Our postulate for today:


A (sort of!) definition of love:


A commitment to an intention for good (and only for good) to all concerned and the accompanying action for that intention, for their best interests, regardless of a positive or negative result for me.


We have talked about how love is the best thing we can do. We have also discussed our commitment to love and the acceptance of pain whilst living from this space.  


That is the path to the best life possible.


Are you there? Or is your intention for good only if it has a positive outcome for you?


Are your intentions sometimes for good, sometimes for bad? For some people and not others?


That is not love.


True love comes from our intention only for the good of others, regardless of the end result or what it can do for us.


Last week we spoke about our tether to faith and how connecting to our home base will always keep us safe and free.


I described how plugging into good energy creates happiness, love, light, and truth and how we all get to choose what we plug into. Just as we would connect to a USB, plugging into someone’s good energy will allow us to download the same; if we plug into negative energy, this is also what we receive and experience.


This negative energy develops when we become untethered and it is crucial to find our way back, before we become lost.


Today I want to describe to you anger versus patience.


Anger versus patience can predict, and even cause, the difference between peace and love or anxiety and stress. Which can ultimately dictate whether we become untethered or not.


The 4 keys to anger:


  1. Expectation of something in the future that we can’t control


Dr Dan Gilbert describes this as a happiness killer because it creates anxiety and stress over uncontrolled and unpredictable possibilities.


  1. Comparison


Comparing to others and what they have versus what we have. This also creates an unnecessary pursuit of the wrong goals.


  1. Seek pleasure avoid pain


This means becoming untethered and reaching for habits and addictions rather than love, happiness, light, and truth.


  1. A world view focused on ‘me’


This is when we believe ourselves to be the focus of all we do and why we do it. It is not love, because love means we don’t care about the result for us.


Scripture says that the evil sleep better when they have committed their evil deed for the day. However, the good will not be able to sleep in anger.


You might feel like you don’t fit in either group here. You might not need to do evil to sleep, but you might still not be sleeping. So are you living in anger?


All anger has two things in common:


  1. Commitment to a wrong goal


This means living in the future over the present, a need for controlling outcomes, holding expectation, and comparison.


  1. Initiation of stress and anxiety


If we are experiencing anger and impatience then stress, and anxiety will follow. We are then far more likely to make the choice to become untethered.


On the other hand, we have the key to patience:


Giving up the end result regardless.


Patience not only allows us to live in the present moment, full of love and joy, but it also unlocks the wrong goal and allows us to give it up.


When we exercise patience, we can acknowledge our anger, give it up, and shift our perspective. This is how we reduce stress, improve sleep, and retether ourselves to love, joy, and grounding.  


Ultimately, patience helps us to find our way back to ourselves but anger is the key as to whether we can live in love or not.




Are you in anger or stress? Or are you living in love?


Pray, have the love of Christ compel you, and consciously begin to shift from the negative programming to the positive.


Live in the present and give up the end result. Don’t stay hostage!


See how we can help you get there


Have a blessed, wonderful day!


Alex Loyd


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