Many of us have a constant companion as we go about our daily lives, never realizing it until it’s too late to reverse the damage that has been done. That companion keeps us from reaching our full potential. That companion is fear.

Fear presents itself in many forms. Have you ever thought or believed the following things? I’m betting your answer is yes.

Fear makes you focus on external circumstances

Fear-based living makes you point your finger at your external circumstances for your failures. You blame everything else except you for your problems.

Fear makes you blame other people

When your life is driven by fear you often blame unfortunate circumstances on your friends and family or anyone in your social circle, such as your boss or co-workers.

Fear makes you doubt yourself

Living in fear makes you doubt your abilities. For example, you think you’re not trying hard enough or perhaps you think you’re simply not smart enough. You can also criticize yourself for not being “good at anything.”

Fear makes you see yourself as a victim

The portraying oneself as a victim blame game is also an easy crutch. Fear makes you play the victim card over and over again.

Operating out of fear can negatively impact every facet of your life. I know because I lived and loved in a fear-based manner until I was in my 20s and it nearly wrecked by marriage. In the midst of my lowest point I had a profound “aha” moment. This realization would eventually lead to the foundation of The Love Code, the foundation for my holistic techniques and practices, which states:

Virtually every problem or lack of happiness and success comes from an internal state of fear in some form -- even physical problems. And every internal state of fear results from a deficit of love in relation to that particular issue.

I know what you’re thinking. “Let go of fear, and let love in. That’s easy enough.” Well, not really. This is much more complicated than the power of positive thinking. Why? Because fear is essentially programmed into the very fiber of your core being. Your fear-based programming began at birth, and many of the events and circumstances of your childhood have been imprinted on your subconscious mind and dictate the way you respond to situations as an adult.

Your success in life, whether it be in relationships, in your career, etcetera, boils down to whether you are in an internal state of fear or an internal state of love. If fear is the problem, then love, its opposite, is the antidote. Our whole lives we’ve been taught to love one another, but in order to heal and move forward we must first, love ourselves, and second, take responsibility for our actions so that we can positively love others in an unselfish way.

Choosing to live mindfully and consciously change your attitude and outlook is only a temporary solution. The Healing Codes I’ve spent years developing will help heal the underlying programming that continually fuels your fear-based living and frees you from this fear long term. Remember, this fear also causes the anger, the sadness, the shame, the confusion and basically every negative emotion and feeling you experience.

I’ve spent more than 25 years researching the methods I share in the Love Code and Healing Code that are designed to remove the obstacles that sabotage us and keep us trapped in a fear-based way of living. As I mentioned previously, the body, mind and spirit are connected. My holistic methods heal stress and heart issues, which leads to an array of life issues being healed as well.  

Letting go of the fear and letting in love empowers you to stop blaming your circumstances and others, and instead take responsibility for your life. And when you believe in yourself, anything is possible.


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