problem is with our definitions. Emotions tend to be the symptom of our deeper feelings from a person’s extreme emotional issues, so by making them the focus, you’re working on something that isn’t the source of the problem, which typically doesn’t work in any area of life. While emotions tend to be related to your current circumstances, feelings are related to your internal, unconscious and subconscious programming. The second issue we’re facing is that typically, while our methods may have some impact on our emotions, they are not capable of healing the unconscious source of our deeper feelings.

Our unconscious programming is about 99 percent composed of memories. These memories can be conscious, unconscious, generational, imagined, and even absorbed from others. Unfortunately, fear-based memories are protected from being healed, since the unconscious mind uses them to determine how to protect you. It’s much like the way the immune system deals with viruses and bacteria, cataloguing it and developing an antidote so that you can’t get it again. In the same way, fear-based memories serve as an early warning system to guard against something similar happening again, so there are very few things capable of removing them.

The job here is not to let go of negative emotions, it’s to heal the source of those negative emotions. When you do that, the emotions will mend on their own, just like symptoms of the flu going away as the underlying virus is healed. So stop spending your money on things that will leave you worse off than before. The only way we can fix things is to take a hard look at the facts and start investing in things that actually work. This is exactly what I’ve been working on for the last 18 years, and I know of nothing better than Memory Engineering and Trilogy to address these problems.

Have a blessed, wonderful day!

Alex Loyd


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