Over the years, I’ve been blessed enough to share many breakthroughs with you. However, nothing before has come close to the potential of Trilogy. I believe this will be the greatest gift I am ever able to give you, my “top of the mountain,” and that’s because I honestly can’t conceive of what a better process could possibly look like!

But today, I want to talk about more than just the basic Trilogy method, which you can find for free by clicking here. Today, I want to talk about taking this process to its absolute peak potential with what I’m calling the Trilogy Source Home Study.

Where the free, three-minute method is designed to give you amazing results, it only scratches the surface of the potential of Trilogy. Some people want faster, stronger healing, some people feel stuck and need an extra push, and some people feel they have an extraordinary problem that demands a more potent solution. I knew I couldn’t include everything with the basic method, for two reasons. First: it is much more complex, and takes time to learn. I wanted my basic method to be simple enough for anyone to learn and use right away. Second: the Trilogy Source Home Study comes with completely unique processes custom-tailored to each individual.

These unique processes are based on nine different categories of relationships in all of our lives. Why are they based on relationships? Because the mechanism in our brain that governs our experience of life operates based on either love or fear—and you can’t have love outside of relationships. It also provides two add-on minutes to the basic three-minute process. I call these the Intensive Minute and the Miracle Minute, and these two minutes together weave in four more of the world’s top energy healing practices to give you even more comprehensive results. Taken altogether, it’s the ideal program for enhancing the power of Trilogy to the greatest possible level.

The Trilogy Source Home Study includes:

  • Nine customized Trilogy processes to directly address the underlying issues of your unique life.
  • Two additional Trilogy minutes—the Intensive Minute and the Miracle Minute—which gives you the power of four more complex energy therapies: reiki, eye movement, breathing exercises and releasing statements. These can be totally customized to your individual healing needs!
  • In-depth teaching on the different relationships in your life and how they relate to all types of problems.
  • Custom Trilogies for each type of relationship and source issue.
  • Hours of video footage by Dr. Alex to personally walk you through each step, complete with step-by-step written instructions and in-depth Home Study manual.
  • A greater rate of healing in all areas of your life.

If you’re ready to get the most out of this revolutionary program, there are two different ways to do it. Our favorite is with an /all-access-optionsAll Access subscription. Normally, all our new courses are released free of charge to all our Access+ level and above subscribers—a minimum of $50/month. But in this case, we want everyone to have it. So if you subscribe to All Access on ANY level, you’ll get our main course videos as soon as they launch, with more content rolling out every month for the six months it will take to complete the course.

Don’t feel like waiting? You can also buy the program outright. For $197, you get the whole program at once to use at your own pace—and if you order on or before September 8*, we’re cutting that price down to $147. If you want to get the whole course at once, there’s no better time than now!

Trilogy is my ultimate method. Not only do I know of nothing better, I can’t imagine what could possibly be better! I hope that each and every one of you will make the most of it. I love you all.

Have a blessed, wonderful day!


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