It is nearly impossible these days to avoid news that makes us fearful. Turn on the news, and you’ll hear reports about rising crime, international crises and natural disasters. And even if you avoid the news, you may be going through a personal experience that is frightening.

It can be a real struggle to live in love when the world around you is scary. How do you choose love when fear is a legitimate, and sometimes necessary, emotion?

Today I want to discuss some ideas about choosing to live in love even when the world is an unloving and scary place.

First of all, if you can’t choose love during scary times, you’re not choosing it at all! People who are living in fear are living in a state that continually produces lust (I want) instead of love. They take and take and take until something stops them from getting what they want. Then they either run away and attack or find somebody to take something from.

Love, on the other hand, gives and gives and gives. Love would like to get love and positivity but it doesn’t get angry if it doesn’t get love in return and it sure doesn’t run away.

When you’re experiencing good times, lust and love can look alike because you are getting what you want and you are not angry or fearful. When you are not getting what you want, however, that is the litmus test that tells you if you are either living in love or lust. Do you experience anger and attack someone with your body language or words, run away or pout? That is not living in love.

So my first point is f you can’t live in love during scary times then you can’t do it at all!

Two, scary times could be actual life or death situations. If that is the case, don’t worry about living in love. Live to get yourself and anyone involved out of that situation!

If your “scary” situation is not a life or death circumstance, like your finances are in bad shape, then this is actually something to celebrate! I would jump up and down because you have just discovered an unconscious fear that is probably affecting you every day .

For example, I have inherited issues pertaining to money. These originated from my mother’s father. He came to the U.S. from Germany and he worked hard and built up his wealth only to lose it all during the Great Depression. To say my mom had issues when it came to money and financial stability is putting it mildly. She was always fearful that we would lose our home.

There’s a well-known analogy in medicine called “the barrel effect.” We all have an internal barrel where all stress goes. As long as that barrel is not full you are okay, but as soon as that barrel is overflowing you break at your weakest link.

Good times won’t tell you your weakest link. A scary situation, however, will reveal to you what your particular “barrel” contains. That’s why I tell people that fear is actually something to celebrate because it helps you identify your stressors.

The third and final point I want to make is fix it! Fix those things in your life that cause you fear. If you have anger or fear when the stock market goes down, for example, it may not be about the actual stock market but it may mean that you have a money or financial fear issue that needs to be fixed.

These stressors and triggers are only bad if you don’t do anything about them. Stressors can actually lead to positive change. Simply trying to have positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts won’t work, however. You need energy tools to fix an energy problem and that’s where my Healing Codes come in. I hope you’ll now look at fear in a new way!

Have a blessed, wonderful day!


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