First of all, I want to say that we could talk about this for days and still not have discussed everything. One single blog post can’t hope to fully cover this issue, which is why I highly recommend going to, where I’ve made sixteen videos for you, as well as various other tools all designed to address this one specific issue. But for today, let’s see if I can give you a decent overview that will inspire you to seize this opportunity in your own life, if you haven’t already.

Outside of a right relationship with God, I believe that the choice between law and fear or love and grace is the single most important thing in each person’s life, whether they realize it or not. There is one mechanism in your brain that determines whether your moment-to-moment experience is one of positive thoughts, feelings, and actions, or negative ones—and that single mechanism is constantly scanning for a fear-based signal, or a love-based one. Feed it love, and suddenly you can break bad habits, form healthy ones, live your life in peace and joy, and for the most part, it’s almost effortless. You can’t stop it if you want to! On the flipside, when you feed it a fear-based signal, it initiates every kind of negative, and you can’t stop those either, because the source is literally a million times stronger than your willpower.

So the question we have to answer is, where do those signals come from? Fortunately, we already have the answer: they come from our memories. In 2004, Southwestern Medical Center completed a study into the source of illness and disease. For the last 200 years, modern medicine had no answer to the question of where illness and disease came from, but now, announced Dr. Eric Nestler, a doctor from Harvard, chairman of the department and director of the study, they had found it. Not only that, but he claimed it would mean the difference between having disease or not, being happy or not, having success in life or not—all the critical areas of life. They named their discovery, “cellular memories,” but Dr. Nestler noted, in reality it’s just your memories.

What does all this mean? Breaking the process down, it means that if something happens to you 60 seconds from now as you read this, and your unconscious mind decides that something is in any way related to a fear-based memory that you have, your hypothalamus pulls this stress switch, and you are immediately dumbed down, drained of energy, your immune system is turned down or off, and you are flooded with cortisol and other chemicals that are hugely negative if you aren’t in a life-threatening situation. And your unconscious is very liberal when it comes to determining whether something is related to a fear-memory. After all, if it overreacts, you’ll still be alive, but an underreaction could kill you.

I say again, you cannot overcome this with willpower alone, but on the other hand, if your unconscious decides that what happens to you is related to a love-based memory, the hypothalamus pulls a different switch to release oxytocin (which is sometimes called the love hormone or the miracle hormone), along with other positive chemicals and thoughts. All of a sudden, you feel vibrant, alive, energetic. The only thing that can stop this is having too many fear-based memories. The unconscious leans toward the negative as a safety mechanism, so if you’re flooded with negative memories it can stop your love response from working at all. The bigger issue we’re facing now is that studies are coming out faster than I can read saying that these internal, unconscious memories are full of lies and errors, to the degree that it would be more accurate to call them illusions, and those errors virtually always lean negative.

The net effect here is that over thousands of years, we have experienced a massive devolution of memory, to the degree that our fear response is constantly being triggered by false memories, and that can wreak havoc with our health, happiness, quality of life, and most importantly, relationships.

The solution is two-fold. First, start using tools to clean up and correct the lies inside of your unconscious and subconscious mind. For that, I’d recommend Trilogy and Memory Engineering. You can get going with Trilogy completely free here. Second, make a conscious decision to choose and commit your life to love in the present moment, regardless of your circumstances and of the end results.

I’ll warn you; this is not easy. What most people call love is not the real thing at all. I call it “business deal love,” but another popular name is “what’s in it for me?” If you do this, I’ll do that. If you don’t do this, I won’t do that—but if you break our deal, then it’s all off. That’s not love, but you can choose the real thing, and that’s what the Love Code is all about. If you ever do, even on your deathbed, it will change everything, and you’ll feel the difference at once. Once you’ve done that, you’ll never want to go back, because only then will your unconscious mind reverse its priority from fear to love.

Have a blessed, wonderful day!

Alex Loyd


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